Sophy Robson Nail-Its

We make no distinction over what is and what is not fashionable (or art). In Von Gutenberg magazine we have featured models with tattoos (famous tat T.V. star Megan Massacre was the covergirl of our issue #8), have traipsed across many a theme, like Steampunk and Sci-fi. We have featured sketch artists, writers, performance artists, photographers, you-name-it in across our pages and on our blogs. And of course you see all kinds of alternative couture in what we do and in our shop even (see here). It should be no surprise then that we report below on Sophy Robson’s new press-on nail line, Nail-Its.

Robson is well known for her “nail art;” she’s worked with Marc Jacobs and Henry Holland, and was the lady behind the 2012 Olympics flag designs. With Nail Its she offers a product for wearers of all ages and employed her own manufacturer so from glue, to brush, to bottle all pieces of what she is presenting conforms to her exacting specifications. Sophy makes it very easy indeed to dress-up your nails with very little effort for those times when you can’t get to a salon or are looking to make your own little statement across your fingertips.

Let’s face it, when it comes to press-on nails there are a lot of options. Sophy Robson enters this very full field knowing she offers an alternative that is worthy of consideration…and one that is easy to apply. In the world of press-on nails, get-up-and-go hair care, any accessory or couture that keeps pace with our super fast moving modern existence a designer/manufacturer has present a better mouse trap or they will get lost in the shuffle. Sophy Robson has proved time and again she knows well what she is doing, so Nail-It is sure to be a hit.

The Nail Its designs can be been on Robson’s Tumblr page, and purchased here:

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The ‘Older’ Ladies Take The 2014 Emmys

Surely lots of us were checking-out MTV’s annual broadcast of the VMA’s this year (as previously reported, V.G. friend and a designer we have used often, Dawnamatrix, provided outfits for Beyoncé show-ending show-stopping performance at that show, see here) but the very next night ABC ran the Emmy awards show. And if you had occasion to check red carpet prelims or catch presenters sauntering across stage, beyond the stunning array of outfits on display you may have noticed how the older women (decidedly appearing on the Emmy’s as mostly younger men and women populate the VMA’S) were bringing the beauty in an unprecedented way.

I am thinking about how ravishing Edie Falco or Allison Janney looked, or Julia Louis-Dreyfus in her Carolina Herrera (to name just a few of the “over 40” stunning ladies at the Emmy’s Monday night.) Lots can be made about a Katy Perry and her gravity defying bosom (and it should pretty much be ‘up there’ seeing how young she is) or Nicki Minajia’s butt implants, but when a true woman of four decades our more brings the style, grace and just all hot sexy couture to the proceedings not just Joan Rivers should be noticing.

We should all be celebrating such classy looking women.

Then again, once again, I did find myself wondering what the hell these award shows are thinking when they do not position a ready usher to help these wonderful ladies up those freaking stage steps! This has nothing to do with a woman’s age, we all saw Jennifer Lawrence slip as she made her way up to accept an Oscar a few years back. My complaint here has to do with a lack of manners and yes, some old fashioned chivalry of escorting a lady, holding a door for her or her chair, etc. Simply put, a lady should be escorted in those moments when it seems to be well needed, for instance when she is negotiating a flight of stair in heels and a long gown. Jessica Lange (who also looked stunning) had to actually motion for Liev Schreiber  to come and help her up the stairs last night.


I say if you want to keep these ladies dressing to the nines, as they all were last night, maybe provide them an arm to hold on to when they ascend a flight of stairs.

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Von Gutenberg Designer Dawnamatrix Scores Beyoncé for VMA’s

EVENT FLYER-01As it should be for all of us, when one of our friends (and someone we have worked with plenty of times in the past) has great news we are not only thrilled for them but get a jolt of living vicariously through them sharing that news. One of the featured latex designers at any Von Gutenberg shoot and someone CEO/publisher and head photographer Erik Von Gutenberg has taken plenty of photographs for (see the flyer to the left here) is Dawnamatrix. Dawnamatrix just ‘got the gig’ to deliver 71 garments to Beyoncé for the pop diva’s 16 dancers for this Sunday’s Video Music Awards on MTV!

All we can say is wow…but then again it is a well deserved job for a hard working company.

Beyoncé’s stylist, Marni Serofonte ordered pieces of various latex (what anyone would consider very sex stuff indeed) after seeing a Dawnamatrix outfit accessory in a recent Andrew Richardson shoot with Linda Evangelista. L.E. was wearing a very distinctive Dawnamatrix piece, something Dawnamtarix makes very well indeed, and Serofonte was impressed enough to start history-as-it-is-being made over at the Dawnamatix camp.

We’d love to tell you exactly what the pieces are, but the mystery will be revealed soon enough…and of course when you tune into the VMA broadcast to watch what Beyoncé and crew get up to.

The flyer attached here is for the upcoming Montreal Fetish Weekend (coming the end of August actually) where Dawnamatrix is showing their new line, as they have been doing for quite a few years now; to say this VMA gig comes at a busy time in the life of the designer would be an understatement. But what a gig it is!

Beyoncé is going to receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award Sunday at Los Angeles’ Forum and is also nominated for eight video awards.


We couldn’t be happier to celebrate this high profile super cool accomplishment with Dawnamatrix and of course will be watching the VMA’s come Sunday night on MTV at 9pm.

See Dawnamatrix designs here.

Rihanna in W Magazine

article-2721955-2071D8FD00000578-522_634x478On the inside of September’s issue of W Magazine all seems perfectly fashion de rigueur as Rihanna, Naomi Campbell and Iman pose together modeling for Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing. Long skirts and fury sweaters of basic bright colors from the brand have the women looking fabulous to be sure but it is the cover (and some further solo RiRi shots inside the mag) where Rihanna makes the most interesting mark. On the cover of Rihanna sports a Donna Karan dress, Ashley Lloyd headdress (yes, an actual headdress!) septum ring and Stephen Dweck necklace over what appears to be her bare chest. This “tribal” spread is continued with some solo shots of RiRi inside, where she sports further fur and even poses (though she’s not dancing) with wolves.
It’s certainly an alternative look the singer is attempting and quite the contrast to the studied high couture display she and the fashion icons reveal in their spread.

This isn’t the first time Rihanna has appeared in W and certainly not the first she’s worn some over-the-top top, wild make-up or revealed a little skin…in the showing skin department Rihanna is tops! Less we forget being a pop diva/fashion designer/worldwide known personality requires consistent shocking of the masses and when you have a 26 year-old face and body still supple, firm and basically beautiful it behooves a celeb not to use all they have in the most provocative way possible. Nobody will really be shocked by these photos, but they are sexy all the same.Campbell, Iman, RiRi

Campbell, Iman and Rihanna look like high fashion models in their trio shoot, Rihanna like one of our better known fetish stars on the cover; the dichotomy is sure to sell magazines and has made an impression across the net this week.

Once again Rihanna scores.

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Lauren Bacall: Actress, Icon, Model?

lauren b oscarIt’s not been a particularly good week in Hollywood. To what now seems a suicide-by-hanging by Robin Williams, an especially tragic occurrence seeing the man gave laughter to so many, we need now add the death-albeit from a heart attack and at a much older age then Williams-of screen legend Lauren Bacall. Known for her iconic roles in “Key Largo,” “To Have and Have Not” and “The Dark Passage” (to name just a few of her films) as well as her legendary romance and marriage to Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall was a woman with unusual smoky good looks, a razor-like tongue and an oft-voiced liberal sensibility. But how many causal fans know that Lauren Bacall was a model well before she even arrived in Hollywood, in fact it was her landing the cover of Harper’s Bazaar that led to her movie career.

Born in 1924, Lauren Bacall (christened Betty Joan Perkse) was the sole daughter of William Perske and Natalie Weinstein-Bacall, a middle-class couple living and working in Brooklyn. Though her parents divorced, Lauren and her mom seemed to have weathered her father’s leaving well, simply moving in with her mother’s mom and uncle. Winning 1942’s “Miss Greenwich” title, Lauren (who was still Betty at this stage) considered becoming a dancer post high school but ended up enrolling in NYC’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts for acting instead. Unfortunately Lauren’s mother couldn’t afford her daughter attending the school for long and despite hating the size of her feet!-Bacall soon found herself modeling outfits in showrooms for potential buyers.

She somehow got out of that showroom modeling long enough to land the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Howard Hawks’ wife saw Bacall on that cover, urged her famous director husband to give Bacall a screen test and from that Hawks gave the 19 year old Lauren Bacall (she had changed her name by this time) the role of Marie Browning in “To Have and Have Not.”

On that 1944 film Lauren met Bogart and the rest is Hollywood history.

Talent, looks and a little Harper’s Bazaar cover all mixed into the beginning of a great grand career of one of our most beloved actresses.

lauren bacall

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The BaciSelfi Social Media Contest

u0tm_BaciVeronicaWebContestGraphicsv1b2_1Baci Lingerie the international lingerie and accessory brand, continues in its mission to “Celebrate Every Woman” by presenting exquisite fabrics and styles to compliment each and every lady. Though a relatively new company Baci has made great strides in establishing themselves as the go-to company for feminine couture intimates. I have been on about the brand before (see here). But right now the company is presenting a very fresh and hip-to-the-moment contest for customers and fashionistas alike.

Baci celebrated the release of its new Dreams Hosiery collection by launching their BaciSelfi Social Media Contest at the beginning of this month.

The contest invites consumers to submit photos of themselves wearing Dreams Hosiery with everyday attire (for example, “Nurse” Thigh Highs with denim shorts, “Cop” Fishnets under a pencil skirt…etc.) Entries will be posted to the Baci Selfie Contest app on the Baci Lingerie Facebook page, where votes will be tallied to determine the winners.

In true interactive style, Baci is reaching out, engaging their lingerie wearers and cutting a wild sexy swatch across the social media space….what any with-it big branding company should be doing these days.

Baci Lingerie officially debuted to the public in 2010 at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas. The company’s collections include “After Dark” including lacy thigh-highs and fish nets, the  super sexy uniform-inspired “Dreams By Baci” a full corsets line, the afore mentioned “Dreams Hosiery” and plenty of other intimate outfits and accessories.

It’s all great high-end intimate stuff and worth checking out.

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Fang Ling Lee’s new Public Displays of Intimacy Series

DTF. 24x20We see so many artists working across many media come to us here at Von Gutenberg. Some we worked with in the initial stages of the magazine and for whatever reason have not had so very much contact with since (though that’s only a handful few, we do tend to keep friends over the long term.) Others we work with time and again depending on the situation and if their (and our) particular sensibilities mesh for a particular project. And there are other artisans, latex designers, painters, photographers, writers and models, who you will see again and again between our pages and/or on our website.

The wonderful Fang Ling Lee is one such artist.

Fang is a one-of-a-kind lady of not only deep talent but a warm wonderful soul who will stop and talk with her myriad of customers and even the casual art fan at any occasion for any provocation; really, you are not soon to find a nicer person. We’ve featured her work time and again in the magazine, blogged about her efforts often and once again come to see the amazing lady display her artwork in as yet another interesting innovative way. Her new Public Displays of Intimacy Series  reflects what is happening around us all presently (like all truly aware artists Fang’s work as much comments on the world we are in as takes flights of fantasy from it.)  As she says of the new work:

“One cannot deny the astronomical impact that technological advancements have has on the way we communicate with one another.  Being social has never been easier, or more addictive. Friends, lovers, and “likes” are just a finger tap away. Likewise, our wants, needs, and loneliness, can be satisfied with theclickof a button. This series is about how technology has changed the way human beings express their sexuality. This series is also about perspective.”

And thank God this talented woman’s perspective.


Fang was recently involved as lead production designer for the independent “The Red Man” film and this new series of hers is as much “indebted” to that experience, as she says as informed by her “new outlook on the themes, technology, and emotions that drive us to create, and drive us to share.”

See Fang’s Ling Lee’s new  Public Displays of Intimacy Series here. And to contact the lady, go here:

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Cara Delevingne & Vogue…Again

The fall issue of any Vogue is always a big deal. It has now been revealed one of the biggest models in the fashion world, Cara Delevingne is wearing Nicolas Ghesquiere’s first-ever Louis Vuitton collection on the cover of U.K. Vogue’s September issue. Vogue is boasting that this four hundred and sixty two page book is their biggest ever published, featuring the most fashion shoots they ever have. Supposedly all fashion designers’ (or at least the ones who matter) autumn/winter 2014 collections are in the magazine-a first ever-making the September issue the Vogue-to-go-to for what is coming for our wardrobes.

But it also seems Delevingne it seems is enjoying quite a relationship with Vogue of late.

The British supermodel has been photographed by Mario Testino in the inside pictures (an interview with the young woman appears in the magazine) with her shots reminiscent of the 60’s-influenced pictures she took for the July U.S. issue. In fact much is being made about the fact that Delevingne is wearing the same hair and makeup-and the same Vuitton styles-causing many to wonder if these ‘new’ pictures in the September UK Vogue aren’t from the earlier shoot (not such an unusual practice of course for other mags….but for Vogue?)

Twenty one year old Delevingne is well known for posting jet-setting pictures and video of her glamorous young life where she not only has managed two other Vogue covers (in the past year and half) but also fronts the upcoming campaigns for Topshop and Mulberry, to name a few

Just to be clear here and not to damn Cara for too many Vogue covers in too short a time, Kate Moss has 34 covers under her belt. And whether her September pictures have been hanging around a bit does not change the fact that Cara Delevingne wearing Nicolas Ghesquiere for Louis Vuitton in U.K. Vogue is a big deal.

Von Gutenberg issue #8 is a big deal. Give it a look here:

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Buscemi Sneakers…Too Cool For You?

It is interesting when you see old axioms proved real. The “suppy and demand” teeter-totter is being played out with the small, yet popular Buscemi sneaker brand.


Rapper 2 Chainz is a huge fan (he has four of the $800 plus per pair Buscemi’s in his wardrobe) as is Justin Bieber, Sean Combs and an ever rising tide of celebs. Having been unavailable at the end of last year, when pairs resurfaced in January of 2014 they quickly sold out…and just plopped on shelves now!

Buscemi’s are stamped with a Made in Italy on their tongue and sport golden padlocks dangling from their ankle straps of (don’t worry, the company does supply you with a key to those locks) . The sneaker maker does claim they will be upping their ‘supply’ to match the ‘demand’ that does not seem to be slaking and is prompted by Buscemi.

Jon Buscemi started his career as a stockbroker. His method here in creating such an in- demand fashion item boasting such a high price was to make the scarcity of his sneaker its very unique selling point. Inspired he claims by Hermès Birkin bag Buscemi took the idea of a limited run in a whole different direction by making a full product line that was always limited in its supply. This selling point of a chance for consumers to not only show-off a rare item (and with the advent of Instagram and Twitter could Buscemi ask for any better advertising really?) but to be in on branding exclusivity exists in other products as well, but in sneakers it is genius really.

If one needs any sign that Buscemi’s sale model is working, just look at the current feeding frenzy for the shoe and the fact that in January the sneakers were priced at just under $800, now they are priced closer to $900.

Buscemi was an avid buyer/collector of sneakers back in the late 90’s when he worked as a stock broker. Now he designs sneakers that are handmade in Civitanova Italy that everyone wants to collects.

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Christian Louboutin Beaute’, Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski , Andrej Pejic’s and Pirelli models dress in Latex

How ‘bout a little round-up of fashion doings this time around? Included below are tidbits about Christian Louboutin Beaute’, Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski coming to Hermès, Andrej Pejic’s surgery and the 2015 Pirelli girls getting their latex on.

Christian Louboutin Beaute’ presents as glossy, chip-resistant red nail lacquer (matching that color that makes the company’s shoes so famous) as the first offering from their new accessories line. As it appeared in Vogue’s August issue and as Louboutin himself claims the polish is his way of  “giving back to nails what the shoe took many years ago.”Christian Louboutin Beaute’

Rouge Louboutin comes in a glass bottle with a “high heel” lid, with more than a hint of packaging inspiration from the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris. In September thirty new polishes will be upon us.

Designer Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski has replaced Christophe Lemaire as creative designer for Hermès. Having worked for Céline and The Row, Vanhee-Cybulski will begin her new position in earnest in October after the first week of October and Paris Fashion Week (Lemaire is presenting his last collection for Hermès there.)

Model Andrej Pejic has had sex reassignment surgery. The surgery took place in the the beginning of the year. Proud in her “gender non-conforming career” Pejic felt the surgery a logical step in making him “more comfortable than ever”.

Pejic was the first male model to put himself ‘out front’ in women’s underwear campaign and modeled infamously as Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture ‘bride.’andrej_pejic_420-420x0

Someday I hope to be cool enough to get my hands on one, but for now I have to content myself (as most of us do) with pictures off the net and reports far afield of the infamous yearly Pirelli calendar. The models for this years’ ‘issue’ have been announced…and just wait to you hear what they are wearing!

Photographed by Steven Meisel and styled by Carine Roitfeld, this year it seems the bold and beautiful women are sporting quite a bit of…latex.

Adriana Lima, Isabeli Fontana, Joan Smalls, and BBW model Candice Huffine, plus a score of others are wielding whips and wearing latex bustiers. It seems fetish fashion is driving the Perelli ethos this year.

And latex fashion and fetish fun drives the Von Gutenberg attitude as well…as do tattoos in our issue number 8, see it here: AppleAndroid: Amazon Kindle Print