The End Of An Era: Gisele Bündchen retires.

2013-11-Gisele-Bundchen-Wallpaper2Do you ever wonder where supermodels go after they are no longer modeling. Surely there is a bevy of stunning ladies always at the ready to step onto a runway, in front of a camera, pose for selfies to show across Instagram, but a decided ripple effect occurs in the fashion world when a model icon retires. Such was the case this past week when Gisele Bündchen walked her last runway for Colcci during São Paulo Fashion Week.

Gisele (like all super dooper models the lady is known by one name as much as her two) went out working hard, revealing three different looks for her Colcci appearance. She also came out at the close of the show to celebrate with the rest of the models who were all wearing tees sporting Gisele’s face on their front. Hugged by model Fernanda Tavares at the end of this show attended by her husband Tom Brady and family, Gisele cried over the much deserved ovation she received.

Across one of her Instagram posts for the week Gisele offered this opinion about her stunning career:

“I am grateful that at 14, I was given the opportunity to start this journey. Today after 20 years in the industry, it is a privilege to be doing my last fashion show by choice and yet still be working in other facets of the business.”

As the highest paid model in the world (since 2006) the Brazilian-born Gisele rose to prominence in the late 90’s ending what was termed the “heroin chic” model paradigm made infamous by the likes of Kate Moss. Gisele’s “horse walk” saw models copying her high-kick style of runway walking but beyond her modeling the lady has acted in movies like Taxi and The Devil Wears Prada and has been recognized for her support of charities like Save the Children, Doctors without Borders and as the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environmental Programme.

Gisele Bündchen and Chanel No. 5

giseleThere is a reason Gisele Bündchen is s star. Yes her stunning beauty is one thing but the lady can also put herself into situations where her precise talents will make a decided difference. She seems to pick her places very well indeed, making maximum effect of the work she does, no matter where it is she does that work of who it is for. Working with Baz Luhrmann (director of “Moulin Rouge” and a great fashion statement of a movie “The Great Gatsby”) and Game of Thrones’ Michiel Huisman, Tom Brady’s superstar wife filmed a short film for Chanel No. 5 that seems to be what just about everyone is talking about.

In the film Luhrmann attempts what he managed with Moulin Rouge, high stylized visuals and attention on music. He shows a slow motion opening over Lo Fang’s version of the huge hit from Olivia Newton John and John Travolta, “The One That I Want” from Grease. Gisele rides a black Chanel surfboard, there’s lots of bubbles (and booty), blue blue water, beautiful sand and beaches. The story, what there is of one, might be gleamed from a few viewings, but the point here is as much about Chanel as the delicious visuals and, of course, the equally delicious Bündchen.

See the video here:

Luhrmann is no stranger to reworking songs, high fashion and also Chanel No. 5’s short films. He filmed Nicole Kidman in just such a short movie for the perfume giant/couture house years ago. Here he once again marries all the right elements with a star, songs and images of just the right time and timing..

The combination will no doubt work wonders for Chanel No 5 once again.


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Gisele Bundchen Saves The 2014 World Cup

03-gisele-bundchen-040611There’s seemingly more to the World Cup 2014 then just soccer. Now models are getting involved via politics and economic upheavals. And here all we ever thought was that these women simply had to wear some latex undies, pose in a cool new accessory of two, keep themselves in shape and Instagram a pic every now and then. It seems though that Gisele Bundchen, superstar fashion model, is going to save the day and face for World Cup 2014.

As has been reported, the Brazilian government under the leadership of that country’s 36th President Dilma Rousseff spent a whopping eleven billion on getting the cup games up and running. But Rousseff and Sepp Blatter (the Swiss football administrator serving currently as the President of FIFA) received less than an enthusiastic crowd response when they were introduced prior to Brazil’s opening match against Croatia (in fact they were booed). So it was rethought by the powers that be that for the “security purposes” the two presidents (or neither one) should present the World Cup to the winners at the Maracana on 7/13th.

This is where Brazil’s own Gisele Bundchen steps in to allay diplomatic fevers.

Plenty of Brazil citizens are upset with their first woman president pouring so much money into the games while ignoring the rampant poverty in their country. Blatter doesn’t get away any easier, seeing all the controversies and corruption he has courted of late. So the FIFA approached Gisele and the 5’11’ beauty agreed to the honor….a first for a model. As there is no specific tradition who hands over the trophy-Blatter has done it a few times, in 2002 specifically he and soccer star Pele almost seemed to get into a fight trying to hand the trophy over-so Gisele seems a fine crowd calming attractive choice.


Lest one not forget, beyond the fact that she is a high profile celeb married to another celeb-superstar American ‘football’ player Tom Brady- Gisele Bundchen is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Environment Program and is on the board for the Rainforest Alliance.

Overall a nice ‘get’ for FIFA 2014.

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