The 2016 Met Gala: Robotic Arms, Peacock Trains, and Madonna’s Booty Once Again

Beyonce Latex ABC NEWSAlthough Beyoncé wore jeweled latex, and we should be happy with that, the order of the day at the 2016 Met Gala, was…no order. Fashions revealed at one of the biggest fashion events of the year ran up and down the style spectrum  this year. Yes, lots is being made of the evening’s theme, centered around the MET’s new costume exhibit museum’s “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology,” but really, there wasn’t a lot of looking forward in this crowd.

Co-host Taylor Swift wore a silver Louis Vuitton mini (plus sexy knee high strap stiletto) but decidedly futuristic? It seems if one was wearing silver, as Rita Ora was in her feathery silver by Vera Wang with its long train, once was immediately thought keeping with the theme, But truly the only futuristic looking attendee last night was Gigi Hadid’s  boyfriend Zayn Malik sporting robot-like arm coverings. (Gigi wore a silvery fronted Versace.)

The actual best use of wearable tech last night was Clare Danes in light-up ZacPosen gown.

Even though the stars did miss the mark with the theme of the night, many were dressed smashingly. They really do come out and dress-up for what is called the Oscars of the East Coast. Kim Kardashian West was in a Balmain gown with a big slit, her hubby in silvery Fear of God glittery jacket and knee-ripped blue jeans. Zoe Saldana’s peacock dress and train beat Ora’s train by a mile in length and Emma Stone looked radiant in white as did Robert Pattison elegant in his Dior Homme white jacket, black pants and black bow tie.

And Madonna revealed booty (and breasts) through the lace she wore.

Maybe the night does go to Beyoncé in her peach colored latex gown by Givenchy, prejudice as we are to this material we all love.

iHeartRadio Music Awards & The American Country Music Awards: What Fashionistas Don’t Want You To Know

taylor-swift-iheartradio-win-e1459731257870In a two-for-the-price-of one celebrity fashion display, the iHeartRadio Music Awards & The American Country Music Awards were shown at the same time last night. Across two programs you could have caught Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Black Shelton, Chris Brown and a host of many others. And though there were plenty of music performances at both, reading a full list of the celebrities who appeared across the broadcasts, you’d be hard pressed to know who showed at what show.

And you’d be just as hard pressed predicting what a country music star would wear these days, as you would a pop or hip hop star.

As was becoming ever more apparent to those who watch these things, but as of last night is completely clear, the big secret music fashionistas don’t want you to know has truly been revealed. Did you catch it? Well, as it stands right now, there is no specific fashion for a specific musical genre any longer. Katy Perry-who performed with Dolly Parton at the county awards-might have been paying homage to classic country clothes designer Nudie with her white fringes and colors. But Taylor Swift (who showed at iHeart) rocked a black sequin cat suit, looking every bit a rocker…supporting her latest ‘rock’ sounding album. And sequins, which many a country music star wouldn’t ever be seen without, seemed to be the order of the day at the iHeart show with Meghan Trainor sporting them, as did Keke Palmer in a sleeves dress of blue.

Across the male fashion spectrum…there really wasn’t much of a spectrum. Diplo was in a cool grey as was Pete Wentz at iHeart (of a different shade), while Blake Shelton rocked a grey jacket and vest over blue jeans at the ACM.

And as far as jeans (baggy and the like) being the uniform of choice for hip hop stars or country guys, Justin Bieber accepted his iHeart’s Best Male Artist Award in a Ranger’s Jersey and jeans with specially cut-out knees.

Vegas hosted the seemingly interchangeable ACMA’s and California the iHeart show.

The Couture Slightly ‘After’ The 2016 Oscars

leonardo-dicaprio-oscars-2016-speechQuite possibly all that time spent considering and commenting on who-wore-what-and-for-what-cause on the Academy Awards’ red carpet might not be so very important after all…when one considers the 2016 Oscars’ “After Parties.” The guest lists at the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party or Elton John’s massive AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party, or Mercedes-Benz and African American Film Critics Association get together read like a veritable Who’s Who beyond just Oscar nominees and movie stars. Musicians, athletes, reality show ‘stars’-and yes movie folk-make these Hollywood gatherings celeb-studded as well as wholly different then what passes at the Oscar broadcast. Certainly a wider variety of professional personalities, the men and women attending these after parties arguably dress in even more interesting couture then Oscar hopefuls.

Certainly not everyone makes a wardrobe change, in fact most celebs who attend the parties post Oscar’s don’t. Winner Leonardo DiCaprio walked in to the Vanity Fair party in the same black tux he wore at the ceremonies, while others maybe added a wrap. But folks like Taylor Swift sauntering in, showing lots of leg and Gwen Stefani in a sheer red feather dress (both at that Vanity Fair party) make news being seen out for the first time of the night, in equally arresting couture.

Tracee Ellis Ross, who particularly boycotted the Oscars, did show after in a rust- colored velour dress and Charlie Sheen was at Elton John’s bash wearing an outfit that probably wouldn’t have gotten him a seat at the big broadcast. Mr. ‘Winning’ wore a jacket and pants with a T-shirt underneath sporting his face and across it the words “Stay positively negative.” …commenting on his constant claim of no trace of HIV in his blood, ever since Sheen did admit to having the virus last year.

At the Oscars, Mad Max: Fury Road Costume Designer Jenny Beaven sported a leather jacket.  But beyond this alternative moment of fashion, really it seems proven we need now go to the after parties for a little splash of something interesting.

Round-Up Of 2015 Fashion News: Gigi Hadid, #squadgoals and Plus-Size Models

eb0f6a7a238d87e7c7e7b9569d195fd7Come this time of year it is usual for Von Gutenberg to take in some trends, news and styles of special note from the 2015 fashion scene. Some may have been of a  flash-in-the-pan variety, others might indicate a trend come the New Year, others might mean a complete change in how we view the haute couture world.

Only time will tell…


Good Girls Get a Model Back On Track

In what will certainly play out larger in 2016, but was begun this year, close friends Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid (and below we report on the heavy influence of close model friendships this year) helped get John Economou’s modeling career going. Not an unusual occurrence, one model opening the door for another, but for the “Romeo of Venice” the entre’ will especially alter Economou’s life in that presently he is homeless and sleeping outside at Venice Beach.

Having High Friends In Even Higher Places

In another story of friendship between models, it seems the “#squadgoals” phenomena rose in popularity this year. Never heard of it, don’t worry, mostly all of us are not cool enough to be part of this scene begun over Taylor Swift’s friendships with models Gigi Hadid (yes that girl is just about everywhere), Martha Hunt, Lily Aldridge and others. Instagram feeds were commandeered this year by what reports as “cliquey friendships seemed to resonate with models, designers and “It” girls more prevalently than in 2014.”

Very much like and maybe even started by designer Olivier Rousteing’s “Balmain Army”-he has many of his friends pose for runways and campaigns (even enlisting the Backstreet Boys to perform for him)-in the world of high end couture it certainly seems the cool kids are hanging out together more and more.

The Biggest Story?

Rummaging through Glamour’s top ten list for biggest fashion news of 2015, over Hermes designing the Apple watch band, or The Bieb showing off lots of himself in a Calvin Kline add, plus-size models making inroads this past year strikes us as the biggest news. From “Sports Illustrated” featuring Ashley Graham or Candice Huffine appearing in the new Pirelli calendar (which, by the way, will featured clothed woman this year), could this marketable change in the paradigm of age, size and even the acceptance of transgendered models, be the biggest story in the fashion world this year?



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2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show…A Bust?

elle-16-victorias-secret-fashion-show__largeAlas, the infamous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show might indeed be sexy, but they have, as of yet, trotted out any latex couture. But as we wait another year for some true showing of our favorite ‘alternate fashion’ material, we all might consider that the 2015 The Victoria’s Secret Fashion saw a dropped in their ratings by 32%.

With 44 famous models appearing, the CBS broadcast of the show taped back in November, pulled in an impressive 6.6 million viewers…still a loss from last year’s audience share. Candice Swanepoel modeling a stunning bikini set, along with long white gloves, Taylor Swift singing in a red, white and blue short dress, cape and top hat and shoes, Maria Borges becoming the first black model to wear her natural curls on the VFS runway (for whatever that particular distinction is worth), the show pulled out grand stops, but not its usual viewership.

With a brand this powerful, for such a mainstream extravaganza, with tons of fans watching the VSFS post its broadcast across YouTube, do the smaller ratings of that broadcast truly matter? Akin to rock band’s releasing CD’s as a loss leader to their live performance, maybe the VSFS T.V. broadcast will become (or already is) ancillary in importance to the many fashion and culture blogs writing about the show before the show, Victoria’s Secret’s own updates, models Instagramming about it and the streaming of it.

Whatever sells the wares of the famous lingerie company best is all that matters. If fashionistas and fans are not lining-up to watch the The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show T.V. broadcast but it still makes blog o’ sphere news and the accessories and clothes sell, isn’t all well in angel land?

The 2014 Taylor Swift Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

taylor-swift-victoria-secret-fashion-show-performance-07I think it’s safe to say that the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show cowered under the weight of pop music. The move to London this year might have been perfect press fodder for the annual T.V. broadcast hour-long lingerie commercial but truly it was the pop star popularity of Taylor Swift and to a lesser degree Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande and Hozier (who is one dude by the way, not a band) that fueled this year’s show.

There was a story making its way round the web about a disgruntled V.S. model claiming she was left off this year’s runway roster over some less-then-flattering remarks she made about Ms. Swifts’ performance last year. When one sees Taylor Swift not only open but close the show, with less-then-flattering performances at best, one tends not to doubt the voracity of that model’s claims and who V.S. is really playing to these days. So ‘auto-tuned’ (a)effected was Taylor Swift’s voice (and not really because the young lady needs the extra spicing but for the effect, I believe) it was hard to tell if she was singing live over backing tracks or lip synching. And if one is paying attention to this detail, while the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret ‘Angels’ are strutting their stuff down the runway, isn’t the lingerie commercial reason for the night being lost?

There were a bunch of beauties on hand here that we got to meet in an opening sequence that boasted London as a city that “celebrates royalty and tradition in equal measure.” We seem to be on a first name (and only first name) basis with these women: Doutzen, Candice, Cindy, Behati and many others. And they are truly spectacular to look at (we were all treated to a full week of the models’ physical regiment on the net and morning T.V.) But after a few bikinis are revealed with those various bouncing wings, it was a lot of the same thing over and over.hbz-angels-sm

True Ed Sheeran did perform solo with his electric guitar for the unveiling of the much heralded “Fancy Bras” (two were made this year) in the Erotic Traveler Sequence: Models Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio wore these high-priced one-of-a-kind creations perfectly to be sure. But by the end, a black-and-white runway sequence featuring Taylor Swift cocking her thin little hip and auto-tune puking to the side of all the models making their way into what was by then 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show history, things were pretty much overdone.


photo credits: Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine, Just Jared

The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: New City, Taylor Swift and Two Fantasy Bras

There’s big doings and some mighty changes for the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


First off, there will be world class highly popular musical entertainers on hand. It seems Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande and Hozier will “rock (if what these artists play can be considered rock) the runway.” Secondly, the festivities have moved to London for the first time, so U.K flair will be no doubt exploited. Third, there will two Brazilian models Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio modeling as many new Fantasy Bras, designed by Mouawad exclusively for V.S. (the first time two new bras have been revealed at the same time).

Then of course there is the long list of models-‘angels’-set to appear: Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo, Lindsay Ellingson, Doutzen Kroes, Lily Aldridge and Martha Hunt. More are to be announced (as also much-speculated special surprise guests) as the show grows closer. The Chanel Métiers d’Art show, held the same night, will steal away Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne (at least that is the report at this stage of the game.)

There is no denying the pop attraction all the wings, head pieces, willowy lithe ladies in infamously naughty unmentionables garner from the world wide masses. The Victoria’s Secret show has grown to encompass music, fashion, art and celebrity in a way very few televised events can even manage. Certainly one of the more ‘adult’ showings of culture, there is no denying this is a world class event featuring mega stars enjoying a massive audience.

Show ‘themes’ featured on the brand’s website include “Gilded Angel,” “Exotic Traveler” and “Dream Girl” to name a few of what the V.S. has in store for the new year. The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is sure to capture the imagination of a worldwide audience with all it presents on Dec. 9th.







Taylor Swift and British Vogue

taylor-swift[1]Music superstar Taylor Swift is looking out at us all from the November cover of British Vogue. In her pink Miu Miu, cable knit tank and shorts, the cover photo hints at the casual style Swift sports in the magazine for photographer Mario Testino.

The crossover of fashion and Hollywood and/or music celebrity has been happening to Vogue and many other famous fashion magazines for years, the Swift cover and interview is not the first of its kind nor will it be the last (Swift appeared on a US Vogue cover two years ago). And the 24 year old is certainly worthy of a cover given her simple good looks.

Known for her many high-profile dating attempts with equally high profile single celeb guys, Swift comes clean about her past as well as her style and new 5th album 1989…a release she hopes will untie her from those country music roots that made her so initially famous. In her interview with Jo Ellison in the mag, Swift explains the idea behind her new sound:

“Because with this album I’ve completely changed the sound of everything I’ve done until now. So it’s interesting to not be afraid of that. You know, I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, I don’t want to betray Nashville, whatever, but essentially it comes down to challenging yourself as an artist.”

If the change in Swift’s music will mark a true change for her career or spark any debate in Nashville time can only tell. ‘Artist,’ superstar celeb, famous ‘arm candy’ Vogue ‘model’, whatever she might be or be considered one thing is for certain Taylor Swift smiling out from the cover of any magazine, from any country, is sure to sell issues. And selling is the name of the game for all of us in the fashion world, no matter if we sell magazines, hair products or alternative couture.

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