Queer Eye Redux

Queer-Eye-netflixTan France offers in the opening of the new Netflix reboot of, Queer Eye, “The original show was fighting for tolerance, our fight is for acceptance.” Whether the ‘Fab 5’ of the reboot (Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van and the aforementioned France) will be accepted in our now bingefull world, as much or more thatn the original show that premiered on Bravo years ago, who knows? But the five men are taking to Atlanta, and its surrounding areas, to help men everywhere approach life, yet again, in a more stylish way.

Berk is handing décor this time around. Ex-MTV Real World cast member and activist Brown will lend his expertise on culture. Food expert Porowski will tackle what best wine to serve and how to cook for dates. Jonathan Van heads the grooming part of the show, probably the part of Queer Eye that people were most taken with the last time the show had its run, and France is on fashion. This time also, Netflix is promising more attention to therapy, life coaching and discussions on political and social issues within the framework of the show. In fact, the critics have weighed in over the QE’s premier show, airing (just this week) to say that this Queer Eye is less a reboot and more a retooling. Great respect is paid to the LGBT community, as a reflection of our times. And the famed ‘meterosexual’ concept, made so big last time around with this show, is played down.

There is also said to be less attention in this show on high-end couture. Breakout star of Queer Eye the first time, Carson Kressley, was a fashionista of the highest order to be sure. But the new version of the show is said to eschew big clothing brands and go with dressing men more simply…yet still as stylish.