Avantgardista Is Busting At Its Seams

avantgardistaAs we are advertising on the site already (just look to your right) Avantgardista is going to prove quite the event come November 11th. Now it is being reported that this Munich lifestyle event has added even more designers, accessory makers, and visual artists to truly make this a one of a kind happening.

The times of the shows have changed as well, with things kicking off at 7pm not 9, as initially reported in Avantgardista press. The event will take up two blocks, now needed to support all the designers, as well as all the attendees anticipated.

The very latest designer to be added here, making the full count now 17 in all showing at Avantgardista, is chainmail maker from Bad Homburg, Arcane Accessories. Goldsmiths Goldpiercingart has also been added to the makers of smaller pieces to be shown in the Avantgardista gallery. Artists Carnivore Pictures, and Frederik Eckenheim were just added as well.

FrÃulein Katzentanz and Ian Dutton will be on hand on hand to host and welcome. And the actual fashion shows will begin even earlier on the 11th. Staring at 2pm at the Avantgardista Showroom, 80 models are going to strut various top alternate fashions right up until midnight.

German health coach Susanne Wendel, will also be on hand for two hours 5pm to 7, giving away 100 signed copies of her book, Gesundgevogelt in 12 Wochen,

And we are not even mentioning the night’s SubRosaDictum’s Space Intruders party!

Fetish fashionistas will surely be able to walk away from Avantgardista completely outfitted. A city like Munich is certainly welcoming to play wardrobe so one can hit this event, then hit a club afterward in what they come to buy, then be back Sunday for the brunch that ends the event.

Now, really, do you have any reason not to be at avantagardista.net ? Get your tickets now if you have yet to grab them.