Fashion Solidarity At The 2018 Golden Globes, But Winona Steals The Show

Winona L'OrealWas it one of the better runway fashion displays because of the actual fashions or because of a cause? This is what one needs consider about the couture we saw for The 2018 Golden Globes. In a move to show solidarity against sexual harassment, most women attending the Hollywood awards show held this past Sunday night came dressed in black. Good for them. But can fashionistas and style critics step back for an honest assessment of the dresses-as they always do post these types of events-in the face of a movement in full bloom?

The only way to confront this honestly is to simply look at who was wearing what and how well they wore it.

Mandy Moore stepped out regally in a Rosie Assoulin, with no sleeves but a bright red belt accenting the long gown. Margot Robbie, star of I, Tonya rocked a Gucci with a plunging open neck and a sparkling design down the skirt’s front. Issa Rae managed to flash her chest as well as lots of one leg out the slit of her Atelier Prabal Gurung tunic gown; she accessorized with a Lorraine Schwartz necklace. Viola Davis looked elegant in a long black sleeveless gown and accessorized herself with Harry Winston. Diane Kruger wore a crisscrossing front, various shades of black, Prada. And Blanca Blanco went in stunning red, bucking the trend. All of this full fashion style and statement, in red, black or whatever, proved you can look great in any color really.

Maybe though the best ‘appearance’ of the night, as strong a show of femininity as any other, was the Twitter-alighting Winona Ryder L’Oreal hair commercial (see here) that ran during the G.G.’s. The one minute clips showed an actress whose face is not revealed until the very last seconds of the commercial, prepping back stage, playing occasionally with her long dark locks, a stirring string accompaniment swirling around the scene. This is sure to get L’Oreal’s Elvive line lots of press, Winona furthering her comeback from Stranger Things and us all consider fashion and statements.


Elegance @ 2017’s Golden Globes Awards

meryl-streep-jimmy-fallon-golden-globes-2017-620x360Well, at least we can report it seemed to be full-on elegance at 2017’s Golden Globes Awards telecast. There were slits, there was dipping décolletage and there were some bright colors and metallic shimmering, but generally the ladies showed restraint and high haute couture style.

That high-to-the-sky leg slit trend seems to have calmed down a bit (really, when is a slit a slit and not simply a dress completely open at the side?) The women showing leg this night, Reese Witherspoon in her bright yellow Versace, or Naomi Campbell showing her own ample amount in her own Versace, still kept it classy with how much skin they revealed.

Gowns with near-to-the-waist open fronts or just open jackets and shirts were more the order of the day…and still classy. Jessica Biel showed off lots of her chest in her halter fronted Eli Sabb, Priyanka Chopra wore a plunging neckline Ralph Lauren and Kathryn Hahn left the front of her Brandon Maxwell tux open to show off her black bra.

Mandy Moore sported a Naeem Khan dress with a cape. Ruth Negga was in a silvery spacesuit-like-look Louis Vuitton, while Naomi Harris matched her for metallics in her own silvery looking dress. And the bright color couture winners went to Brie Larson in her strapless red, as well as Viol Davis (and the afore-mentioned) Reese Witherspoon in two different shades of yellow.

Do these Hollywood self-congratulatory shows even matter much anymore? With all that’s offered presently across so many platforms, people binge watching shows like “Stranger Things” or this year’s winner “The Crown,” what does a G.G. win really mean anyway? An Oscar or a little golden ball statue might give an actress or a series a bit more street credit, advertisers a jump in revenue, but when all is said and done it seems the red carpet fashion assessment is all these get together’s are really about.

Which is perfectly fine to us.