Libidex Latex Is Ever Stretching

Libidex on The RoyalsAs was expected with all the news from the Libidex camp over the past year or so, the UK-based latex designer continues its growth well into 2017. From new headquarters in London, absorbing and working through the death of Nigel Walker, and Simon Rose taking over pretty much sole running of the company, the brand has been building itself to an even higher status in the past few years.

With their design team-including Marnie Scarlet and Marie Devilreux-based in London (overseen by Rose) Libidex has become arguably one of the biggest latex designers in the burgeoning global scene of fetish clothing.

Having their own sheet latex brand, Radical Rubber, is another in the brand’s advantages.

Two of Libidex’s latest forays, in rubber not latex actually, has been their Hard & Heavy Collections I and II. A male rubber couture and accessory series H&H 1&2 features bodybags, sleep sacks, and sheaths (with holes) for the fashion as well as play -minded.

As we continue to see, celebrities, T.V. shows, films and just about all of the mainstream world is taking to latex couture like never before. Libidex has enjoyed placement on T.V, shows, like “The Royals.” Their clothes have been featured in magazines and in the London Fashion Week. And such celeb models as Rita Ora and Emily Ratajkowsky have been seen wearing their wares.

And these are just a few of their high-profile placements in recent years.

The future of fashion is not something anyone can predict. Changes in global culture as well as politics, from the Bretix vote as much as an Instagram post, will change public whim to what is being made and what the public might find interesting year to year.

Libidex seems to be leading the way as far as unique alternate wear and just into the beginnings of 2017, there doesn’t seem to be any stopping the brand.