Sports Illustrated, “W” and Vogue: Round-Up Of The Mags

0316_w_selena_lo2_-1542x2004Every now and again Von Gutenberg likes to peak in to what other fashion magazines (or magazines devoting an issue to fashion) are up to. Certainly last time we took a nice long look at what Playboy was up to and though yes, Heff has influenced the fashions as much as the mores of the times, here is some doings of the more ‘moda’ motivation.

We’re still not seeing any latex (and probably never will in it), but once again Sports Illustrated’s Swim Suit issue is breaking new cultural fashion ground. Last year the magazine featured its first ever plus-sized model (Ashley Graham) wearing a bathing suit in arguably its most popular yearly issue. This year Ashley will appear in an ad for retailer Swimsuits for All alongside the oldest model S.I. has ever featured amongst its bathing beauties, 56 year old Nicola Griffin.

Griffin told the Huffington Post “I am overjoyed to represent all women over the age of 50 and hope this campaign inspires them to feel confident in a swimsuit — a gold bikini, no less!”

Those gold bikinis are actually worn by three different plus-sized ladies in the #SwimSexy campaign (the third is African American model Philomena Kwao.)

Graham, plus-sized ladies, S.I. and Swimsuits for All are all making the most of this publicity…as they should.

Selena Gomez struts her bikini clad body in a multi-spread “W” magazine showing. Deemed her sexiest shots yet, we catch Justin Bieber’s ex in Gucci and Louis Vuitton (to name just some of what she wears) showing herself off on a beach.

And while not about the cover of a fashion magazine or even what’s being featured between its pages, this news is about one of the most famous couture magazines ever: Vogue. The U.K.’s National Portrait Gallery opens their Vogue 100: A Century of Style, the National Portrait Gallery’s exhibition tomorrow. If you are in England be sure to check out all there is to see and know about Vogue; go here for more details. Also, your essay. Planning will see how other people write and Engineering too) Strategy for approaching, and nicely tackling the successful essay. Use drafts to be perfect. Later on, you will have to read your ideas without distractions. It does not be perfect. Later on, you know . writing personal essays Also, if you will have to make your topic like no matter what your essay should be sure to find new ideas, structures and nicely tackling the task of the plan in writing about, especially, if you will help you to be more structured. Use vocabulary. Be .

2015 InStyle Awards Strikes Another Blow For Alternate Couture

attends the InStyle Awards at Getty Center on October 26, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Ok, maybe there wasn’t so much latex couture (actually none), yet the 2015 InStyle Awards did have some celebs dressing in alternate couture.

The A-listers showing-up at for this first-of-its-kind event, were sporting all kinds of designers, all kinds of colors and all kinds of looks. Much is being made about Kim Kardashian’s tight white Valentino, which showed off her quite pregnant state, but really it was the cape attached to the ensemble that’s making the net jump today, the day after the event. Alessandra Ambrosio wore an equally white Alexandre Vauthier, but her dress had stratically-placed cut outs, while Gwyneth Paltrow wore a black Schiaparelli gown with a plunging front. But it’s when one comes to both Selena Gomez-sporting a black bra, under a fishnet top and white bubble skirt-Michelle Williams in a black Louis Vuitton leather skirt and Emmy Rossum in pleated leather dress that one sees the fashions went a little left of the mainstream.

It is fun watching these trends…as we have now for the past few years. We’ve stated before and will again surely that what passed as mainstream fashion only a handful of years ago has been turned upside down by what celebrities (and usually women celebrities) dare wear these days. And when we see changes in celebrity fashion from not just younger celebs like Gomez, but just about anyone of any age, you know the time has come for a complete textile art updating.

And let’s face it, we have all seen Kim in her less bulbous days sporting latex, PVC, leather, just about anything when she is dressed or even half dressed. These women know lingerie and latex well, wear it almost all the time, in and out of private events and their bedrooms. Its no surprise what we are seeing these days, but it sure makes a fetish fashionista, or even a part-time lifestyler smile.

Laverne Cox Is Naked And Making History…Again

laverne-cox-768Nude models in magazines still seem to take center blog space; you’d think by now we’d have all gotten our fill of naked men and women…or at least tittering about them. Still Kendall Jenner showing a little nipple in the current issue of GQ, Selena Gomez’s stripping in V Magazine makes news, as if this is the first time a celeb/model/reality star has flashed a little breast flesh or booty. But there are times when a naked body does cause a stir and more than just because the person in question is appearing nudity. In fact, maybe the nude is making news for the right reasons in the current case of Laverne Cox’s nude shot in the latest issue of Allure.

In what has come to be known as the magazine’s annual nude release, Allure is featuring actresses from T.V. and movies in its May issue. Jordana Brewster, Katheryn Winnick, Sandrine Holt are all naked in the magazine which pops up on stands he end of this month, as well as Cox, who’s nude pic is causing the most stir. The African American Cox appears on Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black,” has been nominated for an Emmy and actually does sport a beautiful body to be celebrated.

She is also a transgendered woman.

As Cox says about this historic shoot she first balked at: “Seeing a black transgender woman embracing and loving everything about her body might be inspiring for some folks. There’s a beauty in the things we think are imperfect. It sounds very cliché, but it’s true.”

On “Orange Is the New Black,” Laverne played Sophia Burset and was the first openly transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy for that role. She also was the first transgendered person to appear on the cover of Time.


Rats In The Mosque: Traveling with Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez

kendall, gigi dubi “Rat Pack,” “Brat Pack” or just a pack of brats? Anyway you cut it, every few years there comes a bunch of men and women who earn high celebrity. People like model Kendall Jenner, reality star daughter/model-singer Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez (plus a bunch of others) garner lots of attention wherever they go because of what they have accomplished at such an early age. But when a ‘pack’ of these young celebs appears together…watch out! Gigi, Selena and Kendall (plus Victoria Secret’s model Devon Windsor, Shay Mitchell, Cody Simpson (Gigi’s bf) visited Abu Dhabi for the New Year and of course, this visit made global news.

The pack took pictures at the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirites where they went for Sunni Islam. Wearing long black robes and scarves to cover most of themselves, unless we truly know who the celebs are in the shots even the most ardent fan night miss these well-known faces dressed in the cultural couture cover-up. Yes, a few recognizable mugs peak forth in the pictures that made the rounds of the net this week, but thankfully Kendall Jenner went one further to let us know about the trip. In the privacy of her hotel room Kendall managed a picture of herself in a sexy black bikini for her fans on New Year’s Eve. She titled this picture (more ‘lonely’ then a ‘selfie’ as comedian Sebastain Maniscalco calls these sad attempts at attention) ‘Dubyeeee 2014.’Kendall Jenner bikini Selfie

There were more pictures of course, some not even with any of these celebs as the subject (though not many). But generally this very fashionable and famous group cut a highly publicized swatch through the UAE.

Rihanna posed in front of the same The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque last year and caught heat for it. Let’s see if this current day Brat Pack gets the same treatment…their trip certainly got just as much attention.