VMA's 2018As much as them being staged back in New York City, the styles this year at the 2018 VMA’s made the show certainly blog/twitter/Instagram worthy. And although what stars wore during performances ran the gamut in costuming, it was mainly what they were wearing when walking the outside red carpet that has fashionistas talking and twittering today.

And overall, the outfits were some very sexy couture to be sure.

For us particularly, Amber Rose showed up as a red latex devil. In pretty much head-to-toe latex, wearing a corset, cat mask and boots, the model also brandished a red cat o’ nine tails as she sauntered into Radio City Music Hall.

Beyond the latex, plenty of stars were on maximum reveal this night. Sky sported a sparkling suit, forgoing a shirt for matching sparkling nipple pasties. Rita Ora was in a sheer gown, accenting her eyebrows with jewels. Nico Tortorella wore a fishnet tank top, beret hat, graphic duster and multi-patterned pant. And Teyana Taylor wins for best abs of the night, as hers were obviously visible in her low-riding baggy cutout pants and white crop top. Dascha too went for a sheer look, wearing a gunmetal naked halter dress.

And as everyone expected she would, Nicki Minaj brought up the ‘rear’ in a cream-colored bodysuit, matching choker and belt, under a sheer Virgil Abloh streetwear, Off-White dress. That dress was completely see-thru so everyone could get a very good look at the crisscross high booty cut of Nicki’s body suit.

Was this year’s VMA fashions any sexier than year’s past? Is it now a question of seen-it-so-many-times we are all growing immune to the outrageousness of style that stars have to give us less style, less of any real clothes at all? Every year we seem to ask this question of the VMA’s and still every year we seem to have something to report on when it comes to the moda shown there.

The VMA’s march on.

The 2017 MTV EMAs: More Fashion Questions Than Statements?

Rita Ora 2017 MTV EMAsRita Ora wore a white bathrobe and towel (plus 7.8 mill of Lorraine Schwartz diamonds), on the red carpet to host the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards. The lady was making a joke, like she was asked at the last minute to head the 24th year of the UK celebration. As if she just ran out of the bath, Rita managed a robe and towel around herself and ran over. Ora would come to change into a shorter robe, flick off her heels for sneakers as the show progressed. But the singer/actress wasn’t the only celeb sporting a wild wardrobe for the 2017 MTV EMAs.

There was Demi Lovato shirtless under her Styland suit. Kesha wearing a sequined multicolored jacket, pants and cape with pink hair. Jared Leto also in pink; top, lavender jacket, red Gucci sweat pants and big flower in his lapel. French pop star Petite Meller managed a head-to-toe metallic rainbow dress and top hat. Her dress was also open in the front pretty much all the way up her.

Leading with a wonderfully embroidered jacket and the same color pink high-waisted pants, Sofia Reyes took a page from Lovato (though she was wearing a bra at least) to bare her torso under jacket. And James Bay as much revealed his new shorter haircut, as an oversized polka-dot blouse.

UK Rapper Stefflon Don might get the best or worst of the night, depending on your tastes. She wore a red bikini top overflowing with her wonderful self, black pants, knee high red boots, and a black-and-red furry coat.

Wearing an outfit not so wild, but certainly something we can celebrate. “Game of Thrones” Nathalie Emmanuel, wore a black blouse, ankle-length boots and body-hugging latex pants. At least one celeb wore our favorite material.

The 24th Annual MTV EMAs were held at London’s SSE Arena, Wembley last Sunday.

Libidex Latex Is Ever Stretching

Libidex on The RoyalsAs was expected with all the news from the Libidex camp over the past year or so, the UK-based latex designer continues its growth well into 2017. From new headquarters in London, absorbing and working through the death of Nigel Walker, and Simon Rose taking over pretty much sole running of the company, the brand has been building itself to an even higher status in the past few years.

With their design team-including Marnie Scarlet and Marie Devilreux-based in London (overseen by Rose) Libidex has become arguably one of the biggest latex designers in the burgeoning global scene of fetish clothing.

Having their own sheet latex brand, Radical Rubber, is another in the brand’s advantages.

Two of Libidex’s latest forays, in rubber not latex actually, has been their Hard & Heavy Collections I and II. A male rubber couture and accessory series H&H 1&2 features bodybags, sleep sacks, and sheaths (with holes) for the fashion as well as play -minded.

As we continue to see, celebrities, T.V. shows, films and just about all of the mainstream world is taking to latex couture like never before. Libidex has enjoyed placement on T.V, shows, like “The Royals.” Their clothes have been featured in magazines and in the London Fashion Week. And such celeb models as Rita Ora and Emily Ratajkowsky have been seen wearing their wares.

And these are just a few of their high-profile placements in recent years.

The future of fashion is not something anyone can predict. Changes in global culture as well as politics, from the Bretix vote as much as an Instagram post, will change public whim to what is being made and what the public might find interesting year to year.

Libidex seems to be leading the way as far as unique alternate wear and just into the beginnings of 2017, there doesn’t seem to be any stopping the brand.


The 2016 Met Gala: Robotic Arms, Peacock Trains, and Madonna’s Booty Once Again

Beyonce Latex ABC NEWSAlthough Beyoncé wore jeweled latex, and we should be happy with that, the order of the day at the 2016 Met Gala, was…no order. Fashions revealed at one of the biggest fashion events of the year ran up and down the style spectrum  this year. Yes, lots is being made of the evening’s theme, centered around the MET’s new costume exhibit museum’s “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology,” but really, there wasn’t a lot of looking forward in this crowd.

Co-host Taylor Swift wore a silver Louis Vuitton mini (plus sexy knee high strap stiletto) but decidedly futuristic? It seems if one was wearing silver, as Rita Ora was in her feathery silver by Vera Wang with its long train, once was immediately thought keeping with the theme, But truly the only futuristic looking attendee last night was Gigi Hadid’s  boyfriend Zayn Malik sporting robot-like arm coverings. (Gigi wore a silvery fronted Versace.)

The actual best use of wearable tech last night was Clare Danes in light-up ZacPosen gown.

Even though the stars did miss the mark with the theme of the night, many were dressed smashingly. They really do come out and dress-up for what is called the Oscars of the East Coast. Kim Kardashian West was in a Balmain gown with a big slit, her hubby in silvery Fear of God glittery jacket and knee-ripped blue jeans. Zoe Saldana’s peacock dress and train beat Ora’s train by a mile in length and Emma Stone looked radiant in white as did Robert Pattison elegant in his Dior Homme white jacket, black pants and black bow tie.

And Madonna revealed booty (and breasts) through the lace she wore.

Maybe the night does go to Beyoncé in her peach colored latex gown by Givenchy, prejudice as we are to this material we all love.

Pharrell Williams, Adidas and Bionic Yarn

Pharrell WilliamsArby’s-like high hat notwithstanding, it seems singer Pharrell Williams has teamed-up with Adidas Originals to release a fashion collaboration this summer. I’m not about to say they both ‘got lucky’ but Williams’ Earth-friendly Bionic Yarn will be at the center of the stuff the singer makes with Adidas.

Pharrell already works for Adidas, working on a Uniqlo collection with them, so this new venture is just more of the same kind of collaborating. And of course Adidas has already aligned themselves with other celebs, like Rita Ora and Kayne West. But the Bionic Yarn Pharrell project is unique in that the BY company/joint venture between Williams and partner Tyson Toussant uses recycled plastic bottles to make their threads. Boasting a 40-45% recycled content in a thread supposedly 400 % stronger than traditional thread, Bionic Yarn has certainly been all the rage. But as one can’t technically make more than 100% of something (boasting the 400% number simply means this BY stuff is very strong) and seeing as all this technology is very new, time will tell on the longevity of Bionic Yarn. Currently jeans, shoes and many other products are made from the eco-friendly thread. And of course no one could be against anything that helps the environment. But as with anything new, time will out and the lasting effects, economically as well as environmentally cannot be calculated this early.

Here is the Bionic Yarn Face Book page, the company’s website: http://www.bionicyarn.com/ and Adidas link as well: http://www.adidas.com/us/?cm_mmc=AdieLocal_Google

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