The 2018 MET Gala Reveals Heavenly Bodies

METStars in their “Sunday Best” will be out and about on Monday, May 7th for The 2018 Met Gala. The “Oscars of fashion” has as its theme this year Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. And by all accounts the influence of Catholicism in fashion, might just bubble up some controversy on the order of Madonna playing with all that Catholic iconography during her career to nude dresses strutting down the red carpet of a museum show (with the same name opening at the MET at the same time) that The Vatican has already loaned 40 rare items to.

Nobody can say for sure what Rihanna, Katy Perry and other famous stars will wear to the gala, but this year the MET exhibition is all about the “dialogue between fashion and the masterworks of religious art.” Dolce & Gabbana, Christopher Kane, Jeremy Scott, Versace (Donatella is co-hosting the gala) and Valentino will be among the designers featured. The Vatican as much endorsed specific designers for the exhibition as it contributed pieces, among them a tiara worn by Pope Benedict 14th in the 1600s, made up of 18,000 diamonds and pieces.

The Met Gala seems to serve a dual purpose, one that has much more of a pop resound, the other for fashionistas and fans considered a nice museum outing for the day. Surely, a red carpet event of this magnitude brings out the bloggers and paparazzi in throngs; wake up May 8th and everybody (V.G, included) will be commenting on who wore what. But also the big doings are a big advertisement for just what the Met is showing this year in their exhibit.

No one can say whether the gala or the exhibit will prove more popular as last year’s one-two met punch…or even if it needs to. But a little Catholic-fueled controversy never hurt any worthy cause.

What Are The Top Fashion Stories of 2017?

voletta-wallaceA year-end accounting of the top fashion stories of 2017 has to be a subjective round-up at best. But as lifestyle fashionistas we are unlike others in the moda world, from haute couture designers to causal followers of fashion, in what blips across our radar. What is most important to us, the events, styles, controversies that make other lists for the year, might not even garner a notice round here at Von Gutenberg.

Prompted by this Fashionista blog of what was most important round their way for 2017, we as much can acknowledge some of the typical top stories as find some of our own.

It was big doings, at least in some fashion circles, that Altuzarra, Proenza Schoulder, Rodarte, Thom Browne and Monique Lhuillier left New York Fashion Week for Paris this year…though Rihanna’s Fenty Puma did the reverse. What’s more interesting to us though, is generally what has been happening at the various fashion ‘weeks’ globally. Reported lower attendance, sponsors backing out, as well as designers and a wholesale questioning value of these big shows seems to be important considerations maybe even over what Fashionista mentions.

In another seeming sign-of-the-times, some well-funded fashion publications and websites closed this year. Magazines like “Nylon” and “Teen Vogue,” and Conde’ Nast’s E-Commerce site, all went belly-up in 2017. When you publish a magazine and run a website in the fashion space, these occurrences make you stand up and take notice, to be sure.

Not that any of us would be surprised by their continued global domination but the Jenner/Kardashian ladies saw 17 new launches in 2017. Again, Fashionista recognizes the womens’ continued successes, but we note more a huge faux pas Kylie and Kendall managed. The sisters superimposed their mugs and logo across images of Tupac and Biggie sSmalls (and other music notables) across a new T-shirt line. Of course the young business moguls never thought to seek permission to use the copyrighted images. In a world where culture and fashion images are so important to us, this was one of the biggest fashion-related stories of the year, as far as we are concerned.

What’s coming for 2018….?

Rihanna Steals New York Fashion Week On The Back Of Motorcycle

RiRi NYC Fashion Week 2018Alexander Wang commandeering a Brooklyn street for a runway show certainly made the news. The fashion faithful do like to get up close to the models and feel part of a runway show. But by all accounts it was Rihanna’s Fenty Puma show that stole NYC Fashion Week.

Yes, we reported last time about the celebrity sightings among the haute couture. But arguably one doesn’t get a higher celeb-fashion brand recognition than when RiRi manages such a high-end show with her sportswear. After launching her beauty product line a week ago, Rihanna capped off her latest fashion foray with a show featuring motorcycle aerialists. Held at the massive Park Avenue Armory, the stage was set with pink sand dunes, obviously inspired by the sport of motocross.

That bright pink would only hint at the bright colors Rihanna’s models were seen in. Created in yellows, blues and yes, pinks, Rihanna’s Fenty Puma wear included cargo pants, zip-ups, flips-flops with the signature Puma high heel and not a small amount of swimsuits. In fact swimsuits, with sky-high cut legs, seemed to be the featured item here. For those of us with a particular penchant for the alternative in fashion, the Puma thigh-high floppy green and black boots were of particular interest. Rihanna’s year of birth was represented across some of the clothes sporting a “since 1988″ logo.

Featured beyond the clothes was model Slick Woods who waved the crowd into a frenzy under a pounding musical beat.

Rihanna claims that this collection mixes two worlds: motocross (obviously) and surf. As she says “It was a challenge to bring them together, but it ended up being the perfect combination.”

The main lady in question here rode on the back of a motorcycle for her concluding wave to the crowd in bright green at the show’s end.



Exclusivity & Cool: Holiday Couture Gift Buying With Nike, Kyle Jenner and Rihanna

kylie-jenner-shopHere it is, post ‘Black Friday’, nearing ‘Cyber Monday’ all of us readying for what will prove to be the biggest shopping season of the year for fashion, electronics, food gift buying. Luckily the ultra-cool couture makers are weighing in so once again we have super hip stuff to spend (and spend and spend) our cash on….that’s if any of us can get our hands on Nike’s new sneaker, Kylie Jenner’s hoodies or Rihanna’s socks.

In this modern age of nothing-is-worth-having-unless-is-sells-out-before-you-can-get-your-hands-on-it, Nike’s self-lancing sneaker (a sensor in the shoe “automatically starts the self-lacing mechanism when you insert your feet, plus two buttons to loosen or tighten the laces to the wearer’s desire”) will be available for purchase on Dec 1st. The only catch with getting the HyperAdapt1.0 is that you need an appointment to grab the $720 kicks. Nike claims that you can get the sneaker in two locations in NYC’s Soho, their Nike store and Nike+Clubhouse, while you book your appointment at the Nike website or the Nike+ app.

It’s not just about lips and Instagram pics for Kylie Jenner this season. The over-exposed model is opening her own wardrobe line in her new The Kylie Shop. Like Nike though there is a you-need-to-be-cool-factor to buying the hoodies and booty shorts adorned with Kylie’s face, and the lingerie she seems to be hawking as well if her recent Instagram pics are any clue. The site is supposed to open on Dec. 9th, but it seems costumers will need a password to access shopping rights.  

At least Rihanna isn’t starting with any exclusivity with her new socks…though we can all guess how quick they might sell out. Sporting furry tops and even some see-thru thigh-highs in the mix, RiRi is offering her new accessories at the Stance site.

‘Tis the season to buy, but most of all be cool when doing so…Happy Holidaze shoppers.

Rihanna In W Magazine

rihanna WDefining ‘Alterative,’ ‘Steampunk,’ ‘Gothic,’ ‘Street,’ as those words apply to fashion is, at best, a subjective quandary. When you read that pop star Rihanna has taken to alternative wardrobe for a “warrior queen post-apocalyptic” photo shoot for this month’s W Magazine, how many images come to your mind?

In scenes directed by Edward Enninful, Steven Klein and Se7en screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker-with a slew of designers, we must not forget-Rihanna takes a last woman-on-earth-ruling-queen pose in the stunning expose. Wearing black bras and harnesses, long boots, a leather arm brace, hoods, a falconer’s mask, chrome heart necklaces, a Chrishabana mouthpiece, a Patrick Ian Hartley collar and Cartier jewelry, RiRi is as much outfitted in full sexy wardrobe, as she is equally eye-catching accessories.

(Hair is by Yusef for Leonor Greyl Hair Care at Factory Downtown; makeup and tattoos by Pat McGrath Labs; manicures by Maria Salandra for Chanel@ )

Photographers, designers, stylists and subsequently their models know the only way to capture the public’s attention presently (and sell product) is to present as many possible provocative images as possible. Rihanna’s narrative shoot here does just that by revealing her front-and-center in a mélange of cutting-edge fashion that seems to be able to cut skin if not worn correctly. Forget soft lines, shiny latex curves or sleek leathers here, this W shoot’s ‘post-apocalyptic’ vision is all metallic tough-hewn blacks and grays, in some cases more functional then fashionable.

Even warrior women need protect their bodies when leading a snarling dog on a leash as Rihanna does in one of these scenes.

Once again one of the world’s most recognized stars presents themselves in what could easily be called a non-mainstream look. And once again, we are thrilled to see her do so, knowing what we all love about our fashions seeps in to the culture every bit more each day.

Fun Fashion Updates, 2nd week of March 2015: Zoolander @ Paris Fashion Week, RiRi and Kathy Griffin Exits Fashion Police

21Lots of non high end couture news has been happening lately. Here are some fun fashion updates from the week,from Paris Fashion Week to E! T.V..

Zoolander Returns: The Paris Fashion Week certainly saw some interesting, if not downright hilarious occurrences. Closing the entire proceedings at the Valentino show Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller showed-up as their Zoolander movie characters-Hansel McDonald and Derek Zoolander respectively-as much to strutt their stuff as to promote the sequel to their comedy fashion movie. The movie is said to be in current production and none other than model Karlie Kloss is said to be up for starring role in the movie.

Kim Shows…And Shows: As we can all expect, a celebrity of Kim Kardashian’s renown couldn’t let Paris Fashion Week go by without being seen in sporting some interesting ‘looks.’ Kim stepped round town in platinum blonde hair and was seen in various outfits, most of us latex afficieanatoes and fantasy dressers would be thrilled with. One day Mrs. Kayne took to the streets in a full open straps dress, another day she wore latex leggings and a fur coat, on still another, she Instagramed herself in a see-thru shirt showing of her black bra.

Kathy Goes: In a possible ‘fashionistas-abandoning-a-sinking-ship’ news, Kathy Griffin has announced she is leaving the “Fashion Police” show a scant two weeks after Kelley Osbourne said she is saying goodbye to the show as well. Griffin tweeted “”I discovered that my style does not fit with the creative direction of the show and now it’s time to move on.”  Osbourne is in full support (as this pic might hint at the women’s friendship) saying she was “proud’ of K.G.’s decision.B_8OqnRUkAEXm1A

Rihanna and Dior: After many seasons showing-up for various fashion shows it was announced that RiRi is now a Dior girl. Rihanna will star in the fourth installment of the Secret Garden adds, shot by Steven Klein-said to run in the enxt few months.

Rihanna’s Diamond Ball

Rihanna_glamour_10dec14_rexfeatures_b_592x888There’s no denying it wasn’t for a good cause, but A-list celebs were certainly finely frocked and having a grand old time at Rihanna’s black tie event for her charity Clara Lionel Foundation. Held at The Vineyard in Beverly Hills, this first Annual Diamond Ball was raising fund especially for the Clara Brathwaite Centre for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The facility is named after RiRi’s grandmother Clara died of cancer two years ago and this wing of the hospital as well as her charity is named after the woman.

Stars who attended the black tie event were Kim Kardashian in net skirt, who had her mom Kris Jenner with her wearing her own cleavage baring, black pant suit, Brad Pitt joking-sans his wife who is currently laid-up with chicken pocks-along with host Jimmy Kimmel in tuxes and Salma Hayek in a gorgeous red gown.

But it may have been the RiRi who made the most news, by not only raising $375,000 at her event but also with what she wore. In a blush red Zac Posen gown, spilling out with a mermaid train, the pop diva who has been known to show lots of herself on any given occasion was sedate and subtly sexy. Sporting a diamond necklace (diamonds the theme here) with ruby center by Chopard and her hair slicked down with a long single pony tail, the lady looked every bit the elegant hostess.null

As she commented in her Instagram account:

“Feel so lucky to have an evening like this, to spend with people with hearts like mine, who want to change and save lives at any cost! There’s so much to do, and I can’t do it all by myself, so I have to thank all of the supporters of and people who donated to #TheClaraLionelFoundation.”


It seems fashion, celebrity and a good cause can indeed unite sometimes.


Paris Fashion Week

So those Fashion Weeks just keep happening. In NY, London, Milan and now Paris.


Here are some highlights…fashionable-and not-of French mode.

Rihanna was at the Balmain show, of white and black “grills,” plastic revealing skin, midriff’s sporting cut-outs and stripes, stripes, stripes. One of those models showing lots of skin happened to be Kendall Jenner. And speaking of that family…Kim K. got knocked to the ground while getting out of a car at the Paris shows by what is rumored to be a prankster who has tried this with other celebrities before.

She, hubby Kayne West and their baby North West were sitting at the Balenciaga show.

(Do celebrity kids-and little kids at that-have to be at every function now as to be recognized and photographed?)

Anthony Vaccarello featured runway models in skate shorts, pleats and very short skirts.

Simon Porte Jacquemus brought in the fun with pinafores, inner tubes, models with seemingly wet hair and a blue/white mini with a round extension

Away from the typical runway Shayne Oliver continued his Hood by Air design showing with a part two to its companion that occurred at New York’s Fashion Week. An office building on the famed Left Bank revealed his seemingly put-upon models in leather pants, pleated skirts and cage designs in lots of his pieces.

Eri and Philip Chu presented mini’s and tops in big primary colors, as well as comic book designs, giving an good old deceased Andy W. a run.

Christophe Lemaire, late of Hermès sent out his ladies in coats and dresses.

French label Vetements  managed to add a certain ‘grunge’ sensibility to their wares; boots with Snoop Dogg’s face and angle-daring skirts were the rage for this new designer’s showing.

Our Von Gutenberg fashions-great latex couture at that-keeps happening week after week as well. Check it all out here.

Reveal Co Uk

Rihanna in W Magazine

article-2721955-2071D8FD00000578-522_634x478On the inside of September’s issue of W Magazine all seems perfectly fashion de rigueur as Rihanna, Naomi Campbell and Iman pose together modeling for Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing. Long skirts and fury sweaters of basic bright colors from the brand have the women looking fabulous to be sure but it is the cover (and some further solo RiRi shots inside the mag) where Rihanna makes the most interesting mark. On the cover of Rihanna sports a Donna Karan dress, Ashley Lloyd headdress (yes, an actual headdress!) septum ring and Stephen Dweck necklace over what appears to be her bare chest. This “tribal” spread is continued with some solo shots of RiRi inside, where she sports further fur and even poses (though she’s not dancing) with wolves.
It’s certainly an alternative look the singer is attempting and quite the contrast to the studied high couture display she and the fashion icons reveal in their spread.

This isn’t the first time Rihanna has appeared in W and certainly not the first she’s worn some over-the-top top, wild make-up or revealed a little skin…in the showing skin department Rihanna is tops! Less we forget being a pop diva/fashion designer/worldwide known personality requires consistent shocking of the masses and when you have a 26 year-old face and body still supple, firm and basically beautiful it behooves a celeb not to use all they have in the most provocative way possible. Nobody will really be shocked by these photos, but they are sexy all the same.Campbell, Iman, RiRi

Campbell, Iman and Rihanna look like high fashion models in their trio shoot, Rihanna like one of our better known fetish stars on the cover; the dichotomy is sure to sell magazines and has made an impression across the net this week.

Once again Rihanna scores.

If you want to score with some of our sexy couture, might we suggest clicking your mouse on over to:


Will The Real Johnny Depp please stand up, Marc Jacobs gets Sebastian Suhl and Nicole Richie on VH1

From time to time on our blog I like to sprinkle in more then one high-trending fashion story. Some wackiness, some deep fashion cuts and some media ‘stuff’, here is a melange of couture news.


We hear about theft in the art world, great criminal investigations over drugs and prostitution, but who would ever think something untoward could happen from the actions of a celebrity stylist? But a man claiming to be Johnny Depp’s stylist has been charged with the modern day crime of identity theft as well as good old grand larceny after grabbing a total of $10,000 worth of clothes from a bunch of NYC stores.

David Tripp, a “fashion blogger” placed orders at various stores around town then collected those clothes with a stolen credit card, claiming he was buying for the Pirates of the Caribbean star and another celeb. Tripp stole from Jil Sander, Carven and Marni, making scores since March. But when he attempted his last grab at Marc Jacobs-pretending to be buying for Brandon Flowers, The Killers’ singer for an upcoming photo shoot-Jacobs’ manager Brian Britt noticed that the name on the card used was spelled incorrectly. Britt called the police who grabbed Tripp in-store.

Tripp claims: “I can say that the narrative in which I’ve been placed is unequivocally inaccurate and unjust.”


Speaking of Marc Jacobs…it seems their owner LVMH has grabbed Sebastian Suhl, who currently works as the CEO of Givenchy to be the CEO of Marc Jacobs. LVMH is obviously counting on the same acumen and creativity Suhl showed at Givenchy to be put into his new position.

Suhl follows Bertrand Stalla-Bourdillon and will be replaced at by Philippe Fortunato.

And speaking of pairings, Frame Denim is employing Dutch fashion photographers Ines & Vinoodh for their first ever menswear jean collection. It will also be Ines and Vinoodh’s first work in denim design. Frame’s fans included super model Gisele and divas Rihanna and Beyonce to name but a few celebs who have to taken to the brand lately.

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

And lastly, entrepreneur, writer and most recently a fashion icon and designer, Nicole Richie’s new VH1 show “Candidly Nicole” began this week. It will prove to be a vehicle (if VH1’s press is to be believed) for Lionel Richie’s daughter- he appears on the show as well- to “share her comedic perspective on her relationships into adulthood, style, and social commentary.”

And making the news as they always should, check-out all the happenings at our up-to-date Fantasy Event List and our alternative news making designs at Von Gutenberg Couture.