Tony Award Couture

Tony Awards 2018It could be argued that the Tony Awards are a niche event broadcast, certainly centered round the theatre world in New York City. Although popular with many, still this award presentation celebrating ‘The Great White Way’ pales in grand viewership with the Grammy’s or the Academy Awards. This is not to say though that the haute couture seen last Sunday night wasn’t spectacular and worth noting.

One should expect a little wardrobe creativity when it comes to the likes of Crazy Ex- Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom. Rachel was backstage host, grabbing hosts and award recipients in seemingly off-script moments at the show. Walking in across the red carpet the comedian clearly showcased an outfit befitting her approach. Rachel matched her tulle skirt with a bespoke (made from someone who contacted the star via social media) Stephen Sondheim smoking tee.

There seemed to be a bunch of metallic on view for the gowns and get-ups of the invited this night. Marissa Jaret Winokur wore a very tight, shiny blue electric dress. Tony nominee LaChantze sported a dress of almost all blue material, but from her knees down but it ended with a sparkle silver bottom. Tiffany Haddish was mixing and matching silver with paisley in her Michael Kors. And Tina Fey’s outfit matched a silver top with a Thom Browne feathered skirt

Co-host Josh Groban walked in wearing a purple suit, while Grey Henson of Mean Girls matched him in a velvet purple tux. Other men of note were Joshua Henry in black pants, a Cloak pastel tux jacket and bowtie. And looking like he raided wardrobe, Vogue’s Hamish Bowle went for a loungewear look with robe, PJ’s and slippers.

Elegance went to Rachel Brosnahan in her Dolce & Gabban gown. Laurie Metcalf in her black and white Christian Siriano black sash. And the always red hot Chita Rivera in a red one-shouldered gown (she won a lifetime Tony this night).

Adam Conover Exposes Himself On The Red Carpet

Rachel BloomThere is no denying the effect the Internet has on fashion (and vice versa). Good or bad we get most of our daily news about couture, models, designers and style from blogs, Instagram posts and famous fashion magazines’ daily feeds. We also get some spot-on commentary, crazy news story and lots of good natured ribbing against the industry. Adam Conover, the host and main architect of TruTV’s Adam Ruins Everything, is currently presenting a satirical clip about red carpet nuttiness.

In Adam’s most recent “How Red Carpet Fashion Is Bought And Sold” clip he enlists the help of comedian/writer and star of the Golden Globe winner “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” T.V. show, Rachel Bloom, to lay waste to the question of who is wearing who on the red carpet. In the clip Bloom is mock-interviewed on a red carpet revealing the process of how a celebrity picks a dress for an event…or more precisely, how the celeb is picked. She gives a shout out to hair and fashion stylists (a “marketing team” she calls them) and assures us all that product placement is the name of the game. Bloom’s claim that all a star is during those infamous red carpet moments is “a human NASCAR” seems pretty spot-on.

As we have seen from the Zoolander movies and the recently released Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, the fashion world often participates in self-mocking. Models, designers and generally all-around fashionistas seem to be aware of how silly they can be (as we all should be aware of how silly we all can be…we are human after all). What Bloom and Conover manage in the clip here is a direct broadside, decidedly not using anyone from the industry nor getting their blessing…which makes the skewering, in a way, all the more effective.

You be the judge. Check out the video here: