Fang Ling Lee’s new Public Displays of Intimacy Series

DTF. 24x20We see so many artists working across many media come to us here at Von Gutenberg. Some we worked with in the initial stages of the magazine and for whatever reason have not had so very much contact with since (though that’s only a handful few, we do tend to keep friends over the long term.) Others we work with time and again depending on the situation and if their (and our) particular sensibilities mesh for a particular project. And there are other artisans, latex designers, painters, photographers, writers and models, who you will see again and again between our pages and/or on our website.

The wonderful Fang Ling Lee is one such artist.

Fang is a one-of-a-kind lady of not only deep talent but a warm wonderful soul who will stop and talk with her myriad of customers and even the casual art fan at any occasion for any provocation; really, you are not soon to find a nicer person. We’ve featured her work time and again in the magazine, blogged about her efforts often and once again come to see the amazing lady display her artwork in as yet another interesting innovative way. Her new Public Displays of Intimacy Series  reflects what is happening around us all presently (like all truly aware artists Fang’s work as much comments on the world we are in as takes flights of fantasy from it.)  As she says of the new work:

“One cannot deny the astronomical impact that technological advancements have has on the way we communicate with one another.  Being social has never been easier, or more addictive. Friends, lovers, and “likes” are just a finger tap away. Likewise, our wants, needs, and loneliness, can be satisfied with theclickof a button. This series is about how technology has changed the way human beings express their sexuality. This series is also about perspective.”

And thank God this talented woman’s perspective.


Fang was recently involved as lead production designer for the independent “The Red Man” film and this new series of hers is as much “indebted” to that experience, as she says as informed by her “new outlook on the themes, technology, and emotions that drive us to create, and drive us to share.”

See Fang’s Ling Lee’s new  Public Displays of Intimacy Series here. And to contact the lady, go here:

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