2017 Academy Awards Fashion Statements…and Questions

warren beaty oscarsBest Picture envelope snafu’s, Trump bashing, and even a stage collapse; Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel has intimated that maybe the 2017 Academy Awards broadcast was cursed. But the haute couture the celebrities wore was, as usual, was what most people were talking about. The good-to-bad fashionista rating scale is always a subjective dishing, still lots of our brightest and best certainly did stand out.

Jennifer Aniston probably didn’t need the slit in her beaded Atelier Versace dress, it was certainly sheer enough to show off lots of her legs (and plenty else). Meryl Streep dragged a long blue train, off a dress with an off-the-shoulder bead top. Emma Stone, winner of “Best Actress” for her role in La La Land, happened to score one of designer Riccardo Tisci’s last creations for Givenchy; the muted gold dress fit her like a glove.

Viola Davis rocked in bright red Armani, and Leslie Mann in a bright yellow Zac Posen. Halle Berry got more attention from her wild curls then her Versace and Once again Chrissy Teigin sported plenty of leg. Ryan Gossling’s sister Mandi though made quite a lot of blogs with how much of herself (her cleavage actually) she revealed, while Michelle Williams was rocking her own plunging front of a black and white Louis Vuitton.

For the guys, it was mainly a black tux affair. Justin Timberlake, Josh Dallas, a truly accessorized Pharrell Williams all sported versions of the classic. But stars like Jamie Dornan, managing the opposite white tux look, David Oyelowo’s Dolce and Gabana white jacket and black pants and even Ryan Seacrest going white jacket, black pants and burgundy bow tie added some splash to what we are used to of men’s couture at these things. Not having the ability (unless one happens to be Matt Stone) to show that much skin, male celebs just tend to flip or add colors or bring out the bling.

Good, bad, middle-of-the-road, too revealing? For some of us the couture at the 2017 Academy Awards made as many fashion statements, as it may have left questions.

Grammy’s Gettin’ Tame

grammys-rihannaMaybe more than any other big star-studded event/award/self-congratulatory T.V. broadcast, The Grammy’s has given us some of the most interesting, even downright shocking fashions. That classic Jennifer Lopez 2000 Grammy’s open turquoise robe, Lady Gaga arriving in an egg, Toni Braxton’s all white barely-there ensemble; there are so many wild fashion moments to name. The question is then, did this year’s Grammy’s (having aired two days ago) match-up in legendary couture?

From Pharrell Williams entering in all white-suit jacket, hat, sneakers and shorts-to Nicki Minaj’s cleavage-baring black Tom Ford with grass-like skirt and Miley Cyrus’s black cut-out Alexandre Vauthier, with Lorraine Schwartz jewels (and there were lots of Lorraine Schwartz to be seen this night) the stars showed themselves through a wide array of well-known designers. But the wardrobe choices this year didn’t feel so controversial, as just mostly fashionable. When one considers Madonna sported a matador Givenchy outfit, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian West were the two showing the most cleavage and as loud as any color got really was Tom Jones’ metallic blue suit and Rihanna, in a pink Giambattista Valli Haute Couture poof explosion, this years’ Grammy’s looks were few in wild fashion statements.nicki-minaj,-grammys-2015-red-carpet,-elle-uk,-getty__large
The wackiest it all got was Sia covering her forehead and eyes with a big platinum wig (as did her companion Maddie Ziegler)…as if anyone cares anymore about this gimmick?Is it the infiltration of the most radical rap becoming ever more mainstreamed or the Youtubing middling of the music business that has brought forth the taming of the Grammy’s style? Or have our best and brightest finally grown to staid adulthood with the younger set just not giving a damn so much for what they show off? Who knows? But this year of musical best and brightest looked good to be sure, but not so very adventurous.

And as goes fashions seems to go music, no?


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Pharrell Williams, Adidas and Bionic Yarn

Pharrell WilliamsArby’s-like high hat notwithstanding, it seems singer Pharrell Williams has teamed-up with Adidas Originals to release a fashion collaboration this summer. I’m not about to say they both ‘got lucky’ but Williams’ Earth-friendly Bionic Yarn will be at the center of the stuff the singer makes with Adidas.

Pharrell already works for Adidas, working on a Uniqlo collection with them, so this new venture is just more of the same kind of collaborating. And of course Adidas has already aligned themselves with other celebs, like Rita Ora and Kayne West. But the Bionic Yarn Pharrell project is unique in that the BY company/joint venture between Williams and partner Tyson Toussant uses recycled plastic bottles to make their threads. Boasting a 40-45% recycled content in a thread supposedly 400 % stronger than traditional thread, Bionic Yarn has certainly been all the rage. But as one can’t technically make more than 100% of something (boasting the 400% number simply means this BY stuff is very strong) and seeing as all this technology is very new, time will tell on the longevity of Bionic Yarn. Currently jeans, shoes and many other products are made from the eco-friendly thread. And of course no one could be against anything that helps the environment. But as with anything new, time will out and the lasting effects, economically as well as environmentally cannot be calculated this early.

Here is the Bionic Yarn Face Book page, the company’s website: http://www.bionicyarn.com/ and Adidas link as well: http://www.adidas.com/us/?cm_mmc=AdieLocal_Google

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