Kate Upton, Megan Fox and Jennifer Lawrence Make Big Modeling Splashes For Summer 2018

Kate Upton LipsyMovie actresses, sports stars, models all make their way, sooner or later, across the fashion stage. In magazines, in video ads or with print we see our brightest and beautiful display those figures and faces they are most well-known for pushing a new designer’s collection, their very own haute couture line or just furthering their career by showing themselves. All of the above is the case with Kate Upton, Megan Fox and Jennifer Lawrence and what they got into this summer of 2018.

Kate Upton shot video and pics for a Lipsy Summer 2018 Campaign. Though now pregnant, Upton’s Lipsy pictures capture her in full sans baby curvy glory. In the video and pictures she models white jeans and a purple and white top, a little black bikini, tight black and white dresses, and a white lingerie set.

Jennifer Lawrence posted pictures just this week of a summer-time shoot she managed for Dior’s new “Joy,” perfume.  As the face of this company for over a half decade, it’s no surprise that the star of the movie Joy (and many other blockbusters) is starring in a short film to push this fashion house’s first new fragrance release in two decades. With dyed platinum tresses, ruby red lipstick and wearing white (and sometimes nothing at all as she shows off in a pool for some moments) the campaign will no doubt be a winner for Lawrence and the brand.


Once again Megan Fox is showing off herself for the greater good…of lingerie. Frederick’s of Hollywood just posted new pictures of the Transformers’ star in some of their lingerie, continuing their relationship with Megan and her Megan Fox Collection.

As we get into the cooler fall air, sweaters and jeans to keep us all warm, let’s not forget bikinis, lingerie and pool-side photo shoots, nor what Megan Fox, Jennifer Lawrence or Kate Upton gave us for summer 2018.