Can You Spot The ‘Real’ Kim Kardashian?

Paris as KimAs if one Kim Kardashian wasn’t enough. Just before the New Year, Kanye’s miss took to the worldwide web’s social sphere of influence seen across various faux paparazzi photos. What made these Instragram-able pics of K.K. so interesting was that Kim and Kayne were managing press for Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 6. Kim was ‘caught’ running to and fro during her fabulously busy day in clothing from her husband’s fashion line’s season 6. As the rabid public just eats up daily posts from the likes of a Kim Kardashian, this advertising-not-advertising was a genius marketing move, trickling out pics of the new wardrobe line via daily posts.

But in our modern world, something done right, need be done again…and again, it seems. Especially if one is selling clothing.

Now, just slightly into 2018, we are getting a flood of #YeezySeason6 posts. These new pictures presently feature Kim K look-a-likes. Paris Hilton, Jordyn Woods, Amina Blue and Sarah Snyder are just some of the people who have ‘gone blonde,’ showing off for Yeezy. Appearing in a blonde wig, looking as much like Kim as possible, these models and reality stars are stepping out doing their bit for the big brand.

This ‘new’ trend of celebrities dressing and acting like other celebrities, and to sell something over a long expanse of time, across social media, might just be something we start to see more of. If “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” then Kim and Kanye should be thrilled indeed, while the Yeezy line gets a huge push.

To be sure one need not be a celebrity to contribute here. The blonde wig Kim and her realitycelebgangers are wearing in the shots can be bought by anyone for $950. Have you a desire to take a few shots and add them to your own Instagram account, we are sure Kanye would welcome you.

The Annual V.G. Celebrity Halloween Costume Round-Up: Halloween 2017

wendy-williamsAs you well know, here we are constantly trying to follow who is wearing what when it comes to celebrity couture. But at no other time does is our fashion-reporting ethos more important than November 1st of every year, when we manage a round-up of what celebrity was wearing what/who for Halloween. Beyond what we all expected of Trump costumes, Games of Thrones outfits and the many Wonder Women we expected, here is a quick overview of what made the blog o’ sphere overnight.

First, a little controversy.

Political commentator Tomi Lahren wore a costume pretty much made from/influenced by and sporting the color and design of the American flag. Sporting a star-spangled cape, red tutu, even an accessory of a bag bearing that “Make America Great Again” slogan, she is receiving heavy criticism the day after. It seems these days wearing a U.S. flag-themed costume is a no no.

In her usual outrageous challenge to meet the ghoul’s night head on, super model Heidi Klum made the scene at her 18th annual Halloween Party dressed in an iconic video horror costume. At the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge and Moxy Times Square Heidi danced and appeared as Michel Jackson’s werewolf character from his infamous “Thriller” video.

Skylar Astin and Anna Camp stepped out as “Wayne” and “Garth” from Wayne’s World respectively. Floyd Mayweather went as “The Riddler.” And model Karlie Kloss challenged the late great Miss Monroe in all white (wig as well as dress).

Covering day time T.V. celebs, Ellen Degeneres managed to appear on her show as an over-the-top pregnant, made-up lesser-known ‘Karla Kardashian.’ While Wendy Williams went as Miss Liberty herself. She quickly fainted live on her show overcome as she was in her Statue of Liberty costume. And Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer, of the Today Show, went out as Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton.

And Kim Kardashian went out as Cher.

And this is just a smidgen of what our best and brightest got into for Halloween 2017.

New York Fashion Week

vogue_cl-new-york-fashion-week-dance-party-music-videoOnce again New York Fashion Week roles into Manhattan. As we have reported on over the years, this particular city’s Fashion Week has taken negative hits from promoters, designers and has even fielded questions on what places will hold what shows. But if the who’s-who of the what-where-and-now attending this first week are any indication, New York Fashion Week is still pretty damn relevant in the moda world.

Firstly, the styles the who’s-who celebs were wearing seemed to be just as Instagram-able as any eye-catching outfit crossing the runway.

Not surprisingly Kim Kardashian made quite the showing, in two different outfits that garnered attention (at least for this first week). One specifically of interest to Von Gutenberg lifestyle readers was Kim’s skin tight strapless black latex outfit. She also received plenty of paparazzi play when she stepped out in just heels and cream-colored short jacket.

Super star ‘mature’ model Cindy Crawford rocked her own skin tight dress, a tight shimmery silvery number. Her daughter, 16-year-old Kaia Gerber, made her first runway appearance this week, walking for Raf Simon. Chaka Khan came equipped with a fan, as her main fashion accessory. EJ Johnson managed to step out in a latex bustier, with a long shirt matching. And none other than Pamela Anderson made the scene in black leather shorts?

As to the designers?

There was heavy anticipation at Raf Simon’s show, beyond Kaia Gerber walking. The designer included Americana images into his collection this year. Andy Warhol and horror-movie-inspired chic made his scene. As Vogue mentioned, Tom Ford “Amped Up the Glam” with bright colors, lots of jackets over bras, and lots of short shimmery short slip dresses. And Rochambeau’s Spring 2018 collection featured baggy bright yellow, deep blue, and black and white sweats, and shorts and hoodies.

What will week two bring? From celebrity and designer both? At after-parties and Twitter-feed moments? All we can say is, stay tuned.

And the jeans have it: “Denim Day” and Topshop

denim dayThis week not latex, not rubber, not lace, or even some sort of lingerie is making the big news. Forget even Kim Kardashian cavorting in her retro bikini (though, yes, that story did get a lot of trending news on Monday) it seems jeans are the big rage in two fashion stories presently.

Today (4/26) is “Denim Day.” It’s a worldwide annual rape-prevention campaign encouraging people who stand in solidarity with sexual assault victims (and really, who wouldn’t?) to wear or even display jeans on this day. The movement began in 1999 as a response to an Italian Supreme Court overturning a rape because the court claimed the teenage victim wore “very, very tight jeans.” Defying logic for how the rape occurred and how the court took the circumstances to be consensual in the end (?) women in the Italian Parliament began wearing jeans in a sign of solidarity. The movement went global with Peace Over Violence organizing the campaign.

So, wear or show today as you see fit…a nice tight pair of jeans if you can. Demonstrations will be taking place in over 50 cities around the US.

Topshop isn’t interested in tight jeans as much as they are ‘no jeans’ to their jeans.

For 100 Australian dollars the brand will sell those who want to be seen…a lot. The Moto Clear Plastic Jean has, what Topshop calls: “classic pockets detailing and are cropped at the ankle bone”, and make a “a statement piece for a festival or costume party,” which “take the look to the extreme with a bikini and sequin jacket or dress down, layered under an oversize jumper or asymmetric hem dress.”

And we thought latex makes us heated and exposed?!

From the important to the frivolous, this range of news is what we all like so much about moda, isn’t it?topshop clear jeans


Carl’s Jr. Banned Again, This Time For Too Sexy Suits

Carl's Jr.Swimsuits fall into a specific fashion category all their own. In the past few year with the rising popularity of plus-sized models and body-positive campaigns, we have seen so many different new suits, bodacious beach photo spreads in S. I.’s “Swimsuit Edition” and ever sexier cuts and styles to maximize skin. And in advertising-beyond just selling the suit-like underwear pics, time and again we have seen countless models hawking all kinds of products while wearing a bikini. Carl’s Jr. the fast food burger chain has used swimsuits in their adds as well…and has once again gotten in trouble for doing so. Maybe now for good!

Model Kara De Toro was in the latest banned commerical from the burger chain. Volleyball playing cuties, as much smacking the ball as each other’s bottoms are featured munching into huge Carl’s Jr. burgers. They are also ogled by men munching burgers. And they are more than a few lose-ups of the women’s backsides.

From Guess model Charlotte McKinney walking through a farmer’s market naked, to Kim Kardashian munching into a salad in only a robe to Paris Hilton beginning the campaign way back when washing her car in a bathing suit (this was another commercial that was banned) one could argue that the burger chain makes these sexy commercials very much hoping to get banned. But Carl’s Jr. can’t be singled out as the only food chain, the only company in the U.S. or globally to use a well-shaped lady in less than nothing to sell a product.

Anti-feminist, the usual ‘sex sells’ advertising, Carl Jr’s attempt to poke and prod a public just ripe and ready to tweet and blog a backlash? One thing is for sure: models wearing skimpy suits munching on burgers certainly gets the country’s attention.

Kara De Toro called the banning of what seems the whole sexy girls add campaign presently as “So Sad.”

Inappropriate Fashion?

KIm and SerenaIn all that we have seen pass as haute couture in just the past year alone, one would assume that almost every style, accessory and moda-filled thought fits somewhere. But every day, through digital scrutiny that knows no bounds, someone somewhere can be offended, will tweet their comments, whole new blog posts will arise and trends will start or die over what someone somewhere felt was inappropriate to style, fashion and our moral sartorial sensibilities.

What follows is what got people going just this week alone.

Fan of him or not, it doesn’t surprise even the most uninterested political person that President Trump might have caught some criticism from his first Congressional address the other night. But it seems above and beyond the fact-checking and name calling that came from that speech, fashion sensibilities were riled when Trump’s daughter Ivanka wore an off-the-shoulder, nearly $4000.00 dress to the address. The burgundy-colored gown, made by Roland Mouret for this specific occasion was called out for being a “cocktail style” dress, seemingly unsuited for the occasion and that Donald Trump’s daughter should have ‘gone American’ in her clothes choice for the night.

Then there was the crime against the whole Twitter world Kim Kardashian perpetrated the other day when she was seen walking on a tennis court…in heels! The U.S. Open Twitter account chimed in with an invite and the comment: “If you can play tennis in heels, that is some serious kill.”

This last story has been seeing more positive spins then negative. Still some will say that a 72-year-old model walking the runway at London Fashion Week might indeed be woefully inappropriate, But, Jan de Villeneuve, a professional model who has yet to give up her profession, walked for Simone Rocha and Osman just this past week.

“Life doesn’t end when you start getting a pension,” she told The Telegraph.


Fashion and Beauty Trends of 2015…Will They Make 2016?

maxresdefaultThat old axiom, ‘you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been,’ certainly applies to the Fashion and Beauty Trends of 2015. Whether one is a latex fashionista, a runway model or just the common guy or girl looking to get the most mileage out of their wardrobe, looking back on the year just past is a good idea. Not all couture will make it past the runway (thank God), some hairstyles quickly flashed in popularity …then died out, still other make-up trends will stand the test of time. Here are some of what happened-and might continue to happen-for the New Year from the one just past.

HAIR-Yes, bright color was added to the hair of lots of women, and glitter roots took hold as well. But looking at what guys like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio sported-or many male models in fact wore-guys with even slightly long hair took to fixing their locks up in a ‘man bun’ in 2015. Yes, Jared Leto made quite the news with his long locks from a few years ago, but last year men piled-up their tresses on the top of their heads…will they do so for 2016?


It’s one thing for our lady celebs to reveal bare skin in what they wear-and there was no shortage of them doing so in 2015-but along came the popularity of the “naked dress” this year. The term was born at the Met Gala (these dresses are also called ‘nude illusion gowns’ by some) and quickly took to mean any sheer dress with enough of a pattern across it-jewels, embroidery, what have you-judiciously placed to cover just enough of the lady’s lady parts.

A very many A-listers took to this trends this year, including Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé (no surprise there.)


Yes, there were plenty of make-up trends this year, but as with lots that happened in 2015 the Kardashians (or Jenners) had a big influence in what one did with their face. First there was Kayne’s wife showing-off her intricate make-up contouring which influenced the world. Then there was Kim’s half-sister Kylie setting a style and controversy, influencing the Kylie Jenner lip challenge overlining video tutorials online where girls of all ages took tennis ball cans and pulled their lips as fat as Kylie’s. The dangerous trend was made further ridiculous when Kylie admitted to injections to get her kisser so kissed.

Will any, none or all of the above see us well into 2016? Who can say?

Not Enough Kim Kardashian, Get Yourself The Kimoji App?

untitledWhether prancing in latex couture, showing-off her infamous bare derriere hoping to break the net, or making rounds on red carpets with Kanye at her side, there is no denying we don’t see lots of Kim Kardashian. Now it seems we are going to see lots more; the lady is releasing her “Kimoji App.”

Just this past Sunday Kim announced across Instagram that she is launching her new themed emoji line. The application here includes cartoon images of leather jackets and sneakers, a waist trainer, some would say Kim’s “distinctive” crying face…as well as renderings of some of her more provocative lady parts.

This lady seems as enraptured with Instagram, emoji and social media as everyone else. When her new baby Saint West was born, Kim posted four side-by-side emoji images of her family as a birth announcement. And less we forget the “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” app game. But the new Kimoji does beg the question, do we really need all this Kim and in the end, are our celebrities stuck in that ‘just because you can, should you’ quandary?

And then there is the question feminists have been putting to models and female celebs for decades: Are famous ladies’ parts more important than the whole famous lady herself? As K.K.’s app emojis certainly display, this celebrity lady is as much known for specific pics of her parts, as she is for anything else…not a fact many feminists would take well to, but one Kim seems to exploit by the very fact of what she herself is making emojis of.

Certainly no one is forcing a Kim Kardashian into creating her app. She seemed quite happy to pose for Paper Magazine and show off her Internet breaking bottom and no one seems to like to pose for pictures more than Kim and her sisters. She is well consenting to show off what of her she does, for real or as an emoiji.

But really, have 5 million Instagram followers signed up for the  Kimoji App as reported?



Zoolander 2 Makes Fashion Silly…Thankfully

220px-Zoolander_2_posterAs Owen Wilson’s “Hansel McDonald” says at the beginning of the new Zoolander 2 trailer just released, fashion has indeed changed in the years since we last saw the Zoolander crew. But the laughs from this sequel seem to be well in place and if any business could use a good few belly laughs at its expense, God knows it is fashion.

No matter what you do for your living, there will come times when you take yourself too seriously. Trying to make a dollar, competing against individuals nipping at your heels with their own version of what you make, working to gets ‘hits’ to your blog or to be the subject most blogged about, inevitably we all lose perspective, forget to take the time to sit down and see the silly side of what we’re after…and in most cases, there is always a silly side to things. Zoolander takes a much needed jab at the fashion industry and we are all the better for it.

This 2001 sequel not only stars Ben Stiller as the title character once again, but Owen Wilson reprising his role as Zoolander foil, the afore mentioned “Hansel McDonald.” Will Ferrell once again eats scenery as “Jacobim Mugatu” but also this time through Penélope Cruz, Kristen Wiig and Benedict Cumberbatch star. The movie also boasts notable cameos by Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Kayne.

Once again we see the modeling faces Stiller as Zoolander has made famous: “Blue Steel,” “Le Tigre” and “Magnum,” the bright lights of fashion shows and run ways and what seems like a very silly plot centering round some international James Bond-like intrigue. Yes, grand wacky stuff co-written by Stiller (he directs here too) with writer Justin Theroux. And seeing that Wilson and Stiller actually appeared on the runway in March during Paris Fashion Week as their characters from the movie, we might imagine that not only does the fashion world need this silliness to keep it grounded, it seems to embrace it.

Zoolander 2 opens 2/12/2016, see the trailer here:




Stars Steppin’ Out So Fashionably

video-undefined-26C4A94F00000578-60_636x358Yes, there are as many stories about stars being caught by paparazzi on their way to a Starbucks, as we get pics from red carpet events about celebrity couture. But from high fashion wearing to jeans, T-shirt and ball-cap running round town, for a celebrity the question always seems to be, “what are they wearing?”

Much was made just this week of Jessica Simpson turning heads while on a date in NYC. The blonde goddess sported the classic little black dress and as many bloggers noticed, not much else under it; she looked elegant and sexy. Kim Kardashian stepped out in a full sheer black lace ensemble when she attended the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s fifth annual Art + Film Gala. Yes Kayne’s missus also sported a see-thru blazer draped to the floor, but there was no mistaking how very naked Kim was underneath…and how very pregnant.

By far though, the celebrity making the most news this week for her stepping-out fashions-and flashing a few different looks each time she stepped out-is Jennifer Lawrence. Out and about for her new movie Mockingjay-Part 2 premiers, Lawrence hit Paris, Berlin and London, in three equally stunning dresses.

In Paris Lawrence wore an elegant white Christian Dior gown. It was a decidedly lighter look then what she sported in the two other cities and the 25 year old wore her hair in a braid this night. For the movie’s premier in Berlin, Lawrence was sporting a low-cut purple gown….very low cut indeed. With long sleeves and the entire dress draping the floor Lawrence’s decolletage couldn’t be missed. With this ensemble she had her hair in an updo and soft yet darker make-up then her Paris look.

Lawrence’s ‘attributes’ were seen from another angle-the ubiquitous ‘side boob’ actually-when she attended her movie’s 4th installment first showing in London. Here she wore a large dress with cut outs under her arms flashing lots of herself if one happened to be taking pictures from the right angle…as you can bet many paparazzi were.

There were lots of looks, lots of stars, lots of fashion…as there always seems to be this week, as there will certainly be next and the next after that.