Red Carpet vs. The Stage: The Two World’s Of Fashion At The 2018 Grammy’s

elton-john-miley-cyrus-Given the high visibility of music stars, their penchant to just about wear any alternate couture possible (and lots of it during a night that saw Rihanna change three times) and stage costuming concerns, it is no wonder the fashionista stories keep a’coming after last Sunday night’s 2018 Grammy’s. There were throwbacks and brand new shout-outs and break-out stars making as much of an impression on the red carpet as on the stage. In fact, one can pretty much imagine now a delineated universe between red carpet couture and inside-the-building wardrobe choices…when it comes to the Grammy’s especially.

Cardi B, the current biggest thing, garnered lots of attention on her way in wearing a white wedding gown made by Mohammed Ashi. She wore colorful shorts, top and hat when she performed with Bruna Mars later. This is when Cardi B quipped a quote many are repeating this week, concerning how nervous she was prior to her pefromance: “I have butterflies in my stomach and my vagina.”

Lady Gaga did her swan bit during her performance (to be fair her piano wore the wings) but coming down the red carpet she was in a corseted pony tail, black lace top, leggings and a full skirt with a train. She later flipped off the skirt to reveal her full tight body-hugging lace outfit.

Kesha went in nude, or more specifically in a Nudie suit, as we mentioned last blog, but performed the show-stopper “Praying” all in white. Cyndi Lauper as well donned a suit, her’s of gray that matched her locks, festooned with colorful designs across it. When she performed the ending tune with Kesha the “She Bop” princess was in all white too, as were the rest of the female singers aligning themselves with the ceremonial white roses and the movement.

Miley Cyrus walked in wearing a black skinny suit, but later opted for a long red gown singing off of Elton John’s piano.

Inside or outside, the Grammy’s are still be touted a boom for the fashion industry. Maybe even more so than for the music industry?

2018 Grammy’s Couture

Kesha-Grammys-2018Very few awards shows are quite held in the same regard for red carpet couture and on-stage costuming as the Grammy’s. One also can’t forgot how our latest rap stars and most delicious divas even present themselves just sitting in the audience. The 2018 Grammy’s, the 60th anniversary of the music award show, didn’t disappoint.

We had Lady Gaga festooned with sharp eye shadow and wings draped across the top of her piano. Rihanna sporting not one, but three Grammy show outfits, and one before the show across her Instagram account that got as much, or more attention to what she wore during the Grammy’s. RiRi’s plum-colored leather coat, boots and gloves from Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture, were a particular hit for those of us of an alt. fashionista mind.

Elton John, in sparkling rendered suit jacket and pants was sporting bigger dark glasses than we have seen him wear in many a year. His look harkened back to the days when Elton was the king of eye glass accessory couture. Singing with Miley Cyrus, this could mark one of the few times we will see Sir Elton, seeing as he just announced his retirement.

Walking into the Grammy’s Kesha also wore an outfit that spoke to infamous fashions of rock past, and especially Elvis. She came into the show wearing a sparkling “Nuddie” Cohn suit.

Heidi Klum showed the most, with a sheer neck-to-toe dress, showcasing her perfect neck to toe. She sported a black bustier underneath. And Jaden Smith sported a MSFTSREp top and patchy G-star pants

Although white roses were in abundance, supporting Time’s Up (for the Golden Globes, as we mentioned, women wore black to support this cause) singer Lorde had a full essay sewn into the back of her red dress. But it was Kesha’s moment, in this regard. Wearing white with a bunch of other diva’s like Cyndi Lauper, Andra Day and Camila Cabello, Kesha offered up the song “Praying,” as the show ender couture call–to-arms.


The 2017 MTV EMAs: More Fashion Questions Than Statements?

Rita Ora 2017 MTV EMAsRita Ora wore a white bathrobe and towel (plus 7.8 mill of Lorraine Schwartz diamonds), on the red carpet to host the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards. The lady was making a joke, like she was asked at the last minute to head the 24th year of the UK celebration. As if she just ran out of the bath, Rita managed a robe and towel around herself and ran over. Ora would come to change into a shorter robe, flick off her heels for sneakers as the show progressed. But the singer/actress wasn’t the only celeb sporting a wild wardrobe for the 2017 MTV EMAs.

There was Demi Lovato shirtless under her Styland suit. Kesha wearing a sequined multicolored jacket, pants and cape with pink hair. Jared Leto also in pink; top, lavender jacket, red Gucci sweat pants and big flower in his lapel. French pop star Petite Meller managed a head-to-toe metallic rainbow dress and top hat. Her dress was also open in the front pretty much all the way up her.

Leading with a wonderfully embroidered jacket and the same color pink high-waisted pants, Sofia Reyes took a page from Lovato (though she was wearing a bra at least) to bare her torso under jacket. And James Bay as much revealed his new shorter haircut, as an oversized polka-dot blouse.

UK Rapper Stefflon Don might get the best or worst of the night, depending on your tastes. She wore a red bikini top overflowing with her wonderful self, black pants, knee high red boots, and a black-and-red furry coat.

Wearing an outfit not so wild, but certainly something we can celebrate. “Game of Thrones” Nathalie Emmanuel, wore a black blouse, ankle-length boots and body-hugging latex pants. At least one celeb wore our favorite material.

The 24th Annual MTV EMAs were held at London’s SSE Arena, Wembley last Sunday.