Come To The Cathouse

Cathouse ShowroomCathouse has been selling their particular alternative haute couture since 1993. Featuring items for any gender, one will find latex, PVC, lycra, mesh, and so much more made from this designer. And they create catsuits, kilts, tops, lingerie, pretty much anything you could ever want for their exclusive Cathouse range of wares.

Cathouse also offers a wide range of accessories, as much to wear as to play with.

Through the years of Von Gutenberg’s life we have seen lots of designers come and just as many go. This specific moda world we are involved in, where latex rules the day, where the mainstream world is knocking on our door all the time, where we as much have to explain that, while Fifty Shades Of Grey might be an interesting read, it’s not all there is to leather and lace, where we have seen countless types of catsuits, is one where so much passes our notice. It’s great we get to take the time to take note of Cathouse.

Recently Cathouse discontinued lots of their non-latex and PVC items (it seems what we want so many others do too). Because of this you can find lots of their fabrics on sale. This includes lots of patterned mesh, net and lace. Best get to the site fast and see what they are offering at these slashed prices.

Certainly where a designer hails from as much as who heads their team, determines the type of wardrobe pieces they create. Then there are those specialty houses that stick to one type of outfit or just use only one type of material. Cathouse seems to do it all, but lately with a concentration on latex and PVC rendering. We are happy to support them and give them a little extra visibility here this week on our blog.

See all there is of Cathouse here and tell them V.G. sent you.

Filmmaker Matthias Von Braun Down…But Not Out

Matthias Von Braun 1Fetish filmmaking doesn’t get much better then what Matthias Von Braun has to offer. From gas masks, to futuristic weaponry, to all kinds of alternative costuming and pushing plenty of science fiction, dark-apocalyptic tropes, Von Braun has furrowed deep into our nightmares in his short films. Movies like Switch, Decay 11, and Slave (to Technology) to name just a few, present this singular filmmaker’s oh-so-unique visions of fantastic landscapes and narratives. Recently postponing his naughty sci-fi full length Post-Human Perversions, this talented visualist quit filmmaking after the ordeal of trying to make this film. But through email and postings Von Braun heard from people across the globe to get back to what he does best…and luckily, now he has.

Once again Von Braun is starting an Indiegogo campaign, now to make two short films, Evolution and Orifice. As he describes each project on his Indiegogo page:

“Evolution will be a terrifying glimpse into human evolution featuring Post-Human cybernetic slaves. Orifice will be my most sexual short film to date. An inhumanly cruel dominant female Post-Human will seduce and destroy her human male victim.”

These new movies will feature naked females, body paint, rubber, and dark science fiction/fantasy story-telling. It seems like Von Braun is back to his provocative best with these new endeavors.

While the mainstream world tries to work through various versions of “Fifty Shades of Grey” or Instagram pics of the latest Kardashian showing off in a latex corset, filmmakers like Matthias Von Braun continue to give us the truth of the lifestyle we all love. Certainly not for everyone and not always easily digestible, when one works in the world of alt. realities, one might just ruffle a few feathers, whether one is wearing feathers or not. But all the better, we say.

Matthias Von Braun limited-time Indiegogo campaign for these short works, where contributors can acquire an exclusive T-shirt, can be found here: Matthias Von Braun 2

Is Kylie Jenner bringing us mainstream?

kylie-jenner-herve-leger-photo-shoot-hollywood__oPt (1)Seeing as her sister sported a dress very much like the swimsuit she wore this week, could anyone be surprised over the pics of Kylie Jenner wearing a strappy black Herve Leger ‘monokini’ for a photo-shoot? When it comes to see-thru, what fashionista bloggers have taken to calling ‘bondage wear’ (swimsuit or dresses) these Jenner/Kardashian ladies seem to be making the most of their fame showing themselves off. Granted Kylie has grown her reputation as a model of note, while Mrs. West seems to enjoy simply showing as much of herself as she can so as to “break the net.” But it is telling when we see one lady (and half sisters at that) sporting very much the same style, albeit from two different designers and in two totally different kinds of couture.

This begs the question-and especially prudent for a company like Von Gutenberg, that not only publishes a latex fashion magazine but sells clothing (see here)-is fantasy couture, and decidedly what many would quickly term “fetish” (bondage) style outfits, truly rising in popularity through the mainstream? It is a consideration V.G., and we are sure you also, have considered plenty ever since slipping on your first pair of latex tights and looking round to see who else might be sporting something similar or searching the web or your local city for where to buy your favorite outfits.

As we have reported earlier, it was no surprise that there was a rise in naughty outfit consideration, if not outright buying, when the Fifty Shades Of Grey film premiered (and before that, the book certainly birthed interest in toys, lingerie and the like.) But another month on, one wonders if all the latex we have seen of late (Kim K. sported latex leggings just recently during her outings at Paris Fashion Week) and these see-thru strap ensembles speak to a true future in the here-and-now mainstream world of all that we like to wear?

Von Gutenberg Introduces the Fifty Ways To Please Your Lover Collection

DelysiaMaskIMG_1629LogoWhen news hit just this week that the male star of the upcoming “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie, Jamie Dornan (Mr. Grey himself), admitted visiting SM clubs for ‘research’ on the film adaptation of the super popular E.L. James novel, once again we were reminded how much this modern story of kink has slipped into our lives. Whether you have devoured the trilogy or only have heard of it in passing, the truth is that things slightly non-vanilla have seeped a little further into the mainstream because of it. In keeping with this ‘trending’ and with our eye always on an alternative approach to fantasy, lifestyle and fashion Von Gutenberg presents our new Fifty Ways To Please Your Lover collection. See it here directly at the Von Gutenberg shop:

From the mild to the wild, this new line of Von Gutenberg items for adults skirt the ‘bound’-dries of fetish, add to kinky bedroom fun and bring a friskiness to flirting and foreplay. With the pieces here made from hypoallergenic materials, these implements and items are as sturdy as they are aesthetically alluring; you can’t miss with what’s on sale here.

There is an English Tawse, blindfolds, full kits of beginner kink items; collars and cuffs for various body parts; electro-play pieces and even strait jackets. As we always attempt with our couture (see here for our latex wardrobe outfit and accessories: We try to present a ide array of stuff for the kink connoisseur as well as the novice._j331a

As we are the only global source for latex fashion through our quarterly magazine (issue #9 will hit early January) and web presence, we are working hard to be your one stop shop for all that you could possibly want for your extra-curricular fun.

Indulge your senses and dreams in the new Von Gutenberg Fifty Ways To Please Your Lover Collection.





“Fifty Shades of Grey” Movie Trailer Premiers

Here at Von Gutenberg we get our fair share of alternative fashion, events and overall alt. cultural news come across our social network. There is just something about latex that brings out the fun and unusual in peoples’ natures. Folks connect via their love of a catsuit, meet-up at any number of the events we display on Fantasy Event List or engage in plenty of conversations about the latest kinky zeitgeist. Rifle through the outfits on our couture site and you are sure to come across a few things that you could wear to a very formal dress-up event as much as a party where novices are discussing scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey. And with the premier this week of the movie’s first (global) trailer, once again Fifty Shades Of…is on everyone’s lips and our often more than slight fetish-y social world is alight.

By now we could all reasonably assume that almost everyone has heard of, knows a little bit about or maybe has even read any one of the three books in the Fifty Shades series. Writer E.L. James created a phenomena and though often derided with the term “mommy porn” there is no denying how popular her story of Mr. Grey and Anastasia is. These two main characters are represented in the trailer that hit this week, played respectively by Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson (see it here).

Is it hot? Kinky? Keeping to the story even? That’s for each individual viewer to decide. But as one of the outlets that often deals with the kinky via the lifestyle and wear of latex, we can’t help but notice when something usually regarded as alternative or at the very least off-the-beaten track becomes mainstream fashionable.

The 50 Shades of Grey Universal film premiers on Valentine’s Day 2015. Will you be there?

Here is the actual link to our couture line where you can dress and play at any scenario you wish.