LOVE Magazine Advent Calendar Makes Models Sweat

ashley_graham_by_phil_poynter_loveadvent2017-mp4-00_00_21_01-still003Sporting a #StayStrong hashtag, LOVE magazine has taken quite a different tack on their annual sexy calendar offering. This year we get famous models sweating while exercising in the Phil Poynter-directed video for the annual LOVE Magazine Advent calendar.

Super models making the cut this year include Gigi and Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Doutzen Kroes, Teyana Taylor, Kendall Jenner, and Ashley Graham. Graham, who just revealed her new “Swimsuits For All” collection, is the first lady revealed in LOVE’s semi-daily release of sexy video for this year. After a supposed workout at NYC’s The Dogpound gym, Ashley takes to the street, wearing just sneakers, a crop top and little shorts. Ashley as much gives a quick clap to her generous derriere, as well as pulls a sledge down the street.

Sexy stuff, in stylish black and white, indeed!

Stylist and Love Editor-in-Chief Katie Grand met Graham at The Dogpound and came up with the idea of a fit and sweaty video for this year’s calendar. As she says:”…it’s everything we love about women enjoying being women, on their own terms.”

Following the feminist-empowerment-via-working-out theme, Emily Ratajkowski eats spaghetti in a carb-loading vignette. Kendall Jenner manages a tribute to “Rocky,” complete with raw egg drinking and shadow boxing. And Irina Shayk manages a work-out ‘throwing’ clay.

This video offering from LOVE is entering its 7th year as a much-watched holiday tradition; last year LOVE’s Advent Calendar enjoyed 84 million viewers. With haute couture sponsors such like Agent Provocateur, Coach, and Marc Jacobs Beauty and models like those mentioned above, and an empowering message to women, how can LOVE miss, really?

Less we forget though, this year or any other before, LOVE’s Advent Calendar is first and foremost pure commercialism bolstered by sexy images of beautiful women.

But who would want it any other way?

The Ever-Changing Nature Of The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals

Will Smith CannesAh Cannes. Movie premiers and judging. Deals made and broken. Parties on huge boats, a rabid scene-and-be-seen. Bikinis, babes and bubbly. The yearly tsunami of celebrities (and the paparazzi that follow them) descending over a beautiful yet decadent Southern France setting. It really is enough for any self-respecting movie star to grow exhausted over how many different outfits they might have to wear.

The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals was really no different than any other before it. This truly is an explosion for movie press and movie makers to do the one thing they do better the even making films…talking about making films. And as Cannes has grown in popularity over the near century it has been in existence, the cult of celebrity had grown with it.

When one reviews the stars who showed this year at this granddaddy of international film festivals, the American film community seemed in the largest percentage. And those of that community-the Will Smith’s, Susan Sarandon’s, Julianna Moore’s-came ready for the constant change-up of their wardrobe this kind of event demands

Smith donned suits and tuxes, looking very much the super popular mega star he was, whether hanging at a “photocall” or standing on a red carpet with his fellow judges.

Susan Sarandon walked into one premier in a long black skirt, white blouse and black jacket. Then we saw her in a low cut over-ample display of cleavage in a long gown for yet another premier.

Most likely the celebrity who had the most changes-and drastic o s at that-was model Emily Ratajkowski. Not only was she seen at premiers in long gowns with slits, a see-thru crape dress with a long “poofy” train and a long vanilla gown with her hair in a tight black bob-at the “Ismael’s Ghosts” premier-she was also maintaining a post (and filing Instagram pics) in various bikinis.

All in a days work for our best and brightest at Cannes.


Is Harper’s Bazaar anti-feminist?

Haper BazaarWe can pretty much be assured that if Harper’s Bazaar is creating a list/event featuring  “150 Most Fashionable Women” there really can be no disputing their choices. The big event, held over this past weekend in L.A. at the Sunset Tower was a co-sponsored affair between TUMI, Amex, La Perla and Hearts On Fire. Kicking off a year-long celebration of the iconic fashion magazine’s 150 years in existence, the 2017 February issue of the magazine will present the 150 lister. The notable women who attended the party, pretty much wearing some of that haute couture they are known for, reads like a who’s who of A-listers of accomplished women from across a broad spectrum.

Demi Moore was flanked by her two daughters, Tallulah and Scout. Salma Hayek was there, as was Ciara, Emily Ratajkowski, Gabriela Hearst and Glenda Bailey. Models of the modern generation like Kendall Jenner attended, as did from the ‘older’ guard, like Heidi Klum. These ladies, young, old and in-between were on hand, as were many more…then just Demi Moore.

Not that it isn’t fun to see all these famous and radiant women dressed in their finery. But one wonders with all these powerhouse celebs from so many fields who attended, just who was left off the 150 Fashionable list. H.B seems to have covered all their bases to make sure everyone who is everyone is included…models/actresses/media stars, etc, were honored. But what criteria did H.P. use to compile this list of surely deserving women? “Red Carpet Rulebreakers” were looked for but surely beyond these ‘rebels’ there are plenty more who could have been included?

In these times when women’s rights are supposedly being challenged, one wonders indeed even if declaring a “150 Most Fashionable Women” even though from a fashion magazine could be considered in bad taste. And will there come criticism over the standards Harper Bazaar deemed important, but might indeed be considered anti-feminist if examined too closely through the prism of current paradigms?