Taking a Peak At Emily Ratajkowki and #UnderneathMyDKNY

Ratajkowski #UnderneathMyDKNYAs we all know when it comes to wearing latex panties, bra, (men or women), even some basic lingerie, sometimes what one wears under ones clothes is just as important as what one wears as clothes. And when it comes to lingerie advertising for big brands, just who is wearing a famous brand’s intimates can be just as important as the intimate itself. Such is the case with Emily Ratajkowski modeling the new DKNY Fall 2018 lingerie line.

Continuing her work for the brand (Ratajkowski just appeared in DKNY’s Spring 2018 Campaign) pictures for #UnderneathMyDKNY hit the web this week. Styled by Clare Richardson with Trey Laird heading the creative input for the video and pictures, the famous busty model shows off her fantastic long limbed form in intimates that range from classic and “essential” to sexy and sporty.

Included here are black leggings and black bra, a white functional bra and panty set, black draw-string sweats, sports bra and robe, and a one piece ‘baby doll’ nightie.

In the video for the #UnderneathMyDKNY campaign Ratajkowski claims that “Underneath it all, I’m far from perfect.” She’d have lots of men (and women as well) disagreeing with that statement of course. Then she adds, “I’m a little crazy and like to make my own choices,” as we then see her in probably the sexiest piece in the collection, seamed see-thru leggings.

Boasting of her New York roots later on in the short clip, at the end of it all Ratajkowki claims she is “just me;” #MeToo alive and well in this new #UnderneathMyDKNY campaign.

It seems, yet again, we are getting a hefty dose of Emily Ratajkowski on the world stage. And it seems we are all rather happy about it, no matter if the woman is wearing sports wear or suits, lingerie or nothing at all even.


What Happened to The Fyre Festival?

fyre festival modelsBlogger extraordinaire and cultural pendant Bob Lefsetz said it best: “when someone says if you just pay enough you’re a member of the club, know that the club is not worth joining or you’re not getting inside.” He was speaking about the belly-up Fyre Festival models Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Chanel Iman, Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin sold to their fans via social media. A music event that is not going to happen.

Rabid Instagram fans/Twitter followers threw down $250,000 for a music weekend promising acts like Blink 182, Rae Sremmund, Skepta, Desiigner, and Pusha T. prompted by an urging of the hippest models in the world. Back in November Vanity Fair ran a piece about the show’s head honcho’s Ja Rule and Billy McFarland flying a gaggle of models to the island for a promotional shoot, which opened the door for our best/young/most beautiful to urge fans to come to the show. Social media being what it is and these women having thousands of followers apiece, the Fyre Festival was a see-and-be-scene the hippest simply couldn’t ignore.

But fans arrived at the private Bahamas island to find chaos, and even on the airline getting there, bad food.

Kendall Jenner felt the social media backlash the worse. Coming on the heels of her problems with a recent Pepsi add, she deleted all mention of the soft drink and the Fyre Festival off her social media feed. This of course raised red flags and with news of the actual festival being a bust, the gaggle of models as well as the festivals promoters are being taken to task.

The “two transformative weekends” of music, fun and a private (=expensive) hang on Fyre Cay will not happen, but the world is well aware who set it all up and who advertised the event.