Dawnamatrix Designs Makes The Finals Of World of WearableArt: Once Again!

Dawnamatrix World of WearableArtWe have it on very good authority that the World of WearableArt show (WOW for short) celebrating its 30th year anniversary this year, presents the crème da crème of global alternate designers working across various mediums. We have it on very good authority, because one of the VG family, a latex designer we have known since the inception of our magazine and someone we have worked with often, Dawnamtarix Designs, has entered the WOW competition now for a 2nd year in a row and has once again made it to the finals.

The first round of judging from WOW Founder and Resident Judge Dame Suzie Moncrieff, Margarita Robertson, and Sam Gao brought the submitted couture down to 148 designers from 17 countries. Each year WOW receives hundreds of outfits to choose from, their only criteria: “Anything that is wearable art can find a place on the stage, as long as it is original, innovative and well executed. “

Australia has eight finalists in this year. China twelve, China, Hong Kong eleven and China, Macau one. France also managed one, as did Mexico, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Russian Federation, and South Korea. Spain, Germany, India and Thailand, got two finalists in. Taiwan thirteen, the UK eight and the United States fifteen. As mentioned, Dawnamatrix Designs, one of the U.S. finalists, made two final categories.

New Zealand, where the WOW show will take place (and always has) at the TSB Arena, Wellington 27 September – 14 October, sees sixty five finalists designers in this year.

This year’s 30th anniversary show will be presented as a series of six “worlds,” each with its own design provocation that designers have responded to. Along with the recurring “Avant-garde,” “Aotearoa” and “Open” sections are “Under the Microscope,” “Reflective Surfaces” and crowd-favorite, “Bizarre Bra”.

Find out more about WOW here.

And congratulations, for a 2nd year in a row, to Dawn Mostow and every one over at Dawnamatrix Designs.


Dawnamatrix Designs Flying High

Dawn Mostow w FalconAs we have always done and will continue with forever, Von Gutenberg loves to champion one of our family when they have something new to shout about. The wonderful Dawn Mostow, of Dawnamatrix Designs, latex designer and maker extraordinaire, is featured in Seattle’s own Ville Magazine this month.

There are many factors that makes the magazine’s “The Rising Of Dawn,” piece about Dawn’s haute couture so special. For one, Dawn herself is the sole model in the shoot. Secondly, her amazing creations, from her Butterfly Corset to her Hooded Opera Coat to her Laser Cut Rose Gown, are just some of the many wardrobe pieces featured. The pictures, taken by Jessica Drake, were shot in the stunning Dunn Gardens of Seattle. And lastly, and most interestingly, Dawn is posing in these shots with falcons.

As Dawn admits: “At first I was pretty scared of the falcon going for my eyes, but then I got comfortable holding these birds.” She reports a real sense of power when handling the majestic creatures. Looking into their inhuman eyes she says was “very inspiring.”Dawn Mostow Ville

As you see from these shots, Dawn seems to be an old pro posing with these falcons and we must say she, and her latex looks scrumptious in the setting and with her feathered friends attending her. In the interview that accompanies the pictures, Abby Lushei asks Dawn about her history with latex making, and living and teaching in Japan, her views on fetish fashion and how living in Seattle, informs her art.

The full run down on the credits for the piece are:

Jessica Drake photos: www.jldimagery.com

Randi Canoy, hair and makeup: vannedge.com

Charity Mainville, stylist: https://twitter.com/charityanna?lang=en

Location: Dunn Gardens www.dunngardens.org

Dawnamatrix Ville ShootWe congratulate our good friend Dawn Mostow and invite you over to Dawnamatrix Designs to see her wonderful work.


Dawnamatrix WOW’s New Zealand’s World of WearableArt

Red WOWOnce again we come to celebrate one of the Von Gutenberg family. Dawnamatrix Designs, out of Seattle, Washington, who we have worked with pretty much from the start, just won two awards at the World of WearableArt event, held in New Zealand last week.

Dawn Mostow, the head designer and CEO of Dawnamatrix came in contact with the WOW event at Seattle’s The Museum of Pop Culture, (MoPOP). She submitted designs to be considered then was picked out of 100 other designers in her category to submit further for WOW. Accepted for the show, she sent her Labyrinth Gown and what she calls her “The Messenger” latex outfit to Wellington for this past week’s show. It wasn’t until the dress rehearsal during the week that Dawn even saw how her pieces would be presented. The WOW show is a night where “theatre, fashion and art collide” and not only did the show go off with a resounding success of light, sound and alt. haute couture, Dawn’s Labyrinth Gown took home the Technology Award and she also placed 3rd in the Red Category with The Messenger.

Although they won such prestigious placings and Dawn’s designs will now be seen by a worldwide audience as the WOW show tours, mostly it was the feeling of global unity Dawn enjoyed. She was even invited to the U.S. Embassy in New Zealand to speak with the Wellington Girls College 10th year. There she and the young women shared stories of their backgrounds and inspiration.

Dawn and her husband also had time to take in one of Wellington’s biggest attractions, for movie fans and fantasy lovers alike…the set for Peter Jackson’s “The Lord Of The Rings” trilogy. The Hobbit houses still stand and Dawn and hubby got to frolic like hobbits for the day.

Congratulations to Dawn Mostow and all at Dawnamatrix Designs for their win and for sharing in a little global moda love.

wow sign


Kylie Jenner, Controversy, Dawnamatrix and Interview Magazine

image9You know how we like to report when one of the Von Gutenberg family creates some wonderful new couture, or a piece of art (when it comes to latex fashion this is often one and the same) sees some mainstream attention, or in the case of what follows, is part-unwittingly even-of a controversy? Well, this week it was revealed that latex designer Dawnamatrix dressed Kylie Jenner for what is now becoming quite infamous-and downright controversial-pictures in Interview magazine’s double December issue.

For the Kylie Jenner photos, shot by Steven Klein, Dawnamatrix supplied gloves, leggings, collar and a “cheeky” skirt. And though these wardrobe pieces-all latex-are indeed sexy, perfectly right for Kylie’s form and showcase exactly the exemplary craftsmanship Dawn Mostow and her team is known for, what is sparking controversy with the Jenner pics is the fact that Kim Kardashian’s half- sister is sitting in a wheelchair (as you see in one of the pictures featured here) in some of the shots.

Klein and Kylie are paying homage in the photo spread to Allen Jones’ famous erotic triplet of sculptures, “Hatstand, Table and Chair,” a piece that also saw quite a bit of controversy in its day…maybe it should come as no surprise then that these Interview mag shots might spark some discussion? But it really is the sexiness of the Dawnamatrix couture we notice mostly in these Kylie shots (the skirt that reveals quite a bit of Kylie as you see here was alluded to on the “The View” this week…now how’s that for mainstream attention?) and how happy we are for one of the extended V.G family getting their due.image2

As Dawn remarks about this new placement: “When interview magazine contacted me, they didn’t mention the concept or the model, just provided reference images of the garments.  Doing a bit of research, I quickly realized what this particular collection of garments was referencing and was so excited to be a part of this pop art legacy.”

And we are excited for her too, controversy or not.

Congrats Dawnamatrix!

HMSlatex Closing

HMSlatexAfter 8 years in business Parisian designer Sophie Richardoz is closing the doors of her HMSlatex design company. We here at Von Gutenberg will surely be sorry to see HMS close. Along with Dawnamatrix, House of Harlot, MADRUBB and Atsuko Kudo we have always considered HMS one of the top latex couture houses.

As Dawn Mostow of Dawnmatrix says of Sophie and HMS “I admired her elegant lines, subtle detailing and meticulous construction.” High praise indeed coming from Dawn, a well-respected latex couture designer herself, as much a contemporary of HMS as she (is)was her competitor in the world of latex couture creation.

The HMSlatex designs took inspiration from art deco, period costumes as much as from media and the modern world. Featuring those elegant lines Dawn speaks of, one would find fine alternate designs as well as bright colors in the work of HMSlatex. With her right-hand designer Clémentine (who will actually be staying with Sophie to whatever Sophie’s next endeavor might be) HMS found that delicate marriage between creating unique fashion pieces while answering to the fetish and lifestyle ethos latex fashionistas demand.

A designer is nothing without their clients and as Sophie herself says about her the many people she got to know: “Sorry if I’m mushy, but believe me, you can’t imagine how many times I exclaimed: « Man, my customers are awesome ! » Because you are. All of you. I enjoyed immensely exchanging emails with everyone, discussing colours, designs, and also totally unrelated crazy stuff from you guys’ crazy lives. I can’t express the happiness it brought me to get to know you.”

Begin in 2006, HMSlatex saw celebrities like Lady Gaga wear their clothing, won the Best Fetish Design in 2011 award, and have had their outfits featured in Von Gutenberg magazine (of course) Elle, Bizarre and a host of others.
Settling orders and accounts Sophie has announced the closing of her shop by July 31st  and rounding-up the last of her orders presently. Find her here:



And see all the designers we feature in our magazine, issue 8, available here:

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