New York Fashion Week 2014, Fall

03tents_190It is the near beginning of fall and once again Fashion Weeks are descending upon the world. London, Paris, Milan will follow in their due but this past week New York Fashion Week 2014 began with true style on Wednesday. At those ubiquitous tents in Lincoln Center, as well as many other venues around the Big Apple, more than one hundred designers descend yearly showing their wares. There are ultra-hip V.I.P. only after-parties, lots of celebrity spotting and a fair amount of drummed-up controversy bloggers keep alive as long as they can.

Ah Fashion Week, there is nothing quite like it.

Wednesday saw the proceedings kick-off in a big way at the Athleta show featuring a female aerialist “air running” above a white stage. Below her ‘models’ break-danced, commenced complicated yoga moves and mini-trampoline-ists executed their athleticism in the brand’s varied and colorful active wear. Athleta was also showing their new “dry-down technology” in outer wear pieces .

That night a “Salute the Runway,” showing had military female veterans walking the runway in Donna Karan, Carmen Marc Valvo, Mara Hoffman and eight other designers. This Salute “initiative” as it is called, has put on fashion shows on military bases in Texas, Washington state and elsewhere. The classic little black dress has never been shown with such precision stepping and style.

Beyond the runway showings (day & night), The Couture Council of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology honored Carolina Herrera with her very own 2014 Couture Council Award for Artistry of Fashion.

As has been the case for just about ever, arguing whether NYC is the couture capitol of the world over Milan, Paris or London is a debate no one ever wins. But it is assured that Fashion Week NYC this year began with a star-studded, high-branded first day and night.

Salute The Runway Sponsored By Little Black Dress Wines & Fatigues To Fabulous - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015If you’d like to manage a walk through the Von Gutenberg fashion ‘tent’, come here


The ‘Older’ Ladies Take The 2014 Emmys

Surely lots of us were checking-out MTV’s annual broadcast of the VMA’s this year (as previously reported, V.G. friend and a designer we have used often, Dawnamatrix, provided outfits for Beyoncé show-ending show-stopping performance at that show, see here) but the very next night ABC ran the Emmy awards show. And if you had occasion to check red carpet prelims or catch presenters sauntering across stage, beyond the stunning array of outfits on display you may have noticed how the older women (decidedly appearing on the Emmy’s as mostly younger men and women populate the VMA’S) were bringing the beauty in an unprecedented way.

I am thinking about how ravishing Edie Falco or Allison Janney looked, or Julia Louis-Dreyfus in her Carolina Herrera (to name just a few of the “over 40” stunning ladies at the Emmy’s Monday night.) Lots can be made about a Katy Perry and her gravity defying bosom (and it should pretty much be ‘up there’ seeing how young she is) or Nicki Minajia’s butt implants, but when a true woman of four decades our more brings the style, grace and just all hot sexy couture to the proceedings not just Joan Rivers should be noticing.

We should all be celebrating such classy looking women.

Then again, once again, I did find myself wondering what the hell these award shows are thinking when they do not position a ready usher to help these wonderful ladies up those freaking stage steps! This has nothing to do with a woman’s age, we all saw Jennifer Lawrence slip as she made her way up to accept an Oscar a few years back. My complaint here has to do with a lack of manners and yes, some old fashioned chivalry of escorting a lady, holding a door for her or her chair, etc. Simply put, a lady should be escorted in those moments when it seems to be well needed, for instance when she is negotiating a flight of stair in heels and a long gown. Jessica Lange (who also looked stunning) had to actually motion for Liev Schreiber  to come and help her up the stairs last night.


I say if you want to keep these ladies dressing to the nines, as they all were last night, maybe provide them an arm to hold on to when they ascend a flight of stairs.

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