Beyoncé Makes Ann Wintour’s Last Vogue?


Is nothing secret or sacred in the moda universe? It seems Huff Post just broke the story that none other than Beyoncé will be on the cover of the September’s Vogue. This issue is also rumored to be Ann Wintour’s last.

Not only will this cover feature a woman of color, Miss Bey’s photos also mark the first time a black photographer has ever shot a cover for Vogue. The man in question here, Tyler Mitchell, is a photographer Beyoncé actually ‘influenced’ the mega fashion magazine to use.

Be it in the pop music space, in fashion and certainly when the two meet, there is no mistaking super star power. Actually, according Huff Po’s source for their exclusive reveal, the mega fashion mag is contracted to give JAY-Z’s wife anything she wants. She picks the pics (and obviously who takes them) and any editorial content.

Stars certainly have been picking their stylists for shoots for years. They also can become quite enamored with specific photographers, so prefer one picture taker’s artistry over another. And we have seen time and again how certain personalities are almost always exclusively dressed by a specific designer (think Oleg Cassini linked to Jackie O’ for instance). But currently, with social media’s reach mostly, a modern celebrity can demand attention and special considerations-some would say complete surrender-by just about anyone who wants that star.

The truth to Ann Wintour stepping down after 30 years as editor? Condé Nast has repeatedly denied such a rumor, their official comment being that there is “zero truth” to the rumor. Whether the story comes from Huffington Post or a British Page Six article a year ago, it seems we won’t know for sure about the inner doings over at Vogue until those doings are done.

Meanwhile, enjoy Beyoncé on and in Vogue this September.


“On The Run II” tour fashions

On The Run Tour 11Making quite the stir last week across the Twitter universe with a ‘renewal of vows’ video they flash up on their stage screen during their current “On The Run II” tour, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s are certainly garnering lots of attention. Probably attention the two do not need, being a musical force couple above and beyond anyone else currently. And although in that wedding video much was made of what Beyoncé’s wearing, the variety of couture she reveals during the OTR11 show live, are some of the most impressive costuming seen presently on stage.

First and foremost, if not before (and certainly she was fond of them before) but certainly now, Beyoncé is certainly wearing bodysuits, boots and garters to great effect during the set. She also sports a flowing purple cape, a full skirt dress that quickly turns into one of those body suits she is fond of, a PVC hat and bustier, an over-sized holographic jacket, garters and boots, and also a trench to go over it. Her Gucci hoodie with face netting and jeans shorts makes another clear statement, as does her mini-dress with matching body suit.

As to what Miss Bey wears in that wedding renewal video. Standing next to JAY-Z, the bride-to-be-again is wearing Glia Lahav’s “Thelma” gown. This is the infamous Israeli designer’s wedding dress from her “Victorian Affinity” collection with sheer cut outs, multiple Swarovski crystals and pearls, silk tulle sleeves and a detachable silk train. When that train is detached two sheer back panels are revealed, revealing a copious amount of the wearer’s backside. As she is well known for her rear attribute one can imagine what viewers imagined Beyoncé wearing this Glia Lahav creation.

The On The Run Tour 11 winds its way through Europe to settle in America later this summer, costumes, videos and all.


BeychellaNo one is surprised that Beyoncé’s sets at Coachella Saturday were amazing. In fact, bloggers have been changing the name of the festival just past to “Beychella.” Guest appearances by Jay-Z (the husband and wife team are touring outdoor stadiums this summer), her ex-Destiny Child band mates, and dancers, dancers, dancers. This more than made up for last year when Miss Bey had to demure from performing (though who could complain with Lady Gaga stepping in for her). But along with Beyoncé’s seemingly stunning tear-the-house-down display, there were also five costume changes…and the usual, wardrobe malfunction.

In five different bespoke Balmain outfits, Beyoncé shimmied, thrust, shook and pretty much kept up with her platoon of dancers. It was when Destiny’s Child’s Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams came out to sing “Lose My Breath, that Miss Bey lost some of her Balmain one-bare-shoulder camouflage bodysuit. A strap came loose up top and Blue Ivy’s mom had to tug on her strap and occasionally lift a hand to her breast to keep covered. A short time after  Beyoncé lost her knee-high boots as well, as they slipped down to her ankles.

From above and below the lady was besieged.

For the fashion completist, for her two concerts sets Beyoncé and Balmain created two different wardrobe collections. Miss Bey wore, cut off jean shorts, a yellow hoodie and custom Christian Louboutin fringe boots. She also wore a mesh black top, adorned with a crest, matched with a black body suit underneath, black thigh highs and garters. For us all particularly, she strutted after another change in a black latex bodysuit and oversized jacket with shoulder pads. She also appeared in cape and headdress like some Nefertiti Goddess.

With her summer tour starting soon, the great social media news this music festival attracts and keeping up with a well publicized wardrobe malfunction, Beyoncé is at the top of the world.



As Beyoncé-and Blue Ivy-does, so will the world?

At the recent Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles, the Knowles-Lawson-Carter family stepped out in high haute couture, well-publicized, Instagram-able fashion. Sporting gold from head to toe, Beyoncé with her daughter, Blue Ivy, executed perfectly the theme of this 2nd annual event, “From WACO to Wakanda.” Taking their cue from Black Panther’s fictional African world Miss Bey and her daughter were dripping in gold gowns, wigs and jewelry, as befits Nubian warrior queens.

With Jean Paul Gaultier earrings dangling to Beyoncé’s shoulders, Blue Ivy’s custom Annakiki gown of ribbons and gold lamé (and her gold wig), and her mom’s body-hugging gown, the pair were a shimmering spectacle. Beyoncé’s truly one-of-a-kind gown was designed by Falguni Shane Peacock, and sported a train of metallic gold cutouts that created a 3-D foil train. One might recall, last year Beyoncé attended the Wearable Art Gala wearing a flower crown. This year she went above and beyond.

This L.A. event was surely a family outing in more ways than just what mother and daughter wore. Beyoncé, as well as her mother-in-law Gloria Carter, were honored this night for their humanitarian causes and the event was hosted by Beyoncé’s mom Tina Knowles Lawson (in her own gold concoction, a satin dress made by Jean-Louis Sabaji). Step-dad Richard co-hosted. Beyoncé sister Solange was also on hand. Stars like Ashley Jackson, V. Bozeman, Chloe and Halle Bailey and Magic Johnson were also in the house.

With the recent news that Beyoncé and her husband JAY-Z are touring their combined On The Run 11 tour this summer, the pop/R&B/rap popularity of the Knowles-Lawson-Carter family is assured. And the pictures of Beyoncé holding Blue Ivy’s hand at this year’s Wearable Art Gala (pictures every digital portal grabbed a hold of) glittering as they did, there is no doubt mother and daughter shimmer along with everyone else in the family.

Sia And The Picture Heard Round The World

sia-nakedToo many celebs have found private pictures they have attempted to store on ‘the cloud,’ in their phones, intimate photo and video they have taken for and with a lover, stolen. Then there are the countless websites that are ready, willing and able to leak this ill-gotten booty of booty. The cycle keeps a’circling and hackers and phishers are not really stopped or caught. Sia, the famous wigged-singer, had someone attempting to sell a naked shot of her (a rear nude in fact) this week, but she stopped the outing with a brilliant, unprecedented move. Sia simply released the picture of her naked bottom and back on her Twitter feed.

Sia posted the pic with: “Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!” (Everyday is Christmas is actually the title of Sia’s new album.) Since the photo was taken of the lady from a distance, and what’s more, was a shot of a woman from behind, nobody can tell for certain if this is Sia anyway. The photo sports a watermark from an photo agency that no one has been able to track down yet and the implication is that there are more snaps of Sia in this set.

What is particularly salient in this Sia storm is that this lady, famously known for hiding her face, has no qualms about showing off her backside (again, if indeed the pic is of Sia.) Beating the sleazy paparazzi at their own game, and using social media to do it, Sia simply revealed herself in very much the same way she does-personal and with a point-when writing songs for Katy Perry, Adele and Beyonce, and for her own new album, pre-orders starting this week.

Sia beats them at their own game with her backside.


Fashion @ The 2016 Video Music Awards

kanye_west_4_min_vma_speech_getty_h_2016Busting (and in many cases we do mean ‘busting’) at the seams with couture do’s and maybe even some do not’s, the fashions we saw this past Sunday night at the 2016 Video Music Awards were startling to say the least. The range of color and style on the celebrities both stepping across the red carpet in front of Madison Square Garden, as much as the stuff covering performers on stage represented a fine frock-ery even the most astute fashionistas couldn’t have dreamed.

Yes, there was the ridiculous: Porn star/realty T.V. personality/controversy courter Farrah Abraham posing in full Wonder Woman costume (she might have confused the VMA’s for Comic-Con, coming to NYC next month); Chance the Rapper looked like a character out of Mario Brothers in his khaki-overalls, white T-shirt, hat, and sneakers. But mainly the stars approached their moda seriously.

Power couple Kim Kardashian and Kayne West offset one another perfectly. Kim wore a see-thru black mini, gathered up towards her stomach, while Kayne was in all white, in one of his tees with the word ‘Famous’ written across it. Alicia Keys killed in a red and black high-necked Just Cavalli dress. And Nicki Minaj walked in wearing a sexy Bao Tranchi gown sporting ‘cutouts’ at her chest and torso and see-thru panels up her sides. She changed later for a co-performance guesting on the song “Side To Side” with Ariana Grande, wearing a tight pink suit body suit that seemed to be made of latex actually.

And speaking of latex we also were thrilled to see one of the Von Gutenberg family contribute to the VMA’s. None other than latex designer/old V.G. friend Dawnamatrix supplied black bras for Beyoncé’s dancers during the diva’s multi-song showing stopping performance of juicy squeezes from “Lemonade.”


What may have made the night though, as far as the blog o’ sphere, twitter and Instagram is concerned, was the decidedly dressed-down look singer/actress/model Teyana Taylor wore in the Kayne West video “Fade” which was premiered during the VMA’s. In her sports bra, little bottom and knee pads Taylor Flashdanc-ed her way to instant infamy showing off decidedly functional couture and her killer curves.

Maybe indeed the best fashions of the night came from a moment not seen live on stage or walking across the red carpet.BritneyVMAs2-640x480

House Of Harlot Closure

house-of-harlot-LOREN-latex-dress-front-001Being in the latex business; commenting on trends, reporting on fetish events, trying to deliver the very best pictures of comely models wearing the sexiest bespoke designs, we keep our eyes open for what designers are doing. It’s unfortunate that we have report this month that one of the premier latex designers, House Of Harlot, is closing.

As of the beginning of this month, Robin Archer made it official that he is ending his ownership of his twenty five year old UK brand of latex and rubber clothing. House Of Harlot’s physical store location is shutting its doors and Archer is also giving-up ownership of the brands’ famous Torture Garden clothing line. One of his long time employees, designer Florence Druart will own and operate Torture Garden Clothing, as well as HOH’s Iris Trika, who currently runs the IrisTheSpider line, relaunching the HOH site and Etsy presence.

If we had our druthers, no latex designer would ever go out of business. Being in the business to showcase the alternative couture we love so much, we want to see as many latex designers making latex clothing as possible. It not only bolsters the industry, but it also-selfishly-gives Von Gutenberg lots to choose to from to display. Just like you, when we see a Beyoncé wearing a latex dress at some big celebrity gathering we thrill to the Instagram pictures; but somebody has to make that outfit. Be it one of the better known design houses trying their hand at latex rendering or a niche house like a House Of Harlot dressing a celeb or managing a real cool magazine spread (even if that magazine spread isn’t in Von Gutenberg) we are all the better for any spreading of the late aesthetic.

We wish God’s speed to all the good folks of House Of Harlot and thank them for their many years of wonderful work.



It’s the Destiny’s Child “Reunite” In Black and White

316E6B8800000578-3457489-image-m-47_1456096627665These days we know something doesn’t really happen unless it happens on Instagram, be it a fashion revealing moment, a social ‘outting’ or some celebrity sighting. The much reported Destiny’s Child ‘reunion’ at Kelly Rowland’s 35th birthday party had all three of these Instragram-able touchstones. Not surprisingly, the photo booth black and white photo’s of Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé and Michelle Williams Michelle…solo, together, or with other family members made the rounds across-and the news-the day after the party at the Sunset Tower Hotel, in L.A. And of course seeing as our next issue is music themed and the entire world is aching to ask…are these black and white photos yet another indication that these three women are as much happy to be hanging-out as considering singing again together?

Hyper aware as we are presently (not that we hadn’t been aware before) of the intersection of fashion and pop music, the black and white party pics are seemingly causal, but we all know, pretty much posed. Adding to the rumor mill of a Destiny’s Child Reunion, seeing the trio clowning around together in these selfies has made the public rapid for more from the ladies, post their 2013 Super Bowl halftime show (specifically Rowland and Michelle joining Beyoncé’s halftime routine) and the ladies managing a Stellar Award surprise performance last year.

What’s extra specially interesting about these particular pics is that just a few years ago photo booth photos wouldn’t pass muster as shoots anyone would want the public to see. But with selfies the norm now, Snap Chat and Instagram quality pretty much competing with haute couture poses, a black and white Destiny’s Child shot rates right up there with any photos taken by Getty Images for the day, and gives ever more legitimacy to what the world is hoping for from these three women.

Ronda Rousey Is So ‘Not’ There By Being Bare

2FD848AA00000578-3386730-image-a-37_1452093449551It seems that even when a piece of sexy fashion is not there it can still make an impression. Instagrammed pics of UFC fighter (and ex-champ) Ronda Rousey in a ‘painted’ swimsuit for her 2016 Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit shoot have made such an impression that sales of We Are Handsome’s “The Fighter” suit sold out instantly. Posing on Petite Martinique island Rousey looks smashing in her painted replica of The Fighter, once again appearing as a S.I. swimsuit model and proving that fashion doesn’t even have to ‘be there’ to be effective.

S.I. Swimsuit editor MJ Day posted the pics of Rousey (before anybody knew it was Rousey in fact) but with the sales of We Are Handsome’s suit supposedly increasing 300%, nobody much cares to keep anything a secret in who is not wearing what. Surely, this is not the first time we have seen painted couture on a comely model, but how quickly the suit sold old over merely some Instagrammed pics that didn’t even show the suit at all, is an interesting phenomena.

Latex fashionistas are forever challenged by those who would never dare wear the fantasy couture we all so love. People unfamiliar with slipping into a catsuit or a pair of leggings have never experienced that sleek, second-skin feeling we all crave, or that naughty sexy reveal of skin we take to so well. Seeing Rousey basically naked, and that pic making such a stir, causing attention as much as it does sales, certainly gives one pause…especially when one wears couture that is designed to give the onlooker pause.

Maybe it is indeed Rousey’s obviously attractive body, the popularity of the Sports Illustrated name, the We Are Handsome brand (a while back Beyoncé sported one of these suits) or how interesting it is seeing a woman in only painted couture, that has brought the sales.

Something made all those people reach out and catapult The Fighter to is sold out status.

Fashion and Beauty Trends of 2015…Will They Make 2016?

maxresdefaultThat old axiom, ‘you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been,’ certainly applies to the Fashion and Beauty Trends of 2015. Whether one is a latex fashionista, a runway model or just the common guy or girl looking to get the most mileage out of their wardrobe, looking back on the year just past is a good idea. Not all couture will make it past the runway (thank God), some hairstyles quickly flashed in popularity …then died out, still other make-up trends will stand the test of time. Here are some of what happened-and might continue to happen-for the New Year from the one just past.

HAIR-Yes, bright color was added to the hair of lots of women, and glitter roots took hold as well. But looking at what guys like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio sported-or many male models in fact wore-guys with even slightly long hair took to fixing their locks up in a ‘man bun’ in 2015. Yes, Jared Leto made quite the news with his long locks from a few years ago, but last year men piled-up their tresses on the top of their heads…will they do so for 2016?


It’s one thing for our lady celebs to reveal bare skin in what they wear-and there was no shortage of them doing so in 2015-but along came the popularity of the “naked dress” this year. The term was born at the Met Gala (these dresses are also called ‘nude illusion gowns’ by some) and quickly took to mean any sheer dress with enough of a pattern across it-jewels, embroidery, what have you-judiciously placed to cover just enough of the lady’s lady parts.

A very many A-listers took to this trends this year, including Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé (no surprise there.)


Yes, there were plenty of make-up trends this year, but as with lots that happened in 2015 the Kardashians (or Jenners) had a big influence in what one did with their face. First there was Kayne’s wife showing-off her intricate make-up contouring which influenced the world. Then there was Kim’s half-sister Kylie setting a style and controversy, influencing the Kylie Jenner lip challenge overlining video tutorials online where girls of all ages took tennis ball cans and pulled their lips as fat as Kylie’s. The dangerous trend was made further ridiculous when Kylie admitted to injections to get her kisser so kissed.

Will any, none or all of the above see us well into 2016? Who can say?