Paris Fashion Week

So those Fashion Weeks just keep happening. In NY, London, Milan and now Paris.


Here are some highlights…fashionable-and not-of French mode.

Rihanna was at the Balmain show, of white and black “grills,” plastic revealing skin, midriff’s sporting cut-outs and stripes, stripes, stripes. One of those models showing lots of skin happened to be Kendall Jenner. And speaking of that family…Kim K. got knocked to the ground while getting out of a car at the Paris shows by what is rumored to be a prankster who has tried this with other celebrities before.

She, hubby Kayne West and their baby North West were sitting at the Balenciaga show.

(Do celebrity kids-and little kids at that-have to be at every function now as to be recognized and photographed?)

Anthony Vaccarello featured runway models in skate shorts, pleats and very short skirts.

Simon Porte Jacquemus brought in the fun with pinafores, inner tubes, models with seemingly wet hair and a blue/white mini with a round extension

Away from the typical runway Shayne Oliver continued his Hood by Air design showing with a part two to its companion that occurred at New York’s Fashion Week. An office building on the famed Left Bank revealed his seemingly put-upon models in leather pants, pleated skirts and cage designs in lots of his pieces.

Eri and Philip Chu presented mini’s and tops in big primary colors, as well as comic book designs, giving an good old deceased Andy W. a run.

Christophe Lemaire, late of Hermès sent out his ladies in coats and dresses.

French label Vetements  managed to add a certain ‘grunge’ sensibility to their wares; boots with Snoop Dogg’s face and angle-daring skirts were the rage for this new designer’s showing.

Our Von Gutenberg fashions-great latex couture at that-keeps happening week after week as well. Check it all out here.

Reveal Co Uk

Rihanna in W Magazine

article-2721955-2071D8FD00000578-522_634x478On the inside of September’s issue of W Magazine all seems perfectly fashion de rigueur as Rihanna, Naomi Campbell and Iman pose together modeling for Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing. Long skirts and fury sweaters of basic bright colors from the brand have the women looking fabulous to be sure but it is the cover (and some further solo RiRi shots inside the mag) where Rihanna makes the most interesting mark. On the cover of Rihanna sports a Donna Karan dress, Ashley Lloyd headdress (yes, an actual headdress!) septum ring and Stephen Dweck necklace over what appears to be her bare chest. This “tribal” spread is continued with some solo shots of RiRi inside, where she sports further fur and even poses (though she’s not dancing) with wolves.
It’s certainly an alternative look the singer is attempting and quite the contrast to the studied high couture display she and the fashion icons reveal in their spread.

This isn’t the first time Rihanna has appeared in W and certainly not the first she’s worn some over-the-top top, wild make-up or revealed a little skin…in the showing skin department Rihanna is tops! Less we forget being a pop diva/fashion designer/worldwide known personality requires consistent shocking of the masses and when you have a 26 year-old face and body still supple, firm and basically beautiful it behooves a celeb not to use all they have in the most provocative way possible. Nobody will really be shocked by these photos, but they are sexy all the same.Campbell, Iman, RiRi

Campbell, Iman and Rihanna look like high fashion models in their trio shoot, Rihanna like one of our better known fetish stars on the cover; the dichotomy is sure to sell magazines and has made an impression across the net this week.

Once again Rihanna scores.

If you want to score with some of our sexy couture, might we suggest clicking your mouse on over to: