Lifestyle Events In Germany 2018

gm-mapSeeing as Germany is VG’s country of origin, imagine our delight reading the latest issue of The Fetishistas and finding an end-of-the-year wrap up of the lifestyle fetish events coming to Germany in 2018. As The Fetishistas points out, this past year we had the unusual circumstance of the Avantgardista and Passion debuts occurring within one week of one another. What usually happens in this kind of piggy-backing is that one of the events will suffer from low attendance, since attendees just do one not the other. It’s hard to tell exactly if either brands’ new events suffered this fate as this was the first year for both, but from all reports they were spectacularly attended.

Looking ahead then, from March to November of next year…

Fetish Evolution Weekend XV (this event, German Fetish Ball Weekend and BoundCon Munich are all celebrating their 15th year in 2018) happens March 29th-April 2nd 2018. FEW’s main spot is the Hotel Bredeney, in Essen, with its ball held at Delta (previously Mudia Art). More information can be found here:

German Fetish Ball Weekend XV, happens in Berlin, May 9th to the 13th, 2018. Happening one week before Whitsun, these five days this year will not clash in anyway with BoundCon or Fetish Factory (as it has in the past). The events that make this weekend so special are as much the actual ball as the 2-day fair held over the weekend. See here:

Boundcon XV happens later on in the same month, May 25th to 28th, 2018 to be exact. Centered around the activity at expo space Zenith Kulturhalle. Already Lew Rubens and Elise Graves, have been touted to appear. See here for more info:

Jumping past the summer Avantgardista‘s Weekend happens in Munich come October 19th-21st 2018. This was SubRosaDictum’s brand new entry into fetish events, launched last year. The Leonardo Royal is the partnering hotel for this event. See here for more info:

Lastly Passion ends the year (at least with what’s listed so far for fetish events in Germany in 2018). To be held on November 16th-18th, at the MesseHalle Hamburg-Schnelsen, this is where the German Fetish Fair has also made home for the last two years. Go here for more info:



passion-2017We try to as much keep you abreast of new latex designers, all the lifestyle fashion parties happening around the globe, new shops opening up and lastly, new events coming on our scene. Passion, a new lifestyle fair, just happened last weekend in Hamburg, and by all accounts is was a rousing success.

Held at the MesseHalle Hamburg-Schnelsen (the same location for German Fetish Fair 2010 and 2011).This most modern of exposition space was the perfect spot for the nearly 100 vendors who showed for the Passion weekend. The nearby Hotel Ausspann and Racket Inn-both recommended on the Passion website-held international attendees and those men and women coming in for shopping as well as staying late for the weekend party.

Although we all know Passion happened a mere week after Avantgardista (held in Munich) it seemed there was still plenty of interested lifestylers people attending the 2nd event. Maybe the coming Christmas season had something to do with the heavy amount of shoppers or it’s just that we all can’t get enough of good events.

Yes, adult companies (a good many German) were on hand. But for our particular interests, plenty of designers came out to show their stuff for the past weekend.They included, Amatoris, Chronomatic, Fernando Berlin, LLdeSaxe Fashion, Luxury Noire, and Tourniquet. The only non-German designer being Amentium.

Poland and Switzerland, Austria and Belgium sellers were also on hand.

The 3 days of the Passion weekend also included workshops as varied as tantric massage to latex-making and also a photo workshop. Most of these were given twice, so if you couldn’t make the first workshop, there was an opportunity to catch it a second time.

By all accounts Passion will grow leaps and bounds next year and most likely see many more attendees and vendors both. As Germany was certainly booming with great events in 2017, who wouldn’t want to hold their next lifestyle event there?

Avantgardista Is Busting At Its Seams

avantgardistaAs we are advertising on the site already (just look to your right) Avantgardista is going to prove quite the event come November 11th. Now it is being reported that this Munich lifestyle event has added even more designers, accessory makers, and visual artists to truly make this a one of a kind happening.

The times of the shows have changed as well, with things kicking off at 7pm not 9, as initially reported in Avantgardista press. The event will take up two blocks, now needed to support all the designers, as well as all the attendees anticipated.

The very latest designer to be added here, making the full count now 17 in all showing at Avantgardista, is chainmail maker from Bad Homburg, Arcane Accessories. Goldsmiths Goldpiercingart has also been added to the makers of smaller pieces to be shown in the Avantgardista gallery. Artists Carnivore Pictures, and Frederik Eckenheim were just added as well.

FrÃulein Katzentanz and Ian Dutton will be on hand on hand to host and welcome. And the actual fashion shows will begin even earlier on the 11th. Staring at 2pm at the Avantgardista Showroom, 80 models are going to strut various top alternate fashions right up until midnight.

German health coach Susanne Wendel, will also be on hand for two hours 5pm to 7, giving away 100 signed copies of her book, Gesundgevogelt in 12 Wochen,

And we are not even mentioning the night’s SubRosaDictum’s Space Intruders party!

Fetish fashionistas will surely be able to walk away from Avantgardista completely outfitted. A city like Munich is certainly welcoming to play wardrobe so one can hit this event, then hit a club afterward in what they come to buy, then be back Sunday for the brunch that ends the event.

Now, really, do you have any reason not to be at ? Get your tickets now if you have yet to grab them.

AVANTGARDISTA presents Space Intruders

AVANTGARDISTAAVANTGARDISTA is the self-proclaimed producer of fetish good and fashionistas. On November 11th they present the Sub Rosa Dictum Alternative Lifestyle event, “Space Intruders.” This is will prove to be the official stellar solar-system hang aftershow party that cannot be missed.

The makers and shakers of this party are prompting the potential partier to put on their boots, smooth down their catsuit, wind a clear waist belt around themselves and snap on their space baster. Attendees are invited to come down from their spaceships and step into unknown of glittering starlight, where they should “dance, play, feel, touching and becoming one.”

As one should expect in a lifestyle event of such a high order, a strict fetish dress code will be enforced. Visitors to this particular galaxy need be prepared, right? Straight from the producer’s website it is suggested: Be breathtaking. Sexy. Fetish. Evening Dress (Smoking or ball gown). You as an eye-catcher. Latex, Patent, Leather. Shiny, Lace, High Heels, Corsets. Show skin, Uniforms, Masks, Burlesque, Goth, Drag, Cosplay. No business suits, no T-Shirts, no sneakers. No simple nudity, bare chests. No unimaginative.

As the Sub Rosa Dictum team says they are looking forward to seeing you. So give them something to see!

As is all important at these kind of gatherings, there will be music. Nachtwerk DJ Crew ( and DJ Nico (Utopia) will be spinning for the faithful. Their tracks are sure to keep your blood pumping, the sweat pouring and you heart racing to all kinds of possibilities with all kinds of people.

The doors open for this event, being held at Kesselhaus @ Lilienthalallee 35. 80939 Munchen at 10Pm. This former industrial complex, with its “partly protected farms” is ideal for this kind of sprawling party that needs to avail itself of much privacy.

Go here for more information: