LOVE Magazine Advent Calendar Makes Models Sweat

ashley_graham_by_phil_poynter_loveadvent2017-mp4-00_00_21_01-still003Sporting a #StayStrong hashtag, LOVE magazine has taken quite a different tack on their annual sexy calendar offering. This year we get famous models sweating while exercising in the Phil Poynter-directed video for the annual LOVE Magazine Advent calendar.

Super models making the cut this year include Gigi and Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Doutzen Kroes, Teyana Taylor, Kendall Jenner, and Ashley Graham. Graham, who just revealed her new “Swimsuits For All” collection, is the first lady revealed in LOVE’s semi-daily release of sexy video for this year. After a supposed workout at NYC’s The Dogpound gym, Ashley takes to the street, wearing just sneakers, a crop top and little shorts. Ashley as much gives a quick clap to her generous derriere, as well as pulls a sledge down the street.

Sexy stuff, in stylish black and white, indeed!

Stylist and Love Editor-in-Chief Katie Grand met Graham at The Dogpound and came up with the idea of a fit and sweaty video for this year’s calendar. As she says:”…it’s everything we love about women enjoying being women, on their own terms.”

Following the feminist-empowerment-via-working-out theme, Emily Ratajkowski eats spaghetti in a carb-loading vignette. Kendall Jenner manages a tribute to “Rocky,” complete with raw egg drinking and shadow boxing. And Irina Shayk manages a work-out ‘throwing’ clay.

This video offering from LOVE is entering its 7th year as a much-watched holiday tradition; last year LOVE’s Advent Calendar enjoyed 84 million viewers. With haute couture sponsors such like Agent Provocateur, Coach, and Marc Jacobs Beauty and models like those mentioned above, and an empowering message to women, how can LOVE miss, really?

Less we forget though, this year or any other before, LOVE’s Advent Calendar is first and foremost pure commercialism bolstered by sexy images of beautiful women.

But who would want it any other way?

In London Town Where Only The Sexiest Outfits Are Found

bone corsettA quick jaunt through London these days makes one thing clear…sexy outfits and alternative couture is alive and well in the U.K. capital. We might occasionally see a Kardashian wear a latex dress (as we reported on in the last blog) but if you want to catch anything of a slightly salacious clothing nature, London is one of the best places in all the world to be.

Here are just two examples of why:

Stepping into the wonderful chock-full-of-latex Liberation store in Covent Garden, you are instantly aware that Tiago and Debbie run what is a preeminent latex shop. Two floors of just about as much stuff as you could ever ask for, from latex lingerie to outer wear, to shoes, accessories and apparatuses for play, this is also the place to pick up The 2016 London Fetish Map (which we told you about here.)

Established in 2004, selling a wide range of Libidex latex clothing, Liberation has been described by Time Out as “London’s coolest kink boutique.” And besides selling rubber PC and latex outfits, Liberation also sells tickets for many major fetish events in the U.K. (read about it on the map first, then buy the ticket!)

Also in the UK, the venerable Victoria and Albert Museum is presently exhibiting an historic overview of unmentionables in their: Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear. This is a luscious 2-floor exhibit (a slide show here features one of our past V.G. models actually) with the in-flux designer House of Harlot represented, as well as stuff from the 18th century on up. Corsets, leggings, robes, you name it, curator Edwina Ehrman has collected a bunch of great stuff here…so much it will take you a couple hours to see and read about it all, though well worth your time.

undressed 2

“Undressed: A Brief History of Lingerie” is sponsored by Agent Provocateur and Revlon, and runs until March 2017.

So for those of you near, those of you about to travel to, or those just dreaming out ol’ London Town, know that the state of that couture we love so much, is alive and well and worth exploring where Big Ben tolls.


picture credits, Victoria Albert Museum, London, England.