Von Gutenberg Introduces the Fifty Ways To Please Your Lover Collection

DelysiaMaskIMG_1629LogoWhen news hit just this week that the male star of the upcoming “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie, Jamie Dornan (Mr. Grey himself), admitted visiting SM clubs for ‘research’ on the film adaptation of the super popular E.L. James novel, once again we were reminded how much this modern story of kink has slipped into our lives. Whether you have devoured the trilogy or only have heard of it in passing, the truth is that things slightly non-vanilla have seeped a little further into the mainstream because of it. In keeping with this ‘trending’ and with our eye always on an alternative approach to fantasy, lifestyle and fashion Von Gutenberg presents our new Fifty Ways To Please Your Lover collection. See it here directly at the Von Gutenberg shop: http://vongutenbergcouture.com/home.php?cat=306.

From the mild to the wild, this new line of Von Gutenberg items for adults skirt the ‘bound’-dries of fetish, add to kinky bedroom fun and bring a friskiness to flirting and foreplay. With the pieces here made from hypoallergenic materials, these implements and items are as sturdy as they are aesthetically alluring; you can’t miss with what’s on sale here.

There is an English Tawse, blindfolds, full kits of beginner kink items; collars and cuffs for various body parts; electro-play pieces and even strait jackets. As we always attempt with our couture (see here for our latex wardrobe outfit and accessories: http://vongutenbergcouture.com/). We try to present a ide array of stuff for the kink connoisseur as well as the novice._j331a

As we are the only global source for latex fashion through our quarterly magazine (issue #9 will hit early January) and web presence, we are working hard to be your one stop shop for all that you could possibly want for your extra-curricular fun.

Indulge your senses and dreams in the new Von Gutenberg Fifty Ways To Please Your Lover Collection.