Buscemi Sneakers…Too Cool For You?

It is interesting when you see old axioms proved real. The “suppy and demand” teeter-totter is being played out with the small, yet popular Buscemi sneaker brand.


Rapper 2 Chainz is a huge fan (he has four of the $800 plus per pair Buscemi’s in his wardrobe) as is Justin Bieber, Sean Combs and an ever rising tide of celebs. Having been unavailable at the end of last year, when pairs resurfaced in January of 2014 they quickly sold out…and just plopped on shelves now!

Buscemi’s are stamped with a Made in Italy on their tongue and sport golden padlocks dangling from their ankle straps of (don’t worry, the company does supply you with a key to those locks) . The sneaker maker does claim they will be upping their ‘supply’ to match the ‘demand’ that does not seem to be slaking and is prompted by Buscemi.

Jon Buscemi started his career as a stockbroker. His method here in creating such an in- demand fashion item boasting such a high price was to make the scarcity of his sneaker its very unique selling point. Inspired he claims by Hermès Birkin bag Buscemi took the idea of a limited run in a whole different direction by making a full product line that was always limited in its supply. This selling point of a chance for consumers to not only show-off a rare item (and with the advent of Instagram and Twitter could Buscemi ask for any better advertising really?) but to be in on branding exclusivity exists in other products as well, but in sneakers it is genius really.

If one needs any sign that Buscemi’s sale model is working, just look at the current feeding frenzy for the shoe and the fact that in January the sneakers were priced at just under $800, now they are priced closer to $900.

Buscemi was an avid buyer/collector of sneakers back in the late 90’s when he worked as a stock broker. Now he designs sneakers that are handmade in Civitanova Italy that everyone wants to collects.

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