SLiNK Presents Nicky Griffen

As the paradigm of model’s body sizes seems to be currently challenged, so too does the question of their ages. We have reported earlier on the likes of a Helen Mirren or a Lauren Hutton modeling make-up lines presently-both certainly of a certain ‘mature’ stature-but UK model Nicky Griffen has gone one step further in presenting the still very sexy assets and commerciality of an ‘older’ lady. Modeling in the current “Passion Issue” of SLiNK magazine, the leggy Griffen, four years shy of her sixth decade, reveals quite a bit of her curves in a lingerie shoot.

Having already shown quite a bit of herself in the current Sport’s Illustrated “Swim Suit” Issue and for Swimsuits for All- (the same company plus-sized model, and fellow S.I. lady, Ashley Graham models for) Griffen displays her lanky frame with the expert aplomb all fashionistas love. Perelanda Beedles shot the SliNK essay, with Griffen in a black one-piece, a three-piece underwear set (the most provocative of the set of to be sure) and in a see-thru robe.

Simply put, the lady does indeed look stunning. No one should be surprised if lingerie accessory sales increase tenfold from these pictures.

What’s particularly warming about SLiNK

(beyond the fact that they are championing such a wide variety of women) is that with the magazine’s heading “Styling Your Curves, Fashioning Your Life” they really do seem to be mining the same lifestyle-through-fashion ethos we here at Von Gutenberg live by. Clothes as much as attitude ‘make’ the lady or man, we have always said, and confronting the world with the true you, whether in wearing a latex catsuit or showing off big beautiful curves you have had for nearly six decades, what’s truly ‘fashionable’ is living life on your terms.

Von Gutenberg gives a great big round of applause to SLiNK and Nicky Griffen.

The 20 near utilitarian websites for children and families – Wire


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    Lauren Bacall: Actress, Icon, Model?

    lauren b oscarIt’s not been a particularly good week in Hollywood. To what now seems a suicide-by-hanging by Robin Williams, an especially tragic occurrence seeing the man gave laughter to so many, we need now add the death-albeit from a heart attack and at a much older age then Williams-of screen legend Lauren Bacall. Known for her iconic roles in “Key Largo,” “To Have and Have Not” and “The Dark Passage” (to name just a few of her films) as well as her legendary romance and marriage to Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall was a woman with unusual smoky good looks, a razor-like tongue and an oft-voiced liberal sensibility. But how many causal fans know that Lauren Bacall was a model well before she even arrived in Hollywood, in fact it was her landing the cover of Harper’s Bazaar that led to her movie career.

    Born in 1924, Lauren Bacall (christened Betty Joan Perkse) was the sole daughter of William Perske and Natalie Weinstein-Bacall, a middle-class couple living and working in Brooklyn. Though her parents divorced, Lauren and her mom seemed to have weathered her father’s leaving well, simply moving in with her mother’s mom and uncle. Winning 1942’s “Miss Greenwich” title, Lauren (who was still Betty at this stage) considered becoming a dancer post high school but ended up enrolling in NYC’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts for acting instead. Unfortunately Lauren’s mother couldn’t afford her daughter attending the school for long and despite hating the size of her feet!-Bacall soon found herself modeling outfits in showrooms for potential buyers.

    She somehow got out of that showroom modeling long enough to land the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Howard Hawks’ wife saw Bacall on that cover, urged her famous director husband to give Bacall a screen test and from that Hawks gave the 19 year old Lauren Bacall (she had changed her name by this time) the role of Marie Browning in “To Have and Have Not.”

    On that 1944 film Lauren met Bogart and the rest is Hollywood history.

    Talent, looks and a little Harper’s Bazaar cover all mixed into the beginning of a great grand career of one of our most beloved actresses.

    lauren bacall

    We’ve got models too. Check out issue # 8 of Von Gutenberg Magazine here:



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    Fetish Factory Film Coming Very Soon

    teaser-poster-for-fetish-factorySurely there have been those parties and conventions we’ve altered you of from our Fantasy Event List that you’ve found spectacular. Or maybe you’ve gotten yourself to proceedings that have proceeded in way you could never have even dreamed. Whether by suggestion or reputation-or blind luck-we all get land in just the right place, in just the right city, with just the right group of people. But imagine an invitation-only stage show/get together where every fantasy you have can be realized. An evening where a magician, whip-dancer and women modeling themselves-in dress and action-like infamous sex goddesses Bettie Page, Jayne Mansfield (to name but a few) exist merely for your amusement. But don’t get so comfortable in this dream, what happens when suddenly in all the revelry the apocalypse strikes (don’t you just hate when that happens?) Men become zombies and ladies have to defend themselves by turning bullet bras, garter belts and spike-heels into their only weapons. Not to fret, this dream won’t come real but it is the subject for the new film, the soon-to-be-released Fetish Factory.

    Described by its makers as a “darkly comic horror suspense film with a heaping helping of vintage bawdiness,” the Fetish Factory marks writer/director Staci Layne Wilson’s film debut. The movie from Blanc/Biehn Productions stars Chase Williamson, Jennifer Blanc, Diane Ayala Goldner, Tristan Risk, Emma Julia Jacobs, Tom Ayers, Stephen Wastell, and Morgan Peter Brown. Montreal-based alternative model and fetish superstar The Richard rounds out the cast.

    And not to forget music for this thriller, Mars Homeworld provides the film’s score.

    You’re bound to see lots more about this film. Whether your desires run on the cusp of the super sexy kinky, you are mildly interested in horror or a fan of burlesque cuties (or like all 3). And if you haven’t met The Richard yet we are sure you will see more of him via Von Gutenberg in the future as well.

    Here is the films IMDB entry:

    And here’s the Von Gutenberg Fantasy Event List link if you want to have a look at some events…though probably none as horrifically cinematic as the Fetish Factory will be.



    Fashion at The Coachella Music Festival 2014

    CoachellaIt used to be the Coachella music festival was all about break-out music performances. Or at the very least that’s what the ‘party line’ press announced about the weekend. But these days fashion at The Coachella Music Festival 2014 seems to be making as much noise as the musical performances.

    And not the fashions of the performers, but the audience.

    Kendall Jenner begged more a fashion ‘question’ then statement by clipping a huge hoop in her nose; Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sported shorts-or-are-the-just-badly-cut-off-jeans ‘jorts’; Bella Thorne rocked a fringe bikini and Vanessa Hudgens got positively hippy with her clothes and vibe for the weekend. Not anything truly alternative as say wearing a latex catsuit in the sun or even rocking anything particularly suggestive. But even the mildest couture, when worn by a celebrity, does (and did) indeed garner interest. In this day and age of ‘selfies’ and Instagram and Tweeting besting Facebook on the up-to-the-second doings of our most famous it’s no wonder that this net this week was filled constantly with updated reports of who was wearing what at Coachella.

    Yes, there was the music too: Outkast reformed; Pharrel Williams’ hour saw guests Snoop Dogg, Tyler and the Creator and Nelly (to name just a few) join him on stage; the resident round of D.J.’s made the crowd bounce as swirling light madness and filmed scenes played on huge video screens. But take a peak across the web for what happened at the festival and you will see the music now truly taking a back seat to fashion.

    Coachella Fashion & MUsic

    Let’s face it; popular music and fashion have had a close marriage ever since Elvis. And this year at Coachella that marriage seemed perfectly healthy.



    Fashion certainly enjoys a good marriage with our Von Gutenberg couture shop. Log on here to see what we’re ‘rockin.’


    Famous Italian Fashion Accessory Brand Bulgari ‘Steps Up’ For Rome’s Spanish Steps

    Spanish StepsItalian luxury accessory label Bulgari is celebrating 130 years of business in Rome. The high end fashion house is also helping to restore one of that city’s landmarks. Offering a donation of a million and half euros, Bulgari is ‘stepping up’ presenting a “special gift from Bulgari to its city” to restore the famous Roman “Spanish Steps.”
    Opened in 1725 the 136 steps are a must-see on any tourist’s sight seeing agenda to the Italian city… as well as the place everyone who is anyone goes to hang. The Spanish Steps (in Italian Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti) are set between the Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Trinità dei Monti. At their top sits the Trinità dei Monti church overlooking the widest staircase in Europe. It is a spot known throughout the world.
    Though this Bulgari contribution is not the first time a fashion house or designer has stepped in to help Rome-Fendi helped with the Trevi Fountain restoration, as did Tod’s help fund the same on the Coliseum-the Bulgari money certainly is a big chunk of change. In a plea to his citizenry Italian Prime minister Matteo Renzi called on private investors to help restore Italy’s crumbling infrastructure. A wall collapsed recently in Pompeii prompting Renzi to plead: “Italy is a country of culture and so I challenge businessmen…If the private sector can keep the wall standing upright, why not allow it to?”
    The two-year refurbishment of the Spanish Steps begins next year. Bulgari is sure to keep refurbishing, reinventing and adding to its couture accessories of leather goods and jewelry.
    You can refurbish your wardrobe and accessories presently at

    Atsuko Kudo, Top Latex Designer

    ATUSKO KUDEThere have been a wide range of worldwide designers featured in Von Gutenberg Magazine. We have revealed pictures of models wearing one-of-a-kind pieces. We’ve exposed tons of fashions in fashion exposé. We’ve present a constant change-up of latex fashion pictures on the various pages of our website. Our couture line alone boasts a bunch of different designers, beyond just the V.G. line. Lastly, we bring you as much news as we can of a new design studio opening or a designer presenting a new collection. Atsuko Kudo is one of the very top latex designers we have worked with.

    Atsuko Kudo is based in London. They are the winner of the European Fetish Award Special Awards in 2012/13, UK Lingerie Awards Winner 2011 and were named as both The Times 50 Best Shopping Websites. Featured in Time Out London’s Top 100 Shops as well, the couture designs this latex creator makes-as well as the way they make and deliver their products-sees them continually recognized by peers and public alike.

    Atsuko Kudo boasts outfitting women for bedroom, salon and party (and any other event). They create made-to-measure fashion items; dresses, bras, playsuits, men’s wear, handbags, capes and just about anything else for the fantasy wardrobe. Atsuko Kudo clothing has been featured in Glassbook, S Magazine, Mixmag, Cosmopolitan and Noetis to name a few places where this designer has fully infiltrated the European market.

    Stretching out global reach as far as we can, V.G. consistently stumbles across latex designers we are quite impressed with. Many of these talented studios and people you will see us work with time and again, in our pages, at our events, in the digital sphere. We consider all these visionaries friends as well as professional colleagues.

    Atsuko Kudo is one such designer.

    Copes of Von Gutenberg issue 8, featuring Megan Massacre on the cover, with lots of latex designers between the pages, can be ordered at the below links.




    Amazon Kindle:


    You saw them (or what’s left of them) at the Grammy’s that just passed, there have been TV specials airing, interviews and concerts happening to celebrate (and on consecutive nights David Letterman hosted Sting and Lenny Kravitz paying tribute; if you haven’t heard, this month marks the 50th anniversary of The Beatles first coming to America. Appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9th 1964 and then playing their first concert in a former boxing ring, the Washington Coliseum 2 days later  “The Fab Four” changed the world forever.

    As they are linked these days, music and fashion didn’t see such an easy pairing back in the nescient days of rock and roll. Sure you had Elvis’s sideburns, maybe some neato styles from a tight sweater-ed pop queen or two but it wasn’t until The Beatles that music and fashion married in a way that has seen the two linked ever since. Ripe, ready and wise to the amazing changes happening round them, John, Paul, George and Ringo introduced the world to Nehru Jackets, those signature Beatles haircuts, the beads and beards later, John Lennon’s ‘Granny glasses,’ so many cultural touchstones it is hard sometimes to separate the music from the mayhem of the fashions.

    In the end though, it is about the music these four men (and their producer George Martin) gave the world in the decade they were together. Are they the most important pop/rock group of all time? Might you prefer others? Did you stay with the individual members when the band broke up and they ‘went ‘solo? Do you have a favorite Beatle or were you one of those fans that lined up to support the seemingly anti-Beatles, the ‘dirty’ Rolling Stones? Was this band simply way before your time and you are wondering this week what all the fuss is all about? No matter how you answered to any of the above it is simply solid fact that The Beatles influenced culture like no other pop act before them and I believe no one has or ever will come as close to doing so.




    So, big news about Angelina Jolie, huh? One would have never known what exactly had gone on with the super mega star/multi-mom/slit dress supporter/Brad Pitt lady if she had not exposed her health problems to the world. Now, we can sit back and wonder; for better  or worse, could reminding the public of something so serious have a backlash, just what is this BRCA thing anyway?

    It stinks that we live in a day and age when the every utterance, seemingly charitable maneuver, trip out of the country, endorsement of a cause/action/book or movie could be seen as having duplicitous overtones. We are so used to even our least known celebs, people who gain popularity simply because they happen across a reality show or maybe got too much of a tan, tweeting, ‘going viral’, enjoying some endorsement deal that even in the wake of Angelina Jolie’s explanation, her revealing of a medical history where both her mom and aunt died of breast cancer, there still can come a twinge of doubt to the more cynical side of our nature to question just why she did what she did…and is talking about it.

    There’s also been some interesting views from the medical community. As Jolie told Good Morning America:”I’m very happy to see the discussion about women’s health expanded. That means the world to me.”  She was diagnosed with a rare mutation of the BRCA gene, putting her risk of developing breast cancer at nearly 90 percent; marry this with her family’s medical history (her mom and aunt died of breast cancer) the star of Lara Croft simply thought her chances were best to undergo preemptive double-mastectomy surgery if she wanted to be around for her kids!

    But According to the American Cancer Society, only about 5 percent of breast cancer cases can be linked to a faulty BRCA gene.

    “Not every woman needs to be tested and not every woman who tests positive for a BRCA gene should have a double mastectomy,” said Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer for the A.C.S warns. “I think we need to do a careful job explaining who should and who shouldn’t be tested.”

    Still, appearing so soon on the red carpet for the premier of Brad Pitt’s new movie World War Z looking as poised as ever and if nothing else, maybe prompting a few more women to go for regular check-ups, Angelina Jolie has certainly had an even more interesting month then usual!

    Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Nude?

    You know how this goes. If you are a celebrity, especially a woman celebrity, you are under constant scrutiny. Not only are your breasts, booty and Botox measured by TMZ on a regular basis, and all your consistently changing looks (if you change them) are under constant critique but your fashion choices will be judged by every self-appointed self-important fashionista with a blog. Sure, it’s part of your job as a lady star to step out in fashions and be seen, but man does it get ever mean out there in the trenches.

    This is why, for the most part, I simply try to report here. I am no fashion critic, barely know even how to dress myself (some would say I definitely don’t know how to dress myself) and I only ever really want this blog to be a report about what’s happening in the fashion world. Yes, I do have my snarky moments but I’m not about to get down on anybody, especially not Gwyneth Paltrow and her latest big fashion to do.

    It seems the lanky blonde stepped out in what has been called a “No Underwear Dress” for the Iron Man 3 premier and everyone was agog. It is actually an Antonio Berardi number and I think you see a lot less of Gwyneth’s parts, even though yes, she is sans undies and the dress is sheer up the sides, then how much dent, valley, crevice and breast flesh sides we have seen these past few years.

    The 40-year-old actress Paltrow admitted on the Ellen DeGeneres show post the premier that she was slightly “humiliated” by the bad press but was more aware and concerned about attending to some last minute grooming then wearing the dress itself.

    It really is all so silly isn’t it?

    My heart goes out to the star of Iron Man, the Celine’s, Christina’s and Rihanna’s of the world. All those ladies and more just trying to get out of a limo without ripping a dress or up the stairs at an award show without tripping over your heels.