Is Nikki Minaj Afraid Of Cher?

NikkiAs we reported last time, there was big doings down at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for the 2017 Billboard Music Awards broadcast. Celine Dion dusted off an old chestnut (celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Titanic,” she sang “My Heart Will Go On”). Drake cavorted in the Bellagio fountains. And both to Nicki Minaj and Cher did their best to sing and show off their best…assets.

One wonders though, if Cher’s naughty haute couture turn gave Nicki a turn to turn up the heat.

As was reported mere days after the awards broadcast, Cher’s show-stopping appearance in a nude dress then mesh bodysuit, for “Believe,” and “If I Could Turn Back Time” respectively, pretty much made it clear that the 71-year old Goddess of Pop could rock with the best of them. In fact, just this week, Good Housekeeping published an article about Cher’s diet, showing how Cher stays fit is foremost on people’s minds this week.

Also this week, Nicki M. posted pics of herself wearing nothing much more than a rope bikini.

With the constant stream of social media posting coming from our best and brightest, it’s hard to determine the motivation behind Minaj’s latest. The pics are sexy to be sure. Her body is almost completely revealed through the ropes. And this shoot doesn’t seem to have been for much more than just Instagram pics. But Nicki Manaj posting a naughty pic across Instagram is nothing we haven’t seen, (enjoyed) before.

One could argue though that the lady’s timing is suspect. Especially seeing that, by all accounts, Cher was the reigning sexy lady of the night this Sunday past and nobody can deny how wonderful she looked on that stage.

Nicki Manaj wrote under these Instagram pictures that she is “milking it”. Is she also trying to compete with Cher?


The 2017 Billboard Music Awards Style

Billboard 2017The 2017 Billboard Music Awards did not disappoint where alternative costume design couture is concerned. We all expected Drake, Nicki Minaj, etc. to ‘bring it,’ but there were a lot of surprises down at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas the other night.

Halsey made it pretty much all about the Sergio Hudson bra she wore, and nothing else, up top. Pairing it with a khaki skirt by Juun.J. it was what she was not wearing that was most interesting.

Co-host Vanessa Hudgens was in a classy pink Marchesa gown, with a slit, while Celine Dion showed wearing a Stephane Rolland Haute Couture with a plunging neckline. She celebrated the 20th anniversary of “Titanic,” by singing “My Heart Will Go On.”

D.J. Khaled won’t make anyone’s best dressed in his track suit, but G-Eazy had him beat in a classic black Saint Laurent suit. Though color had them both beat as Jason Derulo made the scene in his green velvet suit jacket and Josh Duhamel in eggplant.

Arguably the alt. haute couture of this night belonged to Nikki Minaj…and Cher. Yes, that Cher. The 71-year-old supreme diva showed to sing two of her signature songs, “Believe,” and “If I Could Turn Back Time,” showing off her body in ways to make Nicki Minaj-anyone really-jealous.

Minaj was dressed in high boots, high cut panty, bra and a head-covering of rivets, all in what seemed to be latex. But Cher appeared in a nude outfit for “Believe,” (red heart pasties covering her nipples) and for “If I Could Turn Back Time,” she sported a big black curly wig and that iconic mesh bodysuit she wore in the video for the song…way back in 1989.

Drake opening in the fountains of the Bellagio pretty much set the tone for what would prove to be an amazing night of popular song. While Cher impressed upon the masses that classic style and mature ladies can still reign supreme.



The Ever-Changing Nature Of The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals

Will Smith CannesAh Cannes. Movie premiers and judging. Deals made and broken. Parties on huge boats, a rabid scene-and-be-seen. Bikinis, babes and bubbly. The yearly tsunami of celebrities (and the paparazzi that follow them) descending over a beautiful yet decadent Southern France setting. It really is enough for any self-respecting movie star to grow exhausted over how many different outfits they might have to wear.

The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals was really no different than any other before it. This truly is an explosion for movie press and movie makers to do the one thing they do better the even making films…talking about making films. And as Cannes has grown in popularity over the near century it has been in existence, the cult of celebrity had grown with it.

When one reviews the stars who showed this year at this granddaddy of international film festivals, the American film community seemed in the largest percentage. And those of that community-the Will Smith’s, Susan Sarandon’s, Julianna Moore’s-came ready for the constant change-up of their wardrobe this kind of event demands

Smith donned suits and tuxes, looking very much the super popular mega star he was, whether hanging at a “photocall” or standing on a red carpet with his fellow judges.

Susan Sarandon walked into one premier in a long black skirt, white blouse and black jacket. Then we saw her in a low cut over-ample display of cleavage in a long gown for yet another premier.

Most likely the celebrity who had the most changes-and drastic o s at that-was model Emily Ratajkowski. Not only was she seen at premiers in long gowns with slits, a see-thru crape dress with a long “poofy” train and a long vanilla gown with her hair in a tight black bob-at the “Ismael’s Ghosts” premier-she was also maintaining a post (and filing Instagram pics) in various bikinis.

All in a days work for our best and brightest at Cannes.


Katy Perry’s “Bon Appétit” Features Latex We Know

kp bon apetiteMaking good again in the world of pop, latex couture, Katy Perry and now video, one of the oldest friends and colleagues of the Von Gutenberg universe, Dawnamatrix Designs, has something to celebrate this week. Katy Perry’s video for her 2nd single from her 4th album ‘dropped’ yesterday, and Katy is wearing Dawnamatrix Designs latex outfits and accessories in the visual tour de force for her new song “Bon Appétit.”

In the new video (see here), directed by Dent De Cuir Katy gets kneaded and flowered like dough. She is strewn with veggies down her front, dipped into a steaming Katy vat of stew (this is the first of two scenes where she wears Dawnamatrix latex: a Lux Bra and High Waisted Panty.) Her braid is cut off by famous restaurateur Roy Choimake after he fixes her up with his chef mastery. She is “served up” with the trio rappers Migos singing over her. And at the end of the clip the pop diva throws all the cannibalism upside down as she stands in her Dawnamatrix custom-made latex kimono and lastly served a meal we never expect.

Dawnamatrix has worked with Katy Perry before, most notably creating a expanding latex skirt for her Covergirl “Plumpify” commercial. This new Katy Perry video should garner lots of attention. The images, theme, coming in this time of heightened feminism, K.P. is sure to get lots of ‘play’ with this one. And no matter what the pop diva’s intent, Katy Perry is certainly well turned out (and oh so sexy) in her Dawnamatrix Designs. .

kati & Migos


Libidex Latex Is Ever Stretching

Libidex on The RoyalsAs was expected with all the news from the Libidex camp over the past year or so, the UK-based latex designer continues its growth well into 2017. From new headquarters in London, absorbing and working through the death of Nigel Walker, and Simon Rose taking over pretty much sole running of the company, the brand has been building itself to an even higher status in the past few years.

With their design team-including Marnie Scarlet and Marie Devilreux-based in London (overseen by Rose) Libidex has become arguably one of the biggest latex designers in the burgeoning global scene of fetish clothing.

Having their own sheet latex brand, Radical Rubber, is another in the brand’s advantages.

Two of Libidex’s latest forays, in rubber not latex actually, has been their Hard & Heavy Collections I and II. A male rubber couture and accessory series H&H 1&2 features bodybags, sleep sacks, and sheaths (with holes) for the fashion as well as play -minded.

As we continue to see, celebrities, T.V. shows, films and just about all of the mainstream world is taking to latex couture like never before. Libidex has enjoyed placement on T.V, shows, like “The Royals.” Their clothes have been featured in magazines and in the London Fashion Week. And such celeb models as Rita Ora and Emily Ratajkowsky have been seen wearing their wares.

And these are just a few of their high-profile placements in recent years.

The future of fashion is not something anyone can predict. Changes in global culture as well as politics, from the Bretix vote as much as an Instagram post, will change public whim to what is being made and what the public might find interesting year to year.

Libidex seems to be leading the way as far as unique alternate wear and just into the beginnings of 2017, there doesn’t seem to be any stopping the brand.


Rankin presents Le chaise ironique

RankinOne can’t say that the moda world doesn’t have a sense of humor when it comes to how is portrayed on film. Models and designers appeared in Robert Altman’s Prêt-à-Porter. Just recently we saw many famous fashion faces in both Zoolander 2 and Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. And there was the scathing The Devil Wears Prada. Presently photographer and editor Rankin is showing his humorous side, making himself the butt of the joke, in his fashion “mockumentary,” short, Le chaise ironique.

Working now in the digital space as much as he can, in his new short film Rankin plays a heightened version of himself, fretting over his weight (sweating too much) and a model mix-up, snapping selfies in an onsite booth and getting up close and personal with a chair. He even mocks Vogue UK editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman and how she doesn’t like him.

As he says of his persona in the movie, “I’ve been that person screaming at someone because they haven’t told the model she’s going topless — which is the concept of the shoot — or because the makeup or hair isn’t right.”

He curses what he calls “glam prisons,” where he has been exiled waiting for hair and make-up people to work on models. And he even calls out Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial controversy in Le chaise ironique..

The short movie really is a self-deprecating gem and makes one instantly just love Rankin.

In actuality, it is said Rakin keeps a fun and productive atmosphere to his shoots. And he adores the models he works with.

While he might indeed try his hand at another short fun film, a full length movie is not something Rankin is considering. And in fact he prefers less structure then more in his films, intimating his next (if he makes one) might even be improvised.


The So Sad World Of Kendall Jenner

Kendall Vogue IndiaAppearing at the Met Gala in a basically nude La Perla Haute Couture that garnered her lots of attention. Starring in Pepsi’s “Live For Now Moments Anthem,” to some controversy. Getting wrapped up in the aborted Fyre Festival. And lastly criticized for her just released Vogue India cover, one might say Kendall Jenner is not having such a good few weeks.

At the Met Gala surely the model was well turned out. But with these nude wardrobe choices, slits-that-are-basically-half-of-the-gown openings, one wonders how much is too much of seeing all this much of our best and brightest.

The Pepsi Commercial, where Jenner is in the middle of a photo shoot only to come face-to-face with protestors and police, has been considered by many of the Black Lives Matter movement as distasteful. The shots in the video were said by many to be too similar to those of Ieshia Evans, a protestor of the Alton Sterling shooting in Baton Rouge.

That Fyre Festival, which we reported on before, saw Kendall and a bunch of super models basically ‘selling’ a high-priced concert weekend on a secluded island…that never happened.

Now the Vogue cover (shot by famous photographer Mario Testino) has been gaining traction in the worst way. Vogue India’s social media page has been slammed with queries of why the magazine did not put an Indian model on its cover. Though, why anyone would need an explanation why one of the world’s most visible, social media star celeb modes would appear on the cover of Vogue India, seems rather silly. But critics claim Indian ladies like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone would have made the grade and been more acceptable.

Many of these instances where Kendall Jenner has been in the middle of controversy or questions, seem to be about her work and overall presence as a social celebrity and super model. Isn’t she supposed to be making the news?

The 2017 Met Gala

RiRi 2017 Met GalaOnce again NYC hosted celebrities of all types, showing off their finest wardrobe choices, at one of the biggest fashion events of the year; The 2017 Met Gala.

From Madonna’s camouflage, Selena Gomez in her Coach dress and Behati Prinsloo rocking white cutouts and Harry Winston jewels, a wide swatch of A-list celebs revealed their perfect bodies in A-list designer creations on the red carpet last night.

By all accounts a certain handful of show stoppers made the grade as net news worthy. Among them: Kendall Jenner in her nearly naked sheer black La Perla Haute Couture gown, with its 85,000 crystals, a slit that ran from her shoulder across her torso to her waist, and sheer back pretty much revealing all of her butt. Katy Perry in a red wool coat draping a matching tulle-and-silk chiffon gown, with a headpiece/veil and the word “witness” written across her forehead in silver. RiRi in a poof-y layered Comme des Garcons. Jaden Smith all in slimming back from head-to-toe, and holding his just cut…hair? Cara Delevingne not holding her hair (though she recently shaved herself bald) but decorating her head by painting it silver. And model Bella Hadid, not to be outdone by Kendall, wearing a skintight catsuit with a very low cut back.

Not to be outdone by all he outrageousness there were the usual round of elegant gowns, well-tailored suits, haute couture. In fact, Ansel Elgort, sporting a Tom Ford white tuxedo jacket, white shirt and black bow tie, accessorized via Tiffany & Co., arguably made the best showing of the night.

As with all these celebrity gatherings, it comes down to those who want to shock for recognition, as much as those who prefer to appear as calm-cool-collected-classy as they can to make Instagram and Twitter feeds.

The 2017 Met Gala did not disappoint in presenting the full range of what is possible.Hadid back 2017 Met Gala

What Happened to The Fyre Festival?

fyre festival modelsBlogger extraordinaire and cultural pendant Bob Lefsetz said it best: “when someone says if you just pay enough you’re a member of the club, know that the club is not worth joining or you’re not getting inside.” He was speaking about the belly-up Fyre Festival models Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Chanel Iman, Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin sold to their fans via social media. A music event that is not going to happen.

Rabid Instagram fans/Twitter followers threw down $250,000 for a music weekend promising acts like Blink 182, Rae Sremmund, Skepta, Desiigner, and Pusha T. prompted by an urging of the hippest models in the world. Back in November Vanity Fair ran a piece about the show’s head honcho’s Ja Rule and Billy McFarland flying a gaggle of models to the island for a promotional shoot, which opened the door for our best/young/most beautiful to urge fans to come to the show. Social media being what it is and these women having thousands of followers apiece, the Fyre Festival was a see-and-be-scene the hippest simply couldn’t ignore.

But fans arrived at the private Bahamas island to find chaos, and even on the airline getting there, bad food.

Kendall Jenner felt the social media backlash the worse. Coming on the heels of her problems with a recent Pepsi add, she deleted all mention of the soft drink and the Fyre Festival off her social media feed. This of course raised red flags and with news of the actual festival being a bust, the gaggle of models as well as the festivals promoters are being taken to task.

The “two transformative weekends” of music, fun and a private (=expensive) hang on Fyre Cay will not happen, but the world is well aware who set it all up and who advertised the event.


And the jeans have it: “Denim Day” and Topshop

denim dayThis week not latex, not rubber, not lace, or even some sort of lingerie is making the big news. Forget even Kim Kardashian cavorting in her retro bikini (though, yes, that story did get a lot of trending news on Monday) it seems jeans are the big rage in two fashion stories presently.

Today (4/26) is “Denim Day.” It’s a worldwide annual rape-prevention campaign encouraging people who stand in solidarity with sexual assault victims (and really, who wouldn’t?) to wear or even display jeans on this day. The movement began in 1999 as a response to an Italian Supreme Court overturning a rape because the court claimed the teenage victim wore “very, very tight jeans.” Defying logic for how the rape occurred and how the court took the circumstances to be consensual in the end (?) women in the Italian Parliament began wearing jeans in a sign of solidarity. The movement went global with Peace Over Violence organizing the campaign.

So, wear or show today as you see fit…a nice tight pair of jeans if you can. Demonstrations will be taking place in over 50 cities around the US.

Topshop isn’t interested in tight jeans as much as they are ‘no jeans’ to their jeans.

For 100 Australian dollars the brand will sell those who want to be seen…a lot. The Moto Clear Plastic Jean has, what Topshop calls: “classic pockets detailing and are cropped at the ankle bone”, and make a “a statement piece for a festival or costume party,” which “take the look to the extreme with a bikini and sequin jacket or dress down, layered under an oversize jumper or asymmetric hem dress.”

And we thought latex makes us heated and exposed?!

From the important to the frivolous, this range of news is what we all like so much about moda, isn’t it?topshop clear jeans