Fashion Round-Up With Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg, Michael Kors buying Jimmy Choo and “Nasty Stitches”.

nicolette masonHere’s some news that’s ‘fit to print’ coming just recently from the fashion world. Even in the dog days of summer, lots still happens with moda, celebrities and even politics mixing together that we all should certainly be keeping up on. From bloggers Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg premiering clothes with Premme, Michael Kors buying Jimmy Choo and a feminist gallery showing an exhibition called “Nasty Stitches.” Read below for the latest news…

Time and again we warn you about the blog ‘osphere and how it influences fashion. It should come as no surprise then of the influence and now the actual infiltration of two bloggers into the moda scene. Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg, plus-sized besties have been looking for new trends and styles and writing about their difficulty regularly. They have consulted, considered for others, now they have created their own plus-sized brand to make sure the market has exactly what they want.

The duo’s first collection with Premme launches just this week. Sizes range from 12-30 and by normal calculating prices are on the quite affordable side.

Ed Victori and Celine Mo, of the Victori + Mo Gallery were among the many who protested Trump that infamous day of feminist solidarity during this past January. The gallery just ended their “Nasty Stitches” exhibition, spotlighting four contemporary artists working with various textiles and techniques. The story of proactive feminism and what it battles presently made for quite the unique exhibition; moda meets politics yet again.

Lastly, and not with any actual nod to feminism like Mason and Gregg or Nasty Stitches above. Designer major player Michael Kors bought accessory wear giant Jimmy Choo for 1.2 billion dollars. There will be no real change in management here as Kors will begin selling Choo in their outlets…and sure to make a killing doing so.


UNLEASHED annouces performers for 8/12 Amsterdam party

unleashedKeeping up on all things UNLEASHED as we do, we thought we should pass along the confirmed line-up for the fetish party producer’s August 12th event. This lifestyle party producer has held parties in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Stockholm, Ibiza, Zurich, London. Their upcoming event though is happening in UNLEASHED’s home city of Amsterdam. Yes, we already reported on the date and the place, but hot off the presses we now have the confirmation of some of lead performers who are going to be on hand.

For the past five years, French artist Fred Kyrel has been creating clothes influenced by ropes. His Shibari fashion show on 8/12 will feature models dressed in haute couture made from colored hemp, sound cables and pearls robe. It will no doubt prove to be a fashion event unlike any other.

The UNLEASHED party will also feature Mystical Tribes. This French company specializes in fire, pyrotechnics, aerial acrobatics, piercing acts, candle wax and voodoo rituals. The performers for this truly ‘incendiary’ spectacle this night will include Dame Elixir, Iris Gahan, Maya Malaika, Nikita Klosewood.

As UNLEASHED says of this party and all their hangs, they want their attendees to “Dress/Dance/Play.” The dance part of this equation will be handled quite well by their music pioneer, headliner, DJ Isis. In her near twenty years in the business Isis has worked for Prince. She has spun for His Royal Highness Prince Willem Alexander. And she worked her brand mix of techno and acoustic stylings for a 100,000-strong crowd  at Climate Summit in Copenhagen. The dancing is sure to be tops come August 12th.

In addition to the talent mentioned above, once again UNLEASHED will offer chill-out zones, play areas, VideoArt visuals, changing areas, lockers and parking. This party that takes place on 8/12 at the Westerunie club will run between 22:00 to 5:00. Go here for more details.

Professor Marston & The Wonder Women: Life Imitating Art

Professor Marston & The Wonder Women“What would happen if Wonder Woman’s secret identity was revealed?” “Everything would be lost.” This is dialogue heard in the just released trailer for the upcoming film Professor Marston & The Wonder Women. The bio pic, starring Luke Evans, Bella Heathcote and Rebecca Hall is about Wonder Women’s creator, psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston and his polyamorous life with his wife Elizabeth Martson and the couple’s lover, Olive Byrne.

The movie’s trailer may not make the rounds at the upcoming granddaddy San Diego Comic-Con but it has hit before it to stir up lots of interest. With Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman movie making such a mark on the box office, the D.C.Universe and for feminists around the world, the Martson biopic is sure to cast the creator of the ultimate female super hero in an interesting light.

Though the facts of Martson’s love life have been known for years. 

Certainly the ladies in the equation here marched beyond the conventions of the day, as much in their work with Martson on human behavior research as in how they conducted their love life. But seeing as Wonder Woman was criticized for what was called ‘sexual perversity’, back in the 40’s, one could easily tie Martson’s lifestyle into the unconventional superhero he created. A present-day cosplayer’s dream, looking back from our ‘evolved’ cultural state one tends to forget how groundbreaking-and naughty-Wonder Woman was for the 1940’s. With her high red boots, corset-like costume, rope play, even spanking that occurred in the comic it’s no wonder the woman was criticized for “sexual perversity” when she appeared. It’s no surprise that Dr. Martson wrote Wonder Woman under a pseudonym.

As we have seen time and again, in fashion, film, literature and music, art does imitate life in the most fascinating of ways.

Professor Marston & The Wonder Women opens in October.


Demask Site…for sore eyes

redlightThe famous Amsterdam-based fetish manufacturer and retailer, Demask has just re-launched their site. A well-known name in our community for years, with both brick-and-mortar locations, a website, promoting events and working with Skin Two, the ‘newer’ owners here just completed a redesign for the web they had been wanting for just over half a decade.

Main product categories on the new site (found here) include “Her, His and Unicorns,” featuring items for crossdressers. There is a “Head, Accessories & Gifts,” and “Toys” section, illustrating Demask’s strong presence beyond couture. And then there is a “Featured Products, Latest Products” and “Best Sellers” sections, mainly showing off their fashions.

There is also a new “About Us” section.

For the first time, and something quite rare for a latex designer, there is a video area on the website titled “How We Work.” Here visitors are invited behind-the-scenes of Demask production. Seeing as the label is involved in the production of lots of alternative couture, on the site now one can enjoy peaking in on the various processes involved with rendering material like latex, leather, PVC and rubber.

To be sure though, it’s not just their history and products or even this new online presence that Demask is proud of. On the newly launched website, visitors also get to witness the aforementioned brick-and-mortar expansion of the brand. A quick scroll down the sites’ Boutiques & Outlets” menu shows the new Demask Paris franchise opened at the beginning of 2017, and their recently opened shop and in Hamburg.

From the summer of 1990 unfurling itself off Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District. Under Steve English’s leadership, where he rendered his creations from his basement workshop with his retail space overhead. To the brand now being run by Steve’s ex-business partner Anton and his wife Louva, we see with the re-launch of the Demask site, things are moving ever further into the future for the brand.

photo credit Anna Rodriguez


Iggy Azalea’s best asset @ Premios Juventud 2017

iggyPutting some of her best ass-ets to use, Iggy Azalea wowed the crowd at Premios Juventud 2017. Performing her new song “Switch,” at the show held in Florida, the 27-year-old Australian rapper/singer took the stage in red latex pants, a latex lace-up top and black and red ankle boots. What was most noticeable of her ensemble and what has been making the blog o’sphere pop since July 6th , was that Iggy’s pants were open in the back, held together across her bared booty only by black ties. Just recently the singer showed herself off wearing black latex pants in an Instagram shot where she was turned to the camera but obviously topless, proving Iggy is as comfortable in latex…as she is showing herself.

The conceal or reveal quandary is one many a latex-wearing fan faces. We know catsuits show curves and bulges to a degree where one never has to worry about exposing a lick of skin. But then again there are those many wardrobe choices we make where cut outs, mesh-covered panels and even complete bared areas like Iggy sported make the fashion. It is a tangled web we weave when we lead to tease….others or just ourselves.

Add the particular intricacies of performance, then what one choses to show and how to show it-and in what particular designers one wishes to show themselves off in-becomes even further considerations.

But there is no denying Iggy Azalea certainly garnered attention with her wardrobe choice this night.

As is de rigueur at these kind of events, Azalea entered the celebration for “The Hottest Musical Artists And Young Latinos Change-Makers” in a different outfit then the one she wore later on stage. The lady made her entrance @ the Watsco Center in Miami in a smart sexy thigh-baring vintage Jean Paul Gaultier pinstripe suit.


The Continuing Controversy over Kylie + Kendall T-shirts

K+K TupakProving that every idea you may have is not an idea you need run with and that Instagram is not always your friend, Kylie and Kendall Jenner brewed up a bunch of controversy this week. The sisters attempted to ‘appropriate’ some classic rock/pop/rap images for T-shirts they were looking to sell (for $125.00 a piece) at their Kendall + Kylie store. But the Jenner sisters came under volatile criticism for superimposing their images and the K+K logo over images like Pink Floy’s prism from the band’s classic Dark Side Of The Moon cover and pictures of rappers Notorious B.I.G and Tupac Shakur. In fact, it was their use of a Tupak image that now sees them being sued.

Photographer Michael Miller, who shot the photo of Tupac, is suing the Jenner’s for copyright infringement. Miller’s attorney issued this statement: “Miller at no time sought to associate his work with Kendall or Kylie or any of their companies,” yet they “have misappropriated and wrongfully exploited at least two original photographs of late hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur, slapping the iconic photographs on garments and overlaying them with dubious imagery and text.”

An official July 5th apology from Kylie + Kendall over this faux pas and the online criticism from it, stated in part that: “These designs were randomly selected and not well thought out. The brand would like to apologize, especially to the artists that have been featured in the series.”

The shirts were pulled from the Kendall + Kylie collection and pictures of them taken down off of Instagram.

Voletta Wallace, mother of Notorious B.I.G. wrote this about the Jenner’s liberal use of her dead son’s image: The disrespect of these girls to not even reach out to me or anyone connected to the estate baffles me. I have no idea why they feel they can exploit the deaths of 2pac and my Son Christopher to sell a t-shirt.”

Paris Couture Week

celine vogue nakedAs we have often seen during a Fashion Week, and no matter in what city that week happens to be happening, as much occurs on runways as does out in the street, as lots has seen to have happened so far.

A new Chanel fragrance debut. Celebrities Julianna Moore, to Elle Fanning attended. And models like Miu Miu and Bella Hadid showed to walk for various collections. Then there was:

Making big news as much for her appearance in Paris this past week for Dior as for posing for pictures, was singer Celine Dion. There were lots of pictures of the “My Heart Will Go On” singer taken at Couture Week Paris and beyond, one especially garnering interest; Celine posed nude for Vogue’s Instagram account.

Actress Sonam Kapoor, walked the runway presenting a Ralph & Russo bridal gown. The gown was from the designer’s 2017 fall/winter Haute Couture collection; Kapoor has worn this designer duo before, most notably in Cannes last year. Sonam Kapoor was last seen in “Neeja” and will be seen next in the movie “Padman.”

Kendall Jenner was photographed all in black making that Ralph & Russo show.

Then there was the gowns. A layered green by Elie Saab, a bright pink, off one shoulder Giorgio Armani, flowers over nude by Giambattista Valli Haute Couture and a black see-thru netting over purple smock created by Chanel Haute Couture.

Have there been any specific trends revealed so far? Has any one house risen above another in design innovation.]? Has any celebrity-save Celine Dion showing more of herself then usual-made any lasting impression? Certainly in the five full days of this Paris moda assault much more news will be made, more blogs written and lots of Instagram pictures will be published.

In the end who knows what will make the most lasting impression?



What Paris Hilton, ESPN Magazine, Danica Patrick (and more) Are Not Wearing For The 4th

Paris lingerieWith “naked” dresses and daily Instagram Kardashian/Jenner pics sometimes fashion, certainly how fashion effects culture, is less about wardrobe. Take these latest pre 4th-of-July stories about Paris Hilton, ESPN Magazine, Danica Patrick, and more.

Paris Hilton is launching a lingerie line. The 36-year-old heiress, began a fragrance line at the beginning of the year and just this week she posed in some seductive undies to bring attention to her new collection. Paris’ lingerie items include bras, stockings and garter belts, among other sexy wardrobe items.

ESPN The Magazine’s “Body Issue” will once again reveal popular athletes in the nude. Just this past week the magazine released the names of the 23 athletes who will be showing off their spectacularly in-shape physiques this year. Six members of the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team, as well as track and field star Novlene Williams-Mills (the first person to appear in the magazine having survived breast cancer) will appear with a score of others to make us all body conscious and envious.

Danica Patrick hit Instagram showing before and after picture of her abs. In an attempt to help in positive “healthtrending” the popular NASCAR driver wanted to show the reality of side-by-side photos. Wearing the same outfit, in one picture Patrick shows off her “real” waist, in the other a “produced” picture. In both, she appears in killer shape.

China had a version of the popular “BumBum” contest. Taking place in a shopping mall in Shenyang, the Chinese held their Women’s Beautiful Buttock Contest last week. When Brazil-the country best known for the Miss BumBum contest-had women come together and compete, 10 million people attended their booty crowing.

And lastly, a pregnant-and naked-Serena Williams posed on the cover of the August Vanity Fair and is interviewed inside.

Happy 4th America, no matter what you are, and are not, wearing.

Color Splashes BET Awards Fashion

BET AwardsFrom Jada Pinkett Smith’s spinning pure gold, to Big Sean’s crimson, there was bright bodacious color everywhere are the BET Awards show over the weekend. Sure, there was plenty of leg showing, lots of bare backs, the usual attempt at the big Instagram-worthy skin reveal (Blac Chyna went very sheer revealing lots of her tats…and so soon after her car crash!). But mainly it was a bright color display, single or mixed, that the stars posed to show on the red carpet walking into the event.

The aforementioned Jada Pinkett Smith was dressed in a Alexandre Vauthier gown. The haute couture here was shiny and bright gold, with a choker (at least it looked like a choker from the front) that draped down the lady’s back almost as a cape. The big slit in the dress showed off copious amounts of beautiful Will Smith’s wife’s leg.

Leslie Jones rocked her own single bright color-emerald green-in her halter ensemble. The white sandals she added really added to the brightness. And as also mentioned, Big Sean wore his own single color, crimson, in a velour suit. His white T-shirt underneath and Gucci sneakers completed his bright wardrobe choices.

Kat Graham decided on dueling black and whites, with some blue, in her Raise & Vanessa. What made her dress especially ‘colorful’ (= interesting) was the figure-eight-like cutouts across her chest, these cutouts bordered in blue.

But for true multi-color options one need look no further than Issa Rae’s rainbow-striped jacket, Destiny’s Child’s LeToya Luckett’s floral gown with poofy sleeves and long train, or Fat Joe in a vintage-and oh-so-bright and colorful-Versace jacket. French Montana also wore a bright graphic-emblazoned coat.

Is the era of the nude dress, sky-high slit and meat dress behind us? Are our stars opting to show themselves off with color and brightness?



unleashedCovering the fetish dance world in London, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Ibiza, Zurich, Stockholm, and of course in their home city of Amsterdam, UNLEASHED unleashes a lifestyle party experience unprecedented. There are plenty of fetish play/dress-up//lifestyle events occurring across the globe, spectacular evenings where friends come to meet up, creatives mingle and network and new friendships are made in various ways. But until you have unleashed yourself at an UNLEASHED party you have never experienced the complete enveloping of your senses. Once again the “Dress. Dance. Play.” producer presents a night sure to be talked about for months (until the next UNLEASHED Party) and it will happen on 8/12/2017, in Amsterdam.

As their latest flyer declares: The city of sins and desires Amsterdam colors this summer night with passions, temptations and unleashes its powers in a summertime madness. When fetish hits the hottest dance floor in Amsterdam we invite you to a spectacular and extra sizzling summertime fetish night.

This UNLEASHED party will be held at the Westerunie club. It will feature the usual UNLEASED extravaganza including; international guests, models, mistresses and masters, ‘quiet zones,’ dungeon and play areas (certainly not so quiet), changing areas and a whole lot more. But without their fetish-ly festooned attendees these events are nothing, as UNLEASHED is well aware. To that end, at an UNLEASHED party attendees are checked at the door, a fetish wardrobe truly enforced. Acceptable outfits here included, as stated on the organizer’s website: leather and latex, rubber, pvc, lingerie, cross-dress, mini-bikini, metal, elegant (complete suit dark), fetish-glam, medical, fetish-goth, burlesque, body art, sensual, corsets, incognito masks, bondage, erotic dark, transformation, drag, cyber, fantasy, uniform and fetish steam-punk. Of course, no street clothes are allowed and those not properly dressed (but then again, why would you attend a party like this if you aren’t properly dressed?) will be turned away, even if one has a pre-bought ticket (and there are no refunds given.)

Get all the details for what will prove to be another UNLEASHED night that shouldn’t be missed, here.