America’s Got Talent, Bravo and a Bachelorette

rachel-lindsayThe advent of Netflix, Hulu and of course the proliferation of shows on cable give us plenty of opportunity to see our best and brightest. It also gives those celebs, be they “Housewives,” playing a superhero or a sassy mom, or part of television competition- judge or contestant-plenty of opportunity to be seen in some interesting haute couture. And sometimes it is even because the person in question is selling a brand.

Here’s some of the latest hot news from T.V.-influenced fashion via stars of some shows.

Rachel Lindsay of The Bachelorette fame has linked herself with ThredUP (which calls itself the largest online consignment and thrift store) to sell clothes she wore when she was on the infamous couple hook-up reality show. Rachel will be selling her penguin pj’s and accessories like earrings. 10% of her sales go to the ACLU. Rachel’s wardrobe is the first in ThredUp’s “Shop Her Closest” new charity selling.

On this week’s America’s Got Talent Mel B treated viewers to as much of herself as possible. She wore a sheer Rocky Gathercole sheer body suit that made the blog blogosphere light up. Oh-so-tiny blue-and-silver jewel spots covered the Spice Girl in strategic spots.

Keeping with the trend of high-end haute couture married with low-bro styles, Bravo’s Out Mom Out once again rocked some wardrobe pieces that would give lifestyle wardrobe lovers pause. In the episode of the show just aired this week, writer/star/creator Jill Kargman’s character wore what seems to be becoming a signature leather harness over her shirt. Kargman has sported designer tees with smarmy saying and symbols, plenty of leather and in one case a design that was laser printed. One needs to check in from time to time on this show as Kargman puts the infamous array of housewives littering the network to shame with her sartorial flare.

As T.V. rages on, so will fashion.


Bruno Mars & “Versace on the Floor”

ZendayaAs we have explore countless times, there is a rich, deep, jewel-encrusted line between the modern day pop star and fashion. From Elvis, through the Beatles, the girl groups of the 60’s to Madonna and Lady Gaga, moda and music have been snuggling bedfellows in the world of popular culture. Whether they are wearing specific costumes on stage-as we reported Lady Gaga is on her Joanne tour-posing in a designer’s campaign, or aligning themselves with some tour sponsor brand, our modern day best and brightest are seen often in some designers duds.

But Bruno Mars has gone one better. In his new video, just dropped this week, Mars not only wears and pays tribute to Versace, but the song is titled “Versace on the Floor.” In his signature custom-made Versace button-down shirt, and slippers with embroidery to match, Mars takes to his piano in his hotel room. In the other room, Zendaya, dressed in a stunning and shimmering gold custom-made Versace chainmail dress attempts not to climb up her own room’s wall while Mars unfolds his ballad to her.

It’s all pretty sexy well-dressed stuff from Mars’ album 24KMagic. Coming on the heels of him just winning a Teen Choice “Visionary” Award and Zendaya in the Teen Choice “Breakout Star” category, very well-timed indeed.

Certainly we shouldn’t be surprised over Mars using and talking about Versace this way or that the video grabbed a startling three million views in its first 24 hours of airing. And we shouldn’t be surprised as well that Mars grabbed Zendaya to co-star in this clip. The young actress managed a much-talked about Mars impersonation of “24KMagic” on a recent Lip Sync Battle. Still “Versace on the Floor” is almost a commercial for the designer, an unadulterated reminder of the modern day link-up between fashion and modern music.

Elvis (whose birthday just passed) never thought of something like this.


Blac Chyna Setting The Feminist Standard With Belly

belly-blac-chynaThere is a fine line between modern day feminism and sexy couture. Being as into latex fashions as we all are, it is hard to fight the fact that we wear the stuff we do-even if we happen to be modern women proudly declaring a highly evolved feminist ethos-often hoping to feel sexy. One simply cannot divorce one’s self from the idea that a latex catsuit or some rubber pants don’t often make one feel as naughty as they do sweaty.

Blac Chyna, certainly a woman declaring a singular stance for modern day female sexuality and doing things exactly the way she wants to, skirts that line between feminism and sexy couture. As she had when first appearing on the Insta-scene to her appearance in a new video by Belly, the curvy lady is using her attributes in startling ways. And showing them off perfectly in a lingerie-filled video that makes its point as much in its imagery as well as in Belly’s rap.

The video below shows Blac Chyna in a startling white lingerie set of high waisted panty and bra. She drapes her revealing accessories with an equally white floor-length fur- lined coat. The other women appearing in the video cavort in various other articles of lingerie. Included here are body suits, lacy black bras, a cage-like see-thru dress with a zipper up the front, and even full cut satin panties.

Considering the message of the lyric, the women here in various stages of undress and the rap rap has taken over the years over its misogyny, this video clip is sure to raise some objections. But less we remember the women here, Blac Chyna included, are showing themselves in exactly the way they wish. They wear what they want or agree to the stylings at the very least and in the end the point is well made over what Belly is claiming.

We wouldn’t be watching otherwise, would we?

EuroPerve 2017

Europerve-VINo one will ever accuse DeMask of not working hard to bring together the lifestyle infamous and alternate haute couture scene-sters. Their 6th addition of EuroPerve, (titled EuroPerve 2017: Rubber Rituals) happens this year in a month from now, on Sept 8/9/10, moved to that weekend specifically as to not compete with London’s Rubber Cult. This year DeMask is also providing attendees with a new venue, Q-Factory, a club which has just opened a hotel attached to it.

Things can’t get much more convenient for partiers as Q-Factory is offering a promotional rate for anyone staying all three nights of EuroPerve VI. It is located @ Atlantisplein 1, 1093NE Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The line-up for EuroPerve VI performances include: Sebastian Solo of Denmark, and Belgium’s Kassi Tresse. Louva DeMask hosts the DeMask heavy rubber fashion show to be presented this year. Other internationally known personalities to attend include Isabella Sinclair and a Von Gutenberg Magazine featured model Lady Bellatrix.

Well known cities like Amsterdam, London, Berlin, San Francisco are hotbeds of the socializing, styles and dancing the latex/leather/PVC and rubber faithful find so empowering. And given DeMask’s unequaled reputation in the fashions we all love, there is no doubt that this upcoming party in that very special city will prove, once again, to be a smashing success.

One can buy tickets right now for EuroPerve 2017: Rubber Rituals via this page on the EuroPerve website. Seeing as the EuroPerve parties pull in people from across the globe it is a good idea to get your tickets beforehand. The Q-Factory hotel can also be booked via the link above.

Any other questions should be directed to the DeMask site here.

Why not make both Rubber Cult as well as EuroPerve 2017: Rubber Rituals, and all the other spectacular events we tell you of? Really, you only live once.

Alexander Wang & Lady Gaga, Together Again

bandannaLady Gaga began her Joanne world tour at Rogers Arena in Vancouver this week. She also premiered lots of her latest stage wardrobe, and also once again proved her loyalty to one designer, long-time Gaga dresser, Alexander Wang.

Gaga’s latest album, “Joanne” features her in pink western hat and it seems Gaga enlisted Wang to create stage costumes furthering this western feel. On stage Gaga sported a Wang leather leotard with fringe so long it draped the stage floor. It also featured tattoo embroidery. Gaga and Wang go way back. In 2015 the singer wore a feather-studded Wang for Balenciaga at the Met Gala. In 2016 she showed up front and center at Wang’s Spring Fashion Show and only a few months ago Lady Gaga and Alexander Wang created a bandana/backstage pass together for her Coachella appearance.

Beyond the Alexander Wang pieces Gaga’s stage couture also featured:

  • Gaga paired her Joanna pink brimmed hat with a white coat.
  • A red gown that fell down beneath the stage.
  • Almost recreating her Super Bowl look, Gaga wore a white crystal shining bodysuit with matching white low boots.
  • A hand-painted, V2Bentley fringe jacket (yes, fringe seems to be getting lots of use here), festooned with song titles and album names.
  • Black fishnets and thigh high boots.
  • Red body suit and equally red boots.
  • A long-sleeve pastel blue bodysuit with big sleeves and pearls.

Starring in and receiving accolades for her turn on “America Horror Story.” Killing it at the Super Bowl Half-time show this year. Filming the remake of the remake of A Star Is Born with Bradley Cooper. And now partnering with Alexander Wang (and a few other designers) for what was reported to be a stunning start off to her latest tour, Lady Gaga once again seems to be on her way to amazing the world.

A Naughty Wedding From Alon Livné

Alon Livné Heaven dressVictoria Swarovski’s wedding gown pretty much sparkled as much as we expected it would given her family’s reputation. And we have certainly been treated to sartorial ruminations on ladies marrying the royalty of England. But during Bridal Fashion Week a wedding dress made such a scandalous showing, no princess or princess-wanna-be’s expensive dress can compare.

Relying on the modern day popularity of nude dress design, risqué designer Alon Livné revealed his most recent creation for brides-to-be not afraid of showing some skin on their most important day. His “Heaven” dress made the trek down the fashion runway at the show, built on what Livné told Cosmo he wanted to be a “showstopper… very unique, but still feminine and soft.” The outfit is made up of a nude bodysuit covered with jewels strategically placed and an attached skirt.

That skirt of this very unique bridal outfit could of course be switched out from the one shown on the runway of the show. This would make dancing at her reception much easier for the new bride, as Livné suggested. Or the mix and match of the skirt could make a custom look even more particular to what the main lady wants to wear for her day.

Up until just recently, the question of any sexy couture on a bride was left to her unmentionables. At the most, guests of the happy couple might see a hint of garter, but not much more. Wedding gowns might sport sexy open backs or dipping fronts, but a nude look wasn’t much considered…until now. Still, it seems to be rare for wedding dresses sporting such skin seeing how much of controversial mileage Alon Livné “Heaven” dress is getting.

A new trend for the future or a moda anomaly, no one can rightly say. But certainly Livne’ made the social media sphere take notice…and that is a feat in and of itself these days. Especially for wedding dress couture.

The Final Who, What and Where of London Fetish Weekend 2017

Parliment and BB from the Eye I EyeAt the beginning of the year we gave you an initial peek into London Fetish Weekend 2017 (see here). Now we have the final of the final line-up of the who and the what, and just as importantly the where. Across “10 events over 4 days to celebrate 10 years of kinky adventures in the Big Smoke,” as the website declares, attendees are sure to find a whole bunch in the below that they will be availing themselves of.

Ready? Have your catsuit zipped up tight? Your goggles on? Read on:

Starting Thursday October, 5th, you can catch Fetish Theatre performing at The Resistance Gallery. The next day, as to be expected for the start of the weekend, one can enjoy XS Kinky Soho Cocktails at, a yet-to-be-named, secret Soho spot, then wing on over to The Fire Club as Club Subversion with Subversion Noir present their “BIG Ball.” Sure to be a party one cannot miss, Subversion and Noir are well known producers in the scene.

The always well-attended and very popular London Alternative Market & Fashion Show (this year at the Novotel Hotel & Conference Center) starts this day. Then there is Rubber Cult’s infamous LFW Rubber Ball’ at the Alice Bar, with Zara Du Rose also presenting The LFW Erotic Ball the same night.

Lot’s to do on that Saturday.

Sunday, the 8th, is equally packed, in fact it offers the most to do in a last day round-up to overload the senses so attendees go away completely satiated…and aching for next year. Starting with Le Boutique Bazaar for shopping at McQueen, Shoreditch; Wicked Workshops at the Revolution Bar in the City; and the Oh Balls ending event at Revolution Bar.

LWF provides Rubber Rickshaw Rides on Sunday to take attendees between the Revolution Bar and the Bazaar and the Works.

For more info and tickets on this wonderful weekend in England’s kinky capital, go here.

photo credit: Anna Rodriguez


Fashion Round-Up With Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg, Michael Kors buying Jimmy Choo and “Nasty Stitches”.

nicolette masonHere’s some news that’s ‘fit to print’ coming just recently from the fashion world. Even in the dog days of summer, lots still happens with moda, celebrities and even politics mixing together that we all should certainly be keeping up on. From bloggers Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg premiering clothes with Premme, Michael Kors buying Jimmy Choo and a feminist gallery showing an exhibition called “Nasty Stitches.” Read below for the latest news…

Time and again we warn you about the blog ‘osphere and how it influences fashion. It should come as no surprise then of the influence and now the actual infiltration of two bloggers into the moda scene. Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg, plus-sized besties have been looking for new trends and styles and writing about their difficulty regularly. They have consulted, considered for others, now they have created their own plus-sized brand to make sure the market has exactly what they want.

The duo’s first collection with Premme launches just this week. Sizes range from 12-30 and by normal calculating prices are on the quite affordable side.

Ed Victori and Celine Mo, of the Victori + Mo Gallery were among the many who protested Trump that infamous day of feminist solidarity during this past January. The gallery just ended their “Nasty Stitches” exhibition, spotlighting four contemporary artists working with various textiles and techniques. The story of proactive feminism and what it battles presently made for quite the unique exhibition; moda meets politics yet again.

Lastly, and not with any actual nod to feminism like Mason and Gregg or Nasty Stitches above. Designer major player Michael Kors bought accessory wear giant Jimmy Choo for 1.2 billion dollars. There will be no real change in management here as Kors will begin selling Choo in their outlets…and sure to make a killing doing so.


UNLEASHED annouces performers for 8/12 Amsterdam party

unleashedKeeping up on all things UNLEASHED as we do, we thought we should pass along the confirmed line-up for the fetish party producer’s August 12th event. This lifestyle party producer has held parties in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Stockholm, Ibiza, Zurich, London. Their upcoming event though is happening in UNLEASHED’s home city of Amsterdam. Yes, we already reported on the date and the place, but hot off the presses we now have the confirmation of some of lead performers who are going to be on hand.

For the past five years, French artist Fred Kyrel has been creating clothes influenced by ropes. His Shibari fashion show on 8/12 will feature models dressed in haute couture made from colored hemp, sound cables and pearls robe. It will no doubt prove to be a fashion event unlike any other.

The UNLEASHED party will also feature Mystical Tribes. This French company specializes in fire, pyrotechnics, aerial acrobatics, piercing acts, candle wax and voodoo rituals. The performers for this truly ‘incendiary’ spectacle this night will include Dame Elixir, Iris Gahan, Maya Malaika, Nikita Klosewood.

As UNLEASHED says of this party and all their hangs, they want their attendees to “Dress/Dance/Play.” The dance part of this equation will be handled quite well by their music pioneer, headliner, DJ Isis. In her near twenty years in the business Isis has worked for Prince. She has spun for His Royal Highness Prince Willem Alexander. And she worked her brand mix of techno and acoustic stylings for a 100,000-strong crowd  at Climate Summit in Copenhagen. The dancing is sure to be tops come August 12th.

In addition to the talent mentioned above, once again UNLEASHED will offer chill-out zones, play areas, VideoArt visuals, changing areas, lockers and parking. This party that takes place on 8/12 at the Westerunie club will run between 22:00 to 5:00. Go here for more details.

Professor Marston & The Wonder Women: Life Imitating Art

Professor Marston & The Wonder Women“What would happen if Wonder Woman’s secret identity was revealed?” “Everything would be lost.” This is dialogue heard in the just released trailer for the upcoming film Professor Marston & The Wonder Women. The bio pic, starring Luke Evans, Bella Heathcote and Rebecca Hall is about Wonder Women’s creator, psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston and his polyamorous life with his wife Elizabeth Martson and the couple’s lover, Olive Byrne.

The movie’s trailer may not make the rounds at the upcoming granddaddy San Diego Comic-Con but it has hit before it to stir up lots of interest. With Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman movie making such a mark on the box office, the D.C.Universe and for feminists around the world, the Martson biopic is sure to cast the creator of the ultimate female super hero in an interesting light.

Though the facts of Martson’s love life have been known for years. 

Certainly the ladies in the equation here marched beyond the conventions of the day, as much in their work with Martson on human behavior research as in how they conducted their love life. But seeing as Wonder Woman was criticized for what was called ‘sexual perversity’, back in the 40’s, one could easily tie Martson’s lifestyle into the unconventional superhero he created. A present-day cosplayer’s dream, looking back from our ‘evolved’ cultural state one tends to forget how groundbreaking-and naughty-Wonder Woman was for the 1940’s. With her high red boots, corset-like costume, rope play, even spanking that occurred in the comic it’s no wonder the woman was criticized for “sexual perversity” when she appeared. It’s no surprise that Dr. Martson wrote Wonder Woman under a pseudonym.

As we have seen time and again, in fashion, film, literature and music, art does imitate life in the most fascinating of ways.

Professor Marston & The Wonder Women opens in October.