unleashedCovering the fetish dance world in London, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Ibiza, Zurich, Stockholm, and of course in their home city of Amsterdam, UNLEASHED unleashes a lifestyle party experience unprecedented. There are plenty of fetish play/dress-up//lifestyle events occurring across the globe, spectacular evenings where friends come to meet up, creatives mingle and network and new friendships are made in various ways. But until you have unleashed yourself at an UNLEASHED party you have never experienced the complete enveloping of your senses. Once again the “Dress. Dance. Play.” producer presents a night sure to be talked about for months (until the next UNLEASHED Party) and it will happen on 8/12/2017, in Amsterdam.

As their latest flyer declares: The city of sins and desires Amsterdam colors this summer night with passions, temptations and unleashes its powers in a summertime madness. When fetish hits the hottest dance floor in Amsterdam we invite you to a spectacular and extra sizzling summertime fetish night.

This UNLEASHED party will be held at the Westerunie club. It will feature the usual UNLEASED extravaganza including; international guests, models, mistresses and masters, ‘quiet zones,’ dungeon and play areas (certainly not so quiet), changing areas and a whole lot more. But without their fetish-ly festooned attendees these events are nothing, as UNLEASHED is well aware. To that end, at an UNLEASHED party attendees are checked at the door, a fetish wardrobe truly enforced. Acceptable outfits here included, as stated on the organizer’s website: leather and latex, rubber, pvc, lingerie, cross-dress, mini-bikini, metal, elegant (complete suit dark), fetish-glam, medical, fetish-goth, burlesque, body art, sensual, corsets, incognito masks, bondage, erotic dark, transformation, drag, cyber, fantasy, uniform and fetish steam-punk. Of course, no street clothes are allowed and those not properly dressed (but then again, why would you attend a party like this if you aren’t properly dressed?) will be turned away, even if one has a pre-bought ticket (and there are no refunds given.)

Get all the details for what will prove to be another UNLEASHED night that shouldn’t be missed, here.


‘First Son’ Barron Trump Fashion Icon?

Barron TrumpUsually it is a First Lady who influences as much as sparks interest, when it comes to fashion. From Jackie Kennedy, to Michelle Obama to now Melania Trump, all eyes are on the female partner of a U.S. President more than ever the Chief Executive for sartorial splendor. But just recently, Donald Trump’s son, Barron Trump, seemed to be making the most fashion news.

This week it was the ‘sporty’ outfit the 11-year old wore on his way to Camp David that made news all across the blog o’ sphere. Boarding Marine One for his father’s first foray to Camp David, Barron wore shorts sporting the London Arsenal soccer team logo and knee socks to match, pretty much appearing in full soccer regalia mode. Returning from the trip Barron sported a Ralph Lauren shirt and New Balance sneakers of the same color.

Last week there were reports that when Barron wore a “The Expert” J. Crew shirt, that same shirt sold-out in record time later on online. This prompted the Washington Examiner and the Daily Mail to herald the younger Mr. Trump a “fashion icon.” In reality, and despite Sarah Palin’s claims on her website, that J. Crew shirt, from the company’s Spring 2015 collection, had been off the market for some time.

‘Fake’ fashion news to be sure.

Is Melania not holding up her end? Is Barron simply too cute to ignore? Do the haute couture culture prognosticators simply wish to use a pre-teen for their consideration and commentary because Barron represents a buying public demographic ready to spend more (or to tell their parents to spend?) Or is Barron Trump indeed a budding fashion icon?

Some Presidents chose to keep their kids as far from the spotlight as possible. Others bring them into their White House. Ehile others realize that, in the end, the press is going to say or do what the press wants to say and do where fashion, news and rumor are concerned.

The ‘Retro Glamour’ Of Mark Anthony Lacy

mark-anthony-lacy-retro-glamour-coverThe intersection of fetish haute couture, 50’s style pin-ups, black-and-white photography is served splendidly in Mark Anthony Lacy’s work. Supposedly prompted to search out Bettie Page’s look from coming across a young lady dressed like the 50’s iconic BDSM model, Lacy delved deep into that black garter belt-stockings-bullet bra look that has become so iconic. This New York photographer, artist and filmmaker’s fascination, dubbed ‘modern retro,’ is something we see so often these days from photo spreads of Kylie Jenner to too many others. But Lacy’s pictures are truly unique to his vision, seen across his website as well as his Retro Glamour book published at the beginning of this year.

The 274 images in Lacy’s book (not all black and white by the way) represent a high-water mark of vintage sexy imaging. It took the man 20 years to get his website to its full breath now, see here and for Retro Glamour to be created.

The thing that makes Retro Glamour and Lacy’s work overall so enticing is his ability to recreate a look that was prevalent decades ago. It’s not just the pose of his models or what they are wearing that makes this all seem so 50’s, it is his attention to detail and the actual ‘feel’ of the era that he gets through his lens. As he says on his website: In the mid-90s I met and photographed a woman who happened to be a huge fan of the one and only “Queen of Curves”, Bettie Page. I had never done retro pinup work before but couldn’t help but to get hooked. At the time the time there was a renewed interest in pinup, swing dancing, and all things fifties. That caused me to take my new found subject more seriously. So I began doing more research on the models and photographers of the era as well as collecting vintage lingerie and props from thrift stores.

Mark Anthony Lacy is certainly an artist who has our interests at heart.

RuPaul’s Drag Con Comes To NYC

DragCon-Logo1drag diva, author and songwriter, star and creator of RuPaul’s Drag Race T.V. show and champion for LGBTQ rights even before those letters were formed for that specific distinction, RuPaul has just announced the dates for his infamous “Drag Con” coming to New York City.

When it comes to the drag community, the amazing clothes sold and rendered for such particular haute couture wearers, the places one can go feeling comfortable to be who they want to be and around like-minded folk, get-togethers like a Drag Con are surely needed. A celebration of a lifestyle as much as an opportunity for vendors to show their wares, there will be countless designers showing at Drag Con, celebrity sightings and meet-ups (one of the V.I.P ticket packages here include special access to RuPaul) and plenty of exhibitors on hand selling. Like its L.A. sister Con, RuPaul’s NYC version will be a party at the beginning of September people in the scene surely can’t miss.

When one considers how long RuPaul has been strutting his stuff, it’s truly amazing how much he has done across the cultural divide. Writing books, releasing music (he has eleven albums to his name), working for MAC cosmetics, acting in movies and T.V. (and producing, shows) RuPaul is a media force to be sure. He was even just caught recently jawing with Katy Perry over Perry’s “American Idol” appointment.

All the information for grabbing tickets for RuPual’s Drag Con can be found here and here. Of course, if you happen to want to take in the Con on both coasts, or are only able to attend the L.A. event, there will be another L.A. Drag Con announced shortly (the 2017 one just passed.)

Join RuPaul to celebrate all we are and can be after the dog days of summer in Manhattan.

What’s Old Is New Again…At Playboy Magazine

old Playboy and newThe style of outfits they wear, and the actual size and layout of the magazine might change, even how much of what they show might be lessened, but Playboy marches on. And just recently they marched on with a most unique campaign: Playmates of the past recreated ‘their’ Playboy Magazine covers, posing these many years later, in the same couture and in the same poses. Proving that the “Once a Playmate, always a Playmate,” saying is true, we get 7 ladies in 7 different covers showing off their before’s and now’s.

Model Candace Collins Jordan was shot again for her 1979 cover, while Renee Tenison (the magazine’s first African-American Playmate) showed herself again for her 1990 cover. This campaign was developed by Cooper Hefner, Hugh Hefner’s son, who has been very vocal about recent changes the magazine has made. “Hef”s daughter Christine was chairwoman and CEO of Playboy Ent. at one time, an appointment that seems in clear opposition to those old critics who claim anti-feminism in the original Hefner ethos.

A print magazine-and a men’s print magazine featuring nude models-surviving 64 years is no small feat. Arguably the Playboy brand-which at one time included T.V. shows, clubs and casinos-has seen stronger market presence over the years. Those aforementioned changes Cooper railed against saw the magazine banning full frontal nudity a year ago, but coming back to nude models most recently. As Cooper told Business Insider:: ‘When you have a company and the founder is responsible for kick-starting the sexual revolution and then you pluck out that aspect of the company’s DNA by removing the nudity, it makes a lot of people including me sit and say: ‘What the hell is the company doing?” 

Maybe this recreation of seven classic magazine, championing older Playboy models, regardless of their age, is just another way Cooper sees of giving Playboy back its DNA.

A Wonder Woman For Our Times

Obviously, the cosplayers and teenage boys (actually ‘boys’ of all ages) will be out in full force for Gal Gadot’s turn at Wonder Woman. Raking in 103.1 million on its opening weekend (W.W. places about midway in the biggest superhero movie box office weekends of all time) and certainly giving the WONDER WOMANa much needed shot in the arm to the DC Extended Universe, the film is being applauded from all quarters as a solid showing.

A solid showing of the very best of feminism.

As Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman’s actual Amazonian name) comes to the World War 1-era ‘real’ world, she encounters all the good, the bad and the silly of our modern times. But director Patty Jenkins (with this movie’s b.o. take Jenkins now holds the record for the most successful opening weekend of a movie directed by a lady) and writers Geoff Johns and Allan Heinberg have created a strong (and not just in strength) honest and sincere heroine here.

But let’s not deny the sexy and the sex of Wonder Woman.

In this movie there is a male/female dynamic between Gadot’s W.W. and Chris Pine’s “Steve Trevor.” But Trevor is the one grappling for position, he is the one put upon and in one scene in particular, he is the one the camera (and therefore the audience) comes to fully objectify as he stands naked before Wonder Woman, his hand judiciously placed. This is not your typical fare. The lady here is not the object, not the wide-eyed side-kick, not the love interest of the hero and this point among the fantastically sexy costuming, the CGI effects and finally seeing Wonder Woman brought to screen, is what critics from Ain’t It Cool News to most Hollywood news outlets are talking about.

Wonder Woman is the ultimate representation of feminine power in all that she does; a wonderful woman for our times.

FIT’s Force of Nature Exhibition

FIT’s Force of Nature ExhibitionTrump may have bagged the U.S. out of the climate change accord, but FIT still seems pretty interested in the issue. NYC’s Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology has set up a new “Force of Nature,” exhibit. The multimedia gallery piece showcases fashion from the 1880’s to the modern age, revealing how design and materials have been inspired by nature.

Curator Melissa Marra-Alvarez is hoping that attendees to the new exhibit encompassing ten galleries will come to understand how the natural world influences designers and manufacturers in ways people don’t normally think. She also hopes, certainly in the face of all that is happening (or not happening) in the U.S. concerning environmental issues, that maybe people will be inspired to respect the natural world all that much more after coming to FIT.

On display across pieces called “The Language of Flowers,” and “Into the Wild,” are Charles James’ designs-his famous “lobster” dress included-mules created by Manolo Blahnik and runway looks from more recent designers like Christopher Kane, Alessandro Michele and the designer most represented in the exhibit, Alexander McQueen.

And as they’re most natural, animals are well represented in this new exhibition, with images and consideration of birds making the top of the list interspersed with the couture here.

As the museum says in its website explaining their idea for Force of Nature:

Force of Nature examines the complex relationship between fashion and the natural world. The exhibition reveals how nature has historically influenced fashion, and how fashion can serve as an indicator of society’s relationship with the natural world. In eighteenth century Europe, for example, nature became an object of renewed fascination as a result of overseas exploration. This fascination found expression in garments that featured depictions of exotic plants and animals.

Force of Nature runs from now until November 2017.


Priyanka Chopra & Ariel Winter: Girls Showing Too Much?

ariel-winterIn this age of naked dress couture and bodies being displayed with ever more frequency across daily Instagram pics and Twitter feeds, one wonders just what is going to offend the masses. At this point, beyond the bloody Trump head picture Kathy Griffin managed, apologized and got fired over this week, the goal posts are constantly moved for what might get a celebrity in trouble in their sartorial choices.

34-year-old Priyanka Chopra, star of Bollywood films as well as the hit series “Quantico” met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi this week. Chopra wore a modest (by any usual definition) knee-length dress, but she is being accused of simply showing too much leg for such an auspicious meeting. Critics called out the actress and former Miss World for not only showing too much of her calves but also for not wearing traditional Indian wardrobe and in even for how she sat when meeting the Prime Minister.

Obviously thrilled at a seeming impromptu meet-up in Berlin, the actress posted: Was such a lovely coincidence to be in Berlin the same time as the Prime Minister. Thank you Narendra Modi, sir, for taking the time from your packed schedule to meet me this morning, on her Facebook page with what would become the ‘offending’ photo. After the criticism came she posted a picture of her and her mother, both wearing a short dress and showing off plenty of leg, adding a “legs for days” caption.

Not celebrating Memorial Day reverently enough for some, or simply showing too much of herself, actress Ariel Winter received criticism for pics she posted this past weekend. The “Modern Family” star, who has been both attacked and championed over her body issues (she underwent breast reduction recently and was very public about the before and after of her emotions about her changes) posed in a bikini and shared the pic across social media (as one does these days). Winter was as much castigated for showing so much of herself, as she was that she did so during a solemn holiday. Revealing her just dyed red locks the young woman captioned her pics, “Happy #MemorialDay” and then added (as if she could already feel the haters coming): Could not be more grateful to all of the men and women who rish their loves to protect ours and our freedom.


Is Nikki Minaj Afraid Of Cher?

NikkiAs we reported last time, there was big doings down at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for the 2017 Billboard Music Awards broadcast. Celine Dion dusted off an old chestnut (celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Titanic,” she sang “My Heart Will Go On”). Drake cavorted in the Bellagio fountains. And both to Nicki Minaj and Cher did their best to sing and show off their best…assets.

One wonders though, if Cher’s naughty haute couture turn gave Nicki a turn to turn up the heat.

As was reported mere days after the awards broadcast, Cher’s show-stopping appearance in a nude dress then mesh bodysuit, for “Believe,” and “If I Could Turn Back Time” respectively, pretty much made it clear that the 71-year old Goddess of Pop could rock with the best of them. In fact, just this week, Good Housekeeping published an article about Cher’s diet, showing how Cher stays fit is foremost on people’s minds this week.

Also this week, Nicki M. posted pics of herself wearing nothing much more than a rope bikini.

With the constant stream of social media posting coming from our best and brightest, it’s hard to determine the motivation behind Minaj’s latest. The pics are sexy to be sure. Her body is almost completely revealed through the ropes. And this shoot doesn’t seem to have been for much more than just Instagram pics. But Nicki Manaj posting a naughty pic across Instagram is nothing we haven’t seen, (enjoyed) before.

One could argue though that the lady’s timing is suspect. Especially seeing that, by all accounts, Cher was the reigning sexy lady of the night this Sunday past and nobody can deny how wonderful she looked on that stage.

Nicki Manaj wrote under these Instagram pictures that she is “milking it”. Is she also trying to compete with Cher?


The 2017 Billboard Music Awards Style

Billboard 2017The 2017 Billboard Music Awards did not disappoint where alternative costume design couture is concerned. We all expected Drake, Nicki Minaj, etc. to ‘bring it,’ but there were a lot of surprises down at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas the other night.

Halsey made it pretty much all about the Sergio Hudson bra she wore, and nothing else, up top. Pairing it with a khaki skirt by Juun.J. it was what she was not wearing that was most interesting.

Co-host Vanessa Hudgens was in a classy pink Marchesa gown, with a slit, while Celine Dion showed wearing a Stephane Rolland Haute Couture with a plunging neckline. She celebrated the 20th anniversary of “Titanic,” by singing “My Heart Will Go On.”

D.J. Khaled won’t make anyone’s best dressed in his track suit, but G-Eazy had him beat in a classic black Saint Laurent suit. Though color had them both beat as Jason Derulo made the scene in his green velvet suit jacket and Josh Duhamel in eggplant.

Arguably the alt. haute couture of this night belonged to Nikki Minaj…and Cher. Yes, that Cher. The 71-year-old supreme diva showed to sing two of her signature songs, “Believe,” and “If I Could Turn Back Time,” showing off her body in ways to make Nicki Minaj-anyone really-jealous.

Minaj was dressed in high boots, high cut panty, bra and a head-covering of rivets, all in what seemed to be latex. But Cher appeared in a nude outfit for “Believe,” (red heart pasties covering her nipples) and for “If I Could Turn Back Time,” she sported a big black curly wig and that iconic mesh bodysuit she wore in the video for the song…way back in 1989.

Drake opening in the fountains of the Bellagio pretty much set the tone for what would prove to be an amazing night of popular song. While Cher impressed upon the masses that classic style and mature ladies can still reign supreme.