VMA's 2018As much as them being staged back in New York City, the styles this year at the 2018 VMA’s made the show certainly blog/twitter/Instagram worthy. And although what stars wore during performances ran the gamut in costuming, it was mainly what they were wearing when walking the outside red carpet that has fashionistas talking and twittering today.

And overall, the outfits were some very sexy couture to be sure.

For us particularly, Amber Rose showed up as a red latex devil. In pretty much head-to-toe latex, wearing a corset, cat mask and boots, the model also brandished a red cat o’ nine tails as she sauntered into Radio City Music Hall.

Beyond the latex, plenty of stars were on maximum reveal this night. Sky sported a sparkling suit, forgoing a shirt for matching sparkling nipple pasties. Rita Ora was in a sheer gown, accenting her eyebrows with jewels. Nico Tortorella wore a fishnet tank top, beret hat, graphic duster and multi-patterned pant. And Teyana Taylor wins for best abs of the night, as hers were obviously visible in her low-riding baggy cutout pants and white crop top. Dascha too went for a sheer look, wearing a gunmetal naked halter dress.

And as everyone expected she would, Nicki Minaj brought up the ‘rear’ in a cream-colored bodysuit, matching choker and belt, under a sheer Virgil Abloh streetwear, Off-White dress. That dress was completely see-thru so everyone could get a very good look at the crisscross high booty cut of Nicki’s body suit.

Was this year’s VMA fashions any sexier than year’s past? Is it now a question of seen-it-so-many-times we are all growing immune to the outrageousness of style that stars have to give us less style, less of any real clothes at all? Every year we seem to ask this question of the VMA’s and still every year we seem to have something to report on when it comes to the moda shown there.

The VMA’s march on.

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