PrettyLittleThing…Is It?

PrettyLittleThingAn online Fox News headline this week declared that the PrettyLittleThing dress is ‘confusing Instagram.’ Is this even possible? And if so, should we care?

This “hybrid” bikini-bodycon dress started a firestorm of opinion when PTL posted pictures of its Green Metallic Asymmetric Ring Detail Bodycon Dress on their Instagram page. People lined up on either side declaring the PLT a moda masterpiece as well as a monstrosity; there was very little in-between opinion.

The dress is metallic green, with a top that more or less looks like a bikini on the left and a long-sleeve short on its right. From the waist down the dress falls to about mid thigh in a curve-hugging design. It retails for the low haute couture price of $35.

In an age where every opinion can be instantly posted, disseminated and then considered (or dismissed) it seems all one has to do is post a provocative pic across Twitter or Instagram. Or one can pose a question begging opinion and one could be on their way to infamy. The PrettyLittleThing Internet fashion brouhaha is being compared to the famous ‘blue and gold’ quandary that happened last year. This is when Caitlin McNeill from the Scottish Hebredian island of Colonsay forwarded a picture of a dress across her Tumblr page that was originally posted on the Facebook page of her friend’s mom (following so far?). Her friend’s mom, wearing this dress as mother-of-the-bride at her daughter’s wedding (the daughter being McNeill’s friend…following so far?) wanted to know what color her dress was. McNeill reposted and asked the net (or the globe): “Guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black?”

In this instance even celebrities fired back with opinions and the ‘blue and gold,’ moment, like this PrettyLittleThing situation, was the fashion news of the week.

One wonders what’s coming for next week.

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