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pop art Batgirl by Joseph SwarctzThese days there are so many places to turn to get your fantastic costuming fix. from the just released Avengers: Infinity War even Solo: A Star Wars Story to pretty much any fetish event party you might attend. Certainly at any and all Comic Con, cosplay is the seeming thing to do, whether an attendee creates bespoke creations or buys PVC pre made and has at some interesting pattern. Anyway you ‘get there’ we say is the way, be you fashioning your tribute through a creative use of a latex catsuit you’ve secreted in your closet for years or pouring hours of time and energy in your makeshift studio creating a perfect replica of Black Panther’s haute couture.

Spot on recreations, homemade cape and cowl, even more than a little sexy rendering, there are simply many ways to enjoy cosplay and as many people seemingly enjoying it

ThinkGeek is a site for all these people, as much aficionados of “Dr. Who,” and “Star Wars,” as the casual fan looking for a Batman night light. Adults and children both enjoy what’s on offer here and certainly could come away with plenty from the cosplay sale happening all summer long.

Dressing up has never been so easy to do, so universally recognized and with Think Geek, so cheap.

 picture credit Joseph Swarctz

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