The Extreme of Cut-Out Jeans, Skechers sues Adidas and Scarlett’s Big No No At The Met Gala

Wild Thang Lace Up pantsLots happened this week in the moda world. All of it newsworthy (in a way), all of it making the net for sure, and for most of us, all forgotten come Monday when new news makes the net,

If you have seen-or worn-the new extreme cut-out jeans craze you know Kylie Jenner has sported the style as much as Carmar Denim leads the way in this world. But Fashion Nova revealed a line of jeans this week that pushes the limit of what we know as cut out jeans. Their Wild Thang Lace Up pants are seemingly made up of dental floss.

You may or may not know that sneaker giant Adidas has been involved in an FBI investigation concerning corruption in college basketball (say it isn’t so?!). It seems fellow sneaker maker Skechers believes that the bad press for its rival is costing it business. As Skechers alleges in its claim:

“Skechers and companies like it that seek to compete fairly within the bounds of the law have been gravely harmed by adidas’s massive, secret payments to young basketball players, not only in their athletic performance division but in all footwear categories in which they compete,” says Skechers in its initial filing. “Skechers’ and other competitors’ basketball businesses cannot effectively compete for players’ footwear choices while they are amateurs—or for their endorsements when they turn professional—because adidas has sought to “lock up” players by paying secret, illegal bribes to them and/or their families.”

Currently Skechers is not a force in basketball shoe endorsement; is this their moment?

We all heard about the 2018 Met Gala. The fashions worn by the celebrities in the Gala’s outdoor red carpet took off from Catholic iconography seeing as this year’s Met exhibit, which the Gala kicks off is set around the theme of, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” Surely one isn’t surprised by Madonna sporting a cut-out cross dress or even Rihanna wearing a replication of the Pope’s hat. But what got the blog o’sphere crazy was that Scarlett Johansson wore a dress made by Harvey Weinstein’s wife’s label Marchesa.

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