Yura Min saves the Olympics

Yura Min wardrobe failWhether accidental or intentional, we have seen the obligatory ‘wardrobe malfunction’ happen from concert stages, to Super Bowl Half Time shows, to dress fastener fails during local newscasts. Certainly female celebrities, athletes and models have more to fear in this arena, given they are usually sporting more fashionable (=complicated) couture. But a good wardrobe malfunction can happen to anyone at anytime and lead to any number of potentially embarrassing moments. Ice skater Yura Min experienced her wardrobe fail during the 2018 Winter Olympics this week.

Out on the ice with her partner Alexander Gamelin, mid ‘twizzle,’ Min’s top began to slip down. The clasp on her the back of her neck was giving way and this was causing the slippage.

These kind of mishaps have indeed happened during high-end sporting events like this before. It’s no wonder when one considers the way costuming for these events has evolved to quite sexy and skimpy over the years and the involved physical movements skaters are enduring. For instance, in 1987 Katarina Witt exposed one of her breasts in a bustier-like outfit she was wearing. And Russian Ekaterina Rubleva, lost a strap during her 2009 routine with her partner.

Surely in the skating world our attention should be on American Mirai Nagasu becoming only the third woman in all of the Olympics to manage a triple axle. But one can’t help notice the skaters outfits, arguably the most sparkly and interesting of the lot. And its hard to ignore a good wardrobe fail, even if it happens all the way across the world for most of us in Pyeongchang.

Alexander Gamelin and Yura Min placed second-to-last in the team competition Sunday night. But Min went on Twitter to thank everyone for their support saying: “I promise to sew myself in for the individual event. I would like to thank the audience for keeping us going until the end. Couldn’t have done it without you guys.”


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