Can You Spot The ‘Real’ Kim Kardashian?

Paris as KimAs if one Kim Kardashian wasn’t enough. Just before the New Year, Kanye’s miss took to the worldwide web’s social sphere of influence seen across various faux paparazzi photos. What made these Instragram-able pics of K.K. so interesting was that Kim and Kayne were managing press for Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 6. Kim was ‘caught’ running to and fro during her fabulously busy day in clothing from her husband’s fashion line’s season 6. As the rabid public just eats up daily posts from the likes of a Kim Kardashian, this advertising-not-advertising was a genius marketing move, trickling out pics of the new wardrobe line via daily posts.

But in our modern world, something done right, need be done again…and again, it seems. Especially if one is selling clothing.

Now, just slightly into 2018, we are getting a flood of #YeezySeason6 posts. These new pictures presently feature Kim K look-a-likes. Paris Hilton, Jordyn Woods, Amina Blue and Sarah Snyder are just some of the people who have ‘gone blonde,’ showing off for Yeezy. Appearing in a blonde wig, looking as much like Kim as possible, these models and reality stars are stepping out doing their bit for the big brand.

This ‘new’ trend of celebrities dressing and acting like other celebrities, and to sell something over a long expanse of time, across social media, might just be something we start to see more of. If “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” then Kim and Kanye should be thrilled indeed, while the Yeezy line gets a huge push.

To be sure one need not be a celebrity to contribute here. The blonde wig Kim and her realitycelebgangers are wearing in the shots can be bought by anyone for $950. Have you a desire to take a few shots and add them to your own Instagram account, we are sure Kanye would welcome you.

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