Suzanne Somers Takes The First Shot Across The Moda Bow For 2018

Suzanne SomersWho would have thought that a 71-year-old-actress, best known for her starring TV role over three decades ago, would make such a fashion statement? But it seems that Suzanne Somers has indeed made the first significant moda news of 2018. Just three days into the New Year, the ex-Three’s Company blonde bombshell was caught stepping out in a Balmain mini and the blog o’sphere is reacting.

Interestingly enough Ms. Somers wore the exact same dress, with the exact same shoes, two years ago. She her matched her look with a monogrammed clutch and diamond bracelet (those shoes were pointed and metallic gold). Mariah Carey, who by all accounts redeemed herself on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve this year, sported the same dress (with different shoes and accessories) back in 2016 as well.

The Balmain in question here is a long sleeve mini, made of a metallic tiger print. Somers wore it for her 2018 star turn here at the 29th Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala. The Cadillac-sponsored event is the first major awards show of the year.

Somers has published countless self-help and nutrition books, is an advocate of alternative cancer treatments and was the infamous celebrity spokesperson for the “Thighmaster” exerciser. It seems the lady’s dieting and working-out regime is working, as by all accounts she cut a stunning figure two nights ago and everyone is talking about how she rocked that Balmain.

One never knows who will break with the first real moda news of the New Year. And calling Somers out as the lead-off fashion bright spot of 2018 is of course a subjective call. But seeing what (and how young) her competition is and how quickly that competition uses Instagram and Twitter these days, Suzanne Somers making news like this, is heartening for anyone over 30.

Older sexy stars never really die, they just dress better and better it seems these days.

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