Nicki Minaj and H&M Wish You “A Magical Holiday”

nicki-minaj-H&M videoStarring Nicki Minaj, Jesse Williams, and John Turturro H&M unleased their new campaign via their “A Magical Holiday” video this week. In the mini-movie commercial Nicki and Jesse’s ‘daughter’ asks for a bedtime story (Nicki in an oversized white H&M sweater and white jeans comes to confront her faux hubby in their kitchen at the beginning of the clip). Jesse attends his daughter in her bed, imaging her the star of a tale he makes up on the fly. We see the little girl slipping into an alternate silvery white universe to battle the Evil Brother of Father Christmas (Turturro). She’s looking for the address of Santa’s sibling and along the way the little girl first comes on a pack of motorcycle riders, in helmets, black leather jackets and filly skirts. She then asks the help of the “Wisest Thingy,” played by Minaj, wearing a short white skirt, cleavage-busting top and silvery wrap around legs straps. Not getting any help there, the little girl then comes upon the “Fastest Fairy in the World” (Williams) who won’t give up the address either, but looks super cool in his wings and suit (“and in great shape for his age” as he says in the narration).

As to be expected in this day and age the little girl finds the address on the net (a conclave of pretty women dressed in various red outfits) and finally faces off against the Evil Brother of Father Christmas. Nicki and Jesse’s hero daughter screams right along with Tuturro, beating the man with her scolding. He gives back all the presents he took from Santa and when the little girl returns home she pushes her own presents into that alternate universe.

This H&M video coincides with the Swedish brand releasing a new Nicki Minaj collection supposedly inspired from her love of Japan. The dozen designs in this collection include a furry pink winter jacket with a unicorn featured on its front, a long red tunic dress, stretch pants and socks. For the alternate fashion wearer, there is also a pleated black leather skirt in the mix.

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