Come To The Cathouse

Cathouse ShowroomCathouse has been selling their particular alternative haute couture since 1993. Featuring items for any gender, one will find latex, PVC, lycra, mesh, and so much more made from this designer. And they create catsuits, kilts, tops, lingerie, pretty much anything you could ever want for their exclusive Cathouse range of wares.

Cathouse also offers a wide range of accessories, as much to wear as to play with.

Through the years of Von Gutenberg’s life we have seen lots of designers come and just as many go. This specific moda world we are involved in, where latex rules the day, where the mainstream world is knocking on our door all the time, where we as much have to explain that, while Fifty Shades Of Grey might be an interesting read, it’s not all there is to leather and lace, where we have seen countless types of catsuits, is one where so much passes our notice. It’s great we get to take the time to take note of Cathouse.

Recently Cathouse discontinued lots of their non-latex and PVC items (it seems what we want so many others do too). Because of this you can find lots of their fabrics on sale. This includes lots of patterned mesh, net and lace. Best get to the site fast and see what they are offering at these slashed prices.

Certainly where a designer hails from as much as who heads their team, determines the type of wardrobe pieces they create. Then there are those specialty houses that stick to one type of outfit or just use only one type of material. Cathouse seems to do it all, but lately with a concentration on latex and PVC rendering. We are happy to support them and give them a little extra visibility here this week on our blog.

See all there is of Cathouse here and tell them V.G. sent you.

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