Sia And The Picture Heard Round The World

sia-nakedToo many celebs have found private pictures they have attempted to store on ‘the cloud,’ in their phones, intimate photo and video they have taken for and with a lover, stolen. Then there are the countless websites that are ready, willing and able to leak this ill-gotten booty of booty. The cycle keeps a’circling and hackers and phishers are not really stopped or caught. Sia, the famous wigged-singer, had someone attempting to sell a naked shot of her (a rear nude in fact) this week, but she stopped the outing with a brilliant, unprecedented move. Sia simply released the picture of her naked bottom and back on her Twitter feed.

Sia posted the pic with: “Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!” (Everyday is Christmas is actually the title of Sia’s new album.) Since the photo was taken of the lady from a distance, and what’s more, was a shot of a woman from behind, nobody can tell for certain if this is Sia anyway. The photo sports a watermark from an photo agency that no one has been able to track down yet and the implication is that there are more snaps of Sia in this set.

What is particularly salient in this Sia storm is that this lady, famously known for hiding her face, has no qualms about showing off her backside (again, if indeed the pic is of Sia.) Beating the sleazy paparazzi at their own game, and using social media to do it, Sia simply revealed herself in very much the same way she does-personal and with a point-when writing songs for Katy Perry, Adele and Beyonce, and for her own new album, pre-orders starting this week.

Sia beats them at their own game with her backside.


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