Speaking With Latex Artist Michelle Mildenhall

Latex Artist Michelle MildenhallObviously hard-working, though self-described as a “bit of a joker,” artist Michelle Mildenhall views her world, and gives of her unique expression, through latex. It was from Michelle’s personal wardrobe choices, where she had been wearing latex as we all do loving the material so much, that her flash of inspiration came. As she says: “Having a passion for latex I thought to myself why not combine the two to create something truly unique in both the art and fetish world.” Her influences include John Willie, Ellen Von Unwerth and indeed Andy Warhol as well as Torture Garden.

Currently Michelle’s CONSENSUAL KINK show is running in the UK.

Interestingly enough latex’s limitations have led Michelle to be ever-so-creative when creating her art. The size of the actual pieces she works with forces Michelle towards generally larger portraits and cutting what she calls the “temperamental material” creates a unique challenge when one is creating each piece by hand, as Michelle does. Still Michelle creates ever more unique shows for audience all over the world, audiences she claims are very friendly and encouraging no matter what city she is showing in.

Generally though, Michelle seems to have the same feeling for latex as we all do whether she is creating artwork of wearing it. “I think my first encounter with latex had a profound effect on me. I love the way it makes me look and feel, I still get that tingle of excitement when I open my wardrobe full of latex and when I create my work in the medium!” she says.

After CONSENSUAL KINK Michelle will work on a show at The Affordable Art Fair in Hamburg in November, and in Jan/Feb 2018 she will be exhibiting at The Old Truman Brewery in London at the charity event FACE VALUE 2, a show in aid of the Katie Piper Foundation. She is also planning a new show with fellow artist Shuby. Se promises this show will be a “fabulous mix of naughty provocative art.”

Michelle Mildenhall Consensual Kink

Catch all of what Michelle Mildenhall is about here: page https://www.instagram.com/michellemildenhall and here  https://www.facebook.com/latexartwork/


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