Rihanna Steals New York Fashion Week On The Back Of Motorcycle

RiRi NYC Fashion Week 2018Alexander Wang commandeering a Brooklyn street for a runway show certainly made the news. The fashion faithful do like to get up close to the models and feel part of a runway show. But by all accounts it was Rihanna’s Fenty Puma show that stole NYC Fashion Week.

Yes, we reported last time about the celebrity sightings among the haute couture. But arguably one doesn’t get a higher celeb-fashion brand recognition than when RiRi manages such a high-end show with her sportswear. After launching her beauty product line a week ago, Rihanna capped off her latest fashion foray with a show featuring motorcycle aerialists. Held at the massive Park Avenue Armory, the stage was set with pink sand dunes, obviously inspired by the sport of motocross.

That bright pink would only hint at the bright colors Rihanna’s models were seen in. Created in yellows, blues and yes, pinks, Rihanna’s Fenty Puma wear included cargo pants, zip-ups, flips-flops with the signature Puma high heel and not a small amount of swimsuits. In fact swimsuits, with sky-high cut legs, seemed to be the featured item here. For those of us with a particular penchant for the alternative in fashion, the Puma thigh-high floppy green and black boots were of particular interest. Rihanna’s year of birth was represented across some of the clothes sporting a “since 1988″ logo.

Featured beyond the clothes was model Slick Woods who waved the crowd into a frenzy under a pounding musical beat.

Rihanna claims that this collection mixes two worlds: motocross (obviously) and surf. As she says “It was a challenge to bring them together, but it ended up being the perfect combination.”

The main lady in question here rode on the back of a motorcycle for her concluding wave to the crowd in bright green at the show’s end.



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