Blac Chyna Setting The Feminist Standard With Belly

belly-blac-chynaThere is a fine line between modern day feminism and sexy couture. Being as into latex fashions as we all are, it is hard to fight the fact that we wear the stuff we do-even if we happen to be modern women proudly declaring a highly evolved feminist ethos-often hoping to feel sexy. One simply cannot divorce one’s self from the idea that a latex catsuit or some rubber pants don’t often make one feel as naughty as they do sweaty.

Blac Chyna, certainly a woman declaring a singular stance for modern day female sexuality and doing things exactly the way she wants to, skirts that line between feminism and sexy couture. As she had when first appearing on the Insta-scene to her appearance in a new video by Belly, the curvy lady is using her attributes in startling ways. And showing them off perfectly in a lingerie-filled video that makes its point as much in its imagery as well as in Belly’s rap.

The video below shows Blac Chyna in a startling white lingerie set of high waisted panty and bra. She drapes her revealing accessories with an equally white floor-length fur- lined coat. The other women appearing in the video cavort in various other articles of lingerie. Included here are body suits, lacy black bras, a cage-like see-thru dress with a zipper up the front, and even full cut satin panties.

Considering the message of the lyric, the women here in various stages of undress and the rap rap has taken over the years over its misogyny, this video clip is sure to raise some objections. But less we remember the women here, Blac Chyna included, are showing themselves in exactly the way they wish. They wear what they want or agree to the stylings at the very least and in the end the point is well made over what Belly is claiming.

We wouldn’t be watching otherwise, would we?

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