The ‘Retro Glamour’ Of Mark Anthony Lacy

mark-anthony-lacy-retro-glamour-coverThe intersection of fetish haute couture, 50’s style pin-ups, black-and-white photography is served splendidly in Mark Anthony Lacy’s work. Supposedly prompted to search out Bettie Page’s look from coming across a young lady dressed like the 50’s iconic BDSM model, Lacy delved deep into that black garter belt-stockings-bullet bra look that has become so iconic. This New York photographer, artist and filmmaker’s fascination, dubbed ‘modern retro,’ is something we see so often these days from photo spreads of Kylie Jenner to too many others. But Lacy’s pictures are truly unique to his vision, seen across his website as well as his Retro Glamour book published at the beginning of this year.

The 274 images in Lacy’s book (not all black and white by the way) represent a high-water mark of vintage sexy imaging. It took the man 20 years to get his website to its full breath now, see here and for Retro Glamour to be created.

The thing that makes Retro Glamour and Lacy’s work overall so enticing is his ability to recreate a look that was prevalent decades ago. It’s not just the pose of his models or what they are wearing that makes this all seem so 50’s, it is his attention to detail and the actual ‘feel’ of the era that he gets through his lens. As he says on his website: In the mid-90s I met and photographed a woman who happened to be a huge fan of the one and only “Queen of Curves”, Bettie Page. I had never done retro pinup work before but couldn’t help but to get hooked. At the time the time there was a renewed interest in pinup, swing dancing, and all things fifties. That caused me to take my new found subject more seriously. So I began doing more research on the models and photographers of the era as well as collecting vintage lingerie and props from thrift stores.

Mark Anthony Lacy is certainly an artist who has our interests at heart.

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