Filmmaker Matthias Von Braun Down…But Not Out

Matthias Von Braun 1Fetish filmmaking doesn’t get much better then what Matthias Von Braun has to offer. From gas masks, to futuristic weaponry, to all kinds of alternative costuming and pushing plenty of science fiction, dark-apocalyptic tropes, Von Braun has furrowed deep into our nightmares in his short films. Movies like Switch, Decay 11, and Slave (to Technology) to name just a few, present this singular filmmaker’s oh-so-unique visions of fantastic landscapes and narratives. Recently postponing his naughty sci-fi full length Post-Human Perversions, this talented visualist quit filmmaking after the ordeal of trying to make this film. But through email and postings Von Braun heard from people across the globe to get back to what he does best…and luckily, now he has.

Once again Von Braun is starting an Indiegogo campaign, now to make two short films, Evolution and Orifice. As he describes each project on his Indiegogo page:

“Evolution will be a terrifying glimpse into human evolution featuring Post-Human cybernetic slaves. Orifice will be my most sexual short film to date. An inhumanly cruel dominant female Post-Human will seduce and destroy her human male victim.”

These new movies will feature naked females, body paint, rubber, and dark science fiction/fantasy story-telling. It seems like Von Braun is back to his provocative best with these new endeavors.

While the mainstream world tries to work through various versions of “Fifty Shades of Grey” or Instagram pics of the latest Kardashian showing off in a latex corset, filmmakers like Matthias Von Braun continue to give us the truth of the lifestyle we all love. Certainly not for everyone and not always easily digestible, when one works in the world of alt. realities, one might just ruffle a few feathers, whether one is wearing feathers or not. But all the better, we say.

Matthias Von Braun limited-time Indiegogo campaign for these short works, where contributors can acquire an exclusive T-shirt, can be found here: Matthias Von Braun 2

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