Is Kylie Jenner bringing us mainstream?

kylie-jenner-herve-leger-photo-shoot-hollywood__oPt (1)Seeing as her sister sported a dress very much like the swimsuit she wore this week, could anyone be surprised over the pics of Kylie Jenner wearing a strappy black Herve Leger ‘monokini’ for a photo-shoot? When it comes to see-thru, what fashionista bloggers have taken to calling ‘bondage wear’ (swimsuit or dresses) these Jenner/Kardashian ladies seem to be making the most of their fame showing themselves off. Granted Kylie has grown her reputation as a model of note, while Mrs. West seems to enjoy simply showing as much of herself as she can so as to “break the net.” But it is telling when we see one lady (and half sisters at that) sporting very much the same style, albeit from two different designers and in two totally different kinds of couture.

This begs the question-and especially prudent for a company like Von Gutenberg, that not only publishes a latex fashion magazine but sells clothing (see here)-is fantasy couture, and decidedly what many would quickly term “fetish” (bondage) style outfits, truly rising in popularity through the mainstream? It is a consideration V.G., and we are sure you also, have considered plenty ever since slipping on your first pair of latex tights and looking round to see who else might be sporting something similar or searching the web or your local city for where to buy your favorite outfits.

As we have reported earlier, it was no surprise that there was a rise in naughty outfit consideration, if not outright buying, when the Fifty Shades Of Grey film premiered (and before that, the book certainly birthed interest in toys, lingerie and the like.) But another month on, one wonders if all the latex we have seen of late (Kim K. sported latex leggings just recently during her outings at Paris Fashion Week) and these see-thru strap ensembles speak to a true future in the here-and-now mainstream world of all that we like to wear?

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