The 2015 Pirelli Calendar…and latex?!

rs_634x761-141119112331-634-pirelli-calendar-Gigi_Hadid[1]In the fashion world, the infamous Pirelli Calendar is a much coveted yearly gift for only a select few. This collection of sexy ‘monthlies’ of models and celebs (or models who are celebs) isn’t sold to the general public though, so we of the common rabble must content ourselves with press release photos and news, like those unleashed last week at a Pirelli press conference. And while indeed this calendar is the high-water mark of model sexiness-even The Huffington Post has noted how steamy hot things are this year for Pirelli-we’d argue all the latex that seems to be showing in the 2015 Pirelli Calendar makes it even sexier. The 42nd edition of the calendar, shot this year by Steven Meisel (all photo credits here are his), features the first ever ‘plus size’ model to appear in the calendar. Candide Huffine shows her curves in a topless pic (see above), but one might well notice the shiny corset (leather/latex/pvc?), the stocking and riding crop. Sure, it is news to get a budding BBW into the calendar, but take a look at this couture. Doesn’t it seem Pirelli is slightly skirting the territory we here at Von Gutenberg, and all of you, are familiar with?rs_634x713-141119112332-634-pirelli-calendar-April_-_Candice_Huffine1[1] Then there is Gigi Hadid (Miss November 2015) wearing a latex bodice and posed as provocatively as Huffine (hers is the first shot above). Or how about Joan Small wearing latex garters, stockings, panties, and gloves in her shoot (her picture is below to the left). And see Anna Ewers’ amazing butt halved just perfectly in latex red panties. It’s as if Pirelli rated our couture shop! It’s not for us to opine that Pirelli is all that much sexier this year because of all this latex. But if we all need a true indication of the ‘mainstreaming’ of that material we all love so much, might all this latex in the 2015 Pirelli Calendar be an indication? rs_634x761-141119112329-634-pirelli-calendar-Joan_Smalls[1]

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