Pharrell Williams, Adidas and Bionic Yarn

Pharrell WilliamsArby’s-like high hat notwithstanding, it seems singer Pharrell Williams has teamed-up with Adidas Originals to release a fashion collaboration this summer. I’m not about to say they both ‘got lucky’ but Williams’ Earth-friendly Bionic Yarn will be at the center of the stuff the singer makes with Adidas.

Pharrell already works for Adidas, working on a Uniqlo collection with them, so this new venture is just more of the same kind of collaborating. And of course Adidas has already aligned themselves with other celebs, like Rita Ora and Kayne West. But the Bionic Yarn Pharrell project is unique in that the BY company/joint venture between Williams and partner Tyson Toussant uses recycled plastic bottles to make their threads. Boasting a 40-45% recycled content in a thread supposedly 400 % stronger than traditional thread, Bionic Yarn has certainly been all the rage. But as one can’t technically make more than 100% of something (boasting the 400% number simply means this BY stuff is very strong) and seeing as all this technology is very new, time will tell on the longevity of Bionic Yarn. Currently jeans, shoes and many other products are made from the eco-friendly thread. And of course no one could be against anything that helps the environment. But as with anything new, time will out and the lasting effects, economically as well as environmentally cannot be calculated this early.

Here is the Bionic Yarn Face Book page, the company’s website: and Adidas link as well:

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