About Us


The name Von Gutenberg is synonymous with high-end fantasy, latex fashion and provocative couture. We feature innovative designers, photographers, artist, and an array of stunning fetish and mainstream models from around the globe, as well as event reporting, news, an events calendar, blogs, and shopping. Von Gutenberg is the name in the lifestyle and alternative latex fashion world.

Von Gutenberg Magazine is a pioneer in the fashion realm and is not afraid to show classy  erotic styles! Available internationally in print, online or to download in the app stores, we bring the underground to the mainstream. Stemming from a ever-strengthening presence in the digital world, the Von Gutenberg brand has grown to encompass everything the true fashionista could want, tickles the lifestyler’s deepest desires and provides a platform for manufacturers, fans and customers to explore that which they truly love above all else…unique style, the fantasy world and stimulating art.

Where others won’t dare journey, Von Gutenberg makes the commitment to boldly go. By constantly pushing the boundaries of what is and what could very well become the next great fashion trend, exposing fashion concepts from the infamous to the up-and-coming, presenting startling images of erotic beauty and presenting a good read through fiction or essay, all are welcome to partake of the Von Gutenberg world.

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